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The Brilliant Death review ô 103 º ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Brilliant Death By Amy Rose Capetta ✑ – For Teodora DiSangro a mafia don’s daughter family is fateAll her life Teodora has hidden the fact that she secretly turns her family’s enemies into music boxes mirrors and other decorative object For Teodora For Teodora DiSangro a mafia don’s daughter family is fateAll her life Teodora The Brilliant PDFEPUB or has hidden the fact that she secretly turns her family’s enemies into music boxes mirrors and other decorative objects After all everyone in Vinalia knows that stregas wielders of magic are figures out of fairytales Nobody believes they’re realThen the Capo the land’s new ruler sends poisoned letters to the. I had discovered a special way that women could be dangerous They were trained to play close attention to people To take them apart like Luca had done with his clockworks and study how they ran 3 12 stars This was so freaking interesting A story following a genderueer narrator who can turn people into boxes and her love interest who can literally magically switch sexes all set in a 19th century Italian inspired world by an Italian American author Like come on how can I even resist that The Brilliant Death follows Teo who after her father is murdered is forced to journey to the capital of her state to attempt to save his life Along the way a form changing witch joins her She also turns several terrible men into inanimate objects which is something I am always here for Fundamental to this book is a discussion of denial of identity Lead character Teodora has both denied her identity as a witch and denied her complicated relationship with her gender I absolutely loved the coherency with which her arc around discovering herself tied together her character journey is one of my favorite aspects of this book And with this the book becomes a journey about hiding places and the way we can hide love and hide ueerness in plain sight There’s a clear avoidance of the inevitable outing which I almost expected throughout the book and I was incredibly impressed by how well Capetta handled this There is also a romance and it is fairly shockingly good Cielo the love interest is a bit of the Rogue Hero trope in the best way They sometimes appear as a boy and sometimes as a girl but are never uite either Sort of related the book’s utter refusal of gender is too powerful This is #ownvoices for both nonbinary characters and it is just so excellent Unfortunately there are also some cliche moments A death I didn’t like Some villain monologuing Plot is often forgotten for the admittedly very good romance Though the villains do have shades of well intentioned extremist they aren’t very memorable sisters Azzura and Delfina are the only exceptions I could have had of Teo’s love for her family And I did not vibe with some of the writing It's mostly really good and then sometimes sentences just feel weird I have to be honest though and say that my #1 favorite moment of this book was when Amy Rose Capetta called her partner Cori “my very own sexy magic tutor” in the acknowledgments I personally love romance ✨ Arc received via my local bookstore for an honest review releases 8 October 2018Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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Ster her powers and to keep her growing feelings for Cielo locked in her heart As she falls in love with witty irascible Cielo Teo realizes how much of life she’s missed by hiding her true nature But she can’t forget her mission and the closer they get to the palace the sinister secrets they uncover about what’s really going on in their beloved country and the determined Teo becomes to save her family at any cos. I wanted to love this one bc the ueer rep was AMAZING but I’d be lying if I said the plot didn’t have my eyes glazing over for 90% of the book It takes a lot for me to like fantasy and this just didn’t do it for me 😕 womp

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The Brilliant DeathHeads of the Five Families that have long controlled Vinalia Four lie dead and Teo’s beloved father is gravely ill To save him Teo must travel to the capital as a DiSangro son not merely disguised as a boy but transformed into one Enter Cielo a strega who can switch back and forth between male and female as effortlessly as turning a page in a book Teo and Cielo journey together to the capital and Teo struggles to ma. non binary leads in a pre unification Italy mafioso family fantasy aw yiss