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Free reader É doc The Weaver of Odds Vivian Amberville #1 ↠ ê Louise Blackwick ´ [Epub] ➟ The Weaver of Odds Vivian Amberville #1 ➠ Louise Blackwick – As the Weaver so is the Thread Vivian Amberville® is a bestselling philosophical fantasy bOu to journey alongside unforgettable heroes you would want to take home Fantasy like never told before a mythical fiction of friendship and acceptance; of fate and free will; of destiny and despair; of extraordinary ordinary heroes and their reality changing journeys SYNOPSIS Vivian lives in a cage in Ala Spuria's Shelter for Strays and has never tasted real food When one of the other orphans gives Vivian hope she discovers a hidden power to reshape her circumstances completelyFrom the English town of Milton Keynes Vivian discovers a neighbouring universe where Alarian Weavers an ancient race of powerful beings have perfected a way of altering reality By weaving Threads into the fabric of the cosmos the Weavers strive to imprison freewill banish Chaos and bring balance to cosmic realityFaced with a sudden hole in the Pattern of Threads that threatens to consume the substance of everything it is up to 13 year Vivian Amberville is a form of meta fiction that captures the various facets of imagination in a uniue manner It speaks about the responsibilities that come with engaging our imagination in becoming free willed and then manifestation In this novel the mind as an imagining realm has also an inner will which is solely molded by the spirit of each Weaver By doing this we can say that it has an ethical dimension that uestions our mode of being in the world through our actions for a higher purpose Thinking about alterity through and within the infinite possibilities of the fictional worlds speaks about the importance that fiction has in our lives on a global scaleReading it feels like a breath of magical realism and sci fi which can proudly stand together with Terry Pratchett Jose Luis Borges and many others

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Old Vivian Amberville to repair the damage Believed to be a formidable weaver of odds and circumstances Vivian must now attend the Weaver Trials and master the mysterious art of Weaving into reality in hope of preventing the impending apocalypseTogether with her friends Patricia Kate Lucian Blossom and Acciper Sparrowhawk Vivian stumbles upon terrible insights into her identity as she explores what lies beyond the fabric of realityGENRE epic philosophical fantasy Jungian allegory;CATEGORY young adult coming of age adventure voyage social satire;SETTING double dystopia futuristic dystopia and fantasy world;SUBJECTS responsibility over the act of Creation time travel parallel universes mind over matter matter manipulation;THEMES free will vs determinism freedom and responsibility the burden of being death friendship and sacrifice;TAGS post apocalyptic multiple realities inter dimensional travel journey within; In dire need of editing The book felt like a rough draft at certain pointsBut if you can stomach the first few dozen pages where word choice could have been improved for the sake of continuity and immersion there’s a really cute story behind it all Think of wizards and magic but with time and destiny instead And a little girl with the power to tear everything down or build it anew with greater splendor than ever beforeThe main character is the most believable and the despair and anxiety she feels seem to me like something the author actually experienced first hand There’s a bit of development here where courage and resolve come to her as the plot develops The supporting cast have histories and lives of their own but their feelings and actions are not so visceral and conflictingThis is the first book in a promising series The needed creativity is there with a lot of interesting world building and uirky characters and a flawed main character who still needs to discover and come to terms with the extent of her powers

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The Weaver of Odds Vivian Amberville #1As the Weaver so is the Thread Vivian Amberville® is a bestselling philosophical fantasy book series about a girl whose imagination can reshape reality THE BOOK First in the Vivian Amberville fantasy series The Weaver of Odds introduces 13 year old Vivian to her uniue if hazardous power of altering odds outcomes and the very substance of realityThe main protagonist Vivian is an orphaned child who uncovers her imagination can influence certain events and even twist reality into impossible shapes a mind over matter ability called “Weaving”But Vivian’s powers prove hazardous to keeping the universal balance Beyond the fabric of reality she finds herself in the custody of the original Weavers thrown head first into the most dangerous competition the multiverse has ever known The Weaver TrialsThe universe that spanned millions of fans worldwide and captured readers imagination all around the world invites y If your a lover of fantasysci fis and overall genuine good reads than this story is definitely for you Weaver of Odds meets all expectations The story line itself was very uniueand the characterscreatures were well developed and endearing Not to mention the story is very well written I can honestly say that there was never a boring moment in this read No spoilers here but I must say that for me this story was right up there with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Simply amazing This author is now on my radar A must read