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Tt's maiden voyage through the now legendary land of Discworld This is where it all begins with the tourist Twoflower and his wizard guide Rincewind On a world supported on the back of a giant turtle sex unknown a gleeful explosiv And so it begins Sir Terry Pratchett’s wildly imaginative Discworld series begins with the 1983 publication of The Color of MagicI have been reading science fiction and fantasy for a long time and somehow I managed to not read any of his works until I came in late to the party A friend suggested I try one I’d like it and so I read the fourth in the series Mort and I thought so much that I decided I would climb the hill and enjoy every stepBegin with a heaping portion of British humor humour mix in a share of Douglas Adams sprinkle liberally with Monty Python throw in a fantastic amount of fantasy from the Piers Anthony brand of fiction and top with a wink and a nod and you have Terry Pratchett Discworld embarkation The Potent Voyager has set sail and much mirth and irreverence is certainly to follow2019 These are SO MUCH FUN

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The Colour of MagicE wickedly eccentric expedition sets out There's an avaricious but inept wizard a naive tourist whose luggage moves on hundreds of dear little legs dragons who only exist if you believe in them and of course THE EDGE of the planet This must be the exception that proves the rule For years I’ve been adamantly advocating reading series in publication order whether a coherent story or a set of standalones In Discworld that simply doesn’t seem to be the best solution Everyone seems to suggest that a new reader should not start with the first book so this must be partially my fault for doing it anyway The Colour of Magic is at best a mediocre introduction to what is supposedly the best humourous fantasy series ever written by the legendary Terry Pratchett Granted the wild descriptions of the cosmology and topography of the Disc are indeed interesting the writing is good and there are a few funny lines However I expected a lot going on While the total lack of a coherent plot is understandable in a series based on humour the lack of humour is really notThat does not mean I didn’t enjoy the book This rating may be a bit harsh but it does seem to mean that I found the book to be “okay” I am not discouraged from reading books in the series and I both hope and choose to believe that they are of a much higher uality than this first one For the style is there It’s only the substance that’s missingThat said the race between two and three stars was pretty much a tie Being a generally evil person I opted for the lower optionI often see Pratchett compared to Douglas Adams and just as often hailed as “the Douglas Adams of fantasy” And so far he unfortunately does not come close You may be a legend Sir Terry but it takes a lot to be a Douglas Adams

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The Colour of Magic Book å 228 pages Download ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➼ The Colour of Magic Author Terry Pratchett – Terry Pratchett's profoundly irreverent bestselling novels have garnered him a revered position in the halls of parody next to the likes of Mark Twain Kurt Vonnegut Douglas Adams and CaTerry Pratchett's profoundly irreverent bestselling novels have garnered him a revered position in the halls of parody next to the likes of Mark Twain Kurt Vonnegut Douglas Adams and Carl HiaasenThe Color of Magic is Terry Pratche Reading The Color of Magic is akin to eating an entire bowl of ice cream just a little too fastsure it may cause your head to hurt at times but the sweet rewards make it all worth itFilled with ambitious wizards and ruthless assassins the city of Ankh Morpork has survived many dangers in the past but now it faces an even destructive force TOURISM When a rich but bored outsider named Twoflower decides to explore the city in search for adventure it soon becomes an adventure for everyone around him too Twoflower's well meaning but careless ways earn him the attention of pirates dragonriders and various supernatural entities all looking to rid Twoflower of his treasurenot to mention his life Soon failed wizard Rincewind reluctantly becomes Twoflower's guide and as Twoflower explores and of Discworld looking for the adventure of a lifetime Rincewind tries desperately to make sure his lifetime lasts for than five minutesThis was me for about 80% of this book Annnnnd here I am for the other 20%What I loved most about this book was definitely the humor Some authors can only come up with a great laugh out loud moment once or twice in a book but Pratchett is able to pull one off in just about every page There are oodles of witty dialogue all throughout the novel as well as some great slapstick moments In addition Pratchett gives us some excellent satire too I got a big kick out of how familiar some of Twoflower's ideas were like when he convinces a bar owner to place a bet on whether or not the bar will be damagedTwoflower calls this process inn sewer ants By having the other characters mock the outrageous concepts Twoflower introduces them to it did a magnificent job painting an amusing picture of some of the absurdities of everyday life The Color of Magic isn't just a humorous book it actually manages to pull off several different kinds of humorAlso I was amazed with the extent of Pratchett's imagination While some elements of this book are your standard fantasy archetypes Pratchett really ups the ante by giving us some brilliantly creative concepts as well With translucent dragons trolls made out of water a sentient piece of luggage that manages to display so much personality without ever saying a word and an upside down swordfight that has to be seen errr read to be believed Pratchett never runs out of new ideas to entertain his audience withAlas while I enjoyed this book very much I did have a couple of issues with it For one thing I felt like Pratchett tried to cram way too much into a book that's barely over 200 pages So many characters and creatures come and go it uickly becomes difficult to keep track of what's going on I have some friends who didn't enjoy the Game of Thrones book as they found it confusing but at least George RR Martin takes a good amount of time to establish all the characters whereas this book can sometimes feel like trying to watch a NASCAR race where all the cars are speeding in a different direction Also some of Pratchett's ideas were a little too out there for meI knew this was going to be a problem right away when Pratchett begins the book by revealing that Discworld is a planet that is carried on the backs of four elephants who are all standing on the shell of a giant turtle that is floating through space This is an awful lot to throw at me on page one Mr PratchettAlso while The Color of Magic works beautifully as a comedy I'm afraid the actual story doesn't uite hit the mark The book is divided into four parts and each part feels like a separate book Almost anyone introduced in one section is absent in the other three so we're left wondering what happened to many different characters While the events of Rincewind's and Twoflower's journey are fun to watch there's very little true progression or closure This storytelling techniue was especially baffling in the fourth segment where Pratchett keeps referring to an adventure that we never got to see as it occurred inbetween the third and fourth sections This disjointed method of storytelling prevented the book from becoming anything than just a comedy of errors as amusing as those errors may have beenSo while I felt this book would have been better if it were a bit longer and some of the concepts had been fleshed out I still had a lot of fun reading this hysterically funny adventure I've been told that the first couple of books in the Discworld series pale in comparison to the later ones Considering how entertaining The Color of Magic was if this truly is one of the weaker entries I can't wait to read of the Discworld series