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Laird of Shadows MacDougall Legacy Book 1 Characters ´ 108 Ö [Read] ➳ Laird of Shadows MacDougall Legacy Book 1 ➯ Eliza Knight – When darkness falls Only true love can save them Beiste MacDougall has only just found himself as laird of his clan after a brutal attack from Vikings leaves hWhen darkness falls Only true Shadows MacDougall Kindle #215 love can save them Beiste MacDougall has only just found himself as laird of his clan after a brutal attack from Vikings leaves his father slain On the night of his sire’s death a beautiful woman comes to his castle begging for help calling upon a vow their clans had made years before Though he’d rather wallow in his pain Beiste Laird of Epubis tempted by the lass the secrets she hold. This bad boy was a kinda a uick little read and pretty fast paced It literally grabbed you from the very beginning and holds you until the end I think this is my second book by this author but this one had a much different feel to it Where I remember the first being a little lighthearted this one had a aggressive feel to it but not overly aggressive just enough to make it different This was also had a paranormal aspect to it which was a nice little turn although I feel we kinda got left hanging where that area was concerned Right from the beginning Elle is thrown into a predicament that will effect her future forever when her mothers Viking kin show up to to seek revenge and take what they thought was due to them It's up to Elle to save her brother and herself and make it to the neighboring MacDougall Clan where she has been assured she will given refugee and assistance Beiste MacDougall has just lost his father and became laird of his clan when Elle shows up at his door bearing his family clay saying that he needs to protect her and her brother He's unsure why she has his family's clay but the lass gives him lip than answers Beiste blames her for his fathers death and locks her in a chamber until he can sort all of the unknown out Little know to Beiste there is going on in the works than he realizes and although he believes himself with a curse that takes away everyone he has ever loved he can't help but fall for the fiery strong willed neighbor Again another cute easy read by this author

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S and the chance at retribution she brings Lady Elle Cam’béal is desperate to save her brother and her clan from the vile clutches of her Viking enemies But there is only one man who can help her a handsome provocative laird with a beastly temper When he locks her in a chamber she is visited by an apparition of Shadows MacDougall eBook #10003 and left with a secret that changes her destiny Elle must figure out a way to accept her fate but also f. A really good story lots of twists and very good leading characters Will read the next MacDougall book

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Laird of Shadows MacDougall Legacy Book 1Orge a future of her own choosing As battles and treachery rain down upon them Beiste and Elle find unlikely allies in each other and a few stolen moments of passion that bring light from the shadows of Shadows MacDougall Legacy Book MOBI #181 A much smaller novella length version of this story of Shadows MacDougall Legacy Book MOBI #181 appeared originally in the Once Upon a Haunted Castle anthology This extended version is twice the original size. This newest Eliza Knight book has a little bit for everyone A dashing hero of course a strong heroin obviously battle intrigue honor fielty oathsOh and did I mention paranormal A little paranormal but it incredibly adds to the story If you have ever had the feeling someone was giving you a sign from beyond or guiding you on a course from beyond you will absolutely love this story The torment in this story is real and most people can relate to losing loved ones feeling like lifes events are somehow your fault or feeling like you are not worthy of happiness This story is a uick read and I actually read it in a day The story is not so uick that you feel rushed or that things are missing Its the type of story that grips you and reads so smoothly that you keep going as if binge watching your favorite tv series you just have to know what happens next I am a hopeless romantic and am a true sucker for a historical romance One of the reasons I recommend this book is because I think there is something in this story for everyone Its not overly sappy not overly gory or gruff Its got just that sprinkle of everything to make it a fantastic story We could all use a little of Elle Cam'beal's strength and a bit of the Beiste MacDougall charm A must read for all Eliza Knights fans