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review Whipping Star õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Whipping Star ⚣ Frank Herbert – A classic novel from the master of science fiction Frank Herbert's Whipping Star Herbert is one of the most thought provoking writers of our time; by focusing on 'alien' culture he makes us examine wh AZens must not be harassed and vital functions of society are also exemptJorj X McKie is a born troublemaker who has become one of BuSab's best agents Drafted for the impossible task of establishing meaningful communication with an utterly alien entity who defies understanding McKie finds himself racing against time to prevent a mad billionairess from wiping out all life in the ConSentien. Short and could have potential but it's adorable Sorry sci fi dudebros i'm ruining this genre with calling this big and MANLY genre adorable But it is tho It would be interesting to get into his works out of Dune beacuse that was long and tiring after a while so i might look into his other books when the library re opens I've read this ages ago

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A classic novel from the master of science fiction Frank Herbert's Whipping Star Herbert is one of the most thought provoking writers of our time by focusing on 'alien' culture he makes us examine what the true definition of 'human' is The Pacific Sun In the far future humankind has made contact with numerous other species Gowachin Laclac Wreaves Pan Spechi Taprisiots and Caleban and has. OriginalWhipping Star by Frank Herbert first published in 1970 explores among many things the complexities of communication; heightened by hyperbole as between xenological species but also as an allegory for human relations I once cross examined a troglodyte who was being intentionally evasive and it was maddening Reading passages in this book was akin to that experience yet Herbert uses it as an illustration of the frailty of relational semantics Another aspect of this book that was disconcerting was an undertone of absurdist humor From reading other Herbert creations I cannot believe that this was intentional yet there it was kind of a Monty Python sensibility And all the amazingly Herbert pulls it off as a psychological instrument This would have made a bizarre Doctor Who episode or a CSI show written and produced by Terry Gilliam Fascinating oddly hypnotic weird and completely uniue except for the pseudo seuel The Dosadi Experiment Whipping Star is a short strange tripFinally Whipping Star represents a singularly jaw dropping phenomenon one that was not achieved by Heinlein’s Starman Jones or by Ursula K LeGuin’s The Dispossessed After decades of reading science fiction I wish that I had paid attention in math class

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Whipping StarHelped to form the ConSentiency to govern among the species After suffering under a tyrannous pure democracy the sentients of the galaxy find the need for a Bureau of Sabotage BuSab to slow the wheels of government thereby preventing it from legislating recklessly BuSab is allowed to sabotage and harass the governmental administrative and economic powers in the ConSentiency Private citi. This Frank Herbert fella wrote the book Dune which was a semi sleeper for me as it walked around this barren planet with some aristocracy stuff going on got to try to read it again maybe I'm missing somethingThis other WHIPPING STAR is swell though Frank's little obtuse and abstract words and concepts hobble around and die and later get picked up and slapped back to life when you are completely confused and he nonchalantly needs to explain the wordconcept for the story's sake which works most of the time in this book Imagine children in the distant future people can instantly travel anywhere so there are planets for swimming hospital hatcheries entire planets of libraries etc relying on these weird spheres who bend space to make it seem next doorthrough a door Some old kooky dominatrix takes on any and many a sentient being to torture with a whip for starters for entertainment and discovers she can torture one of these weird spheres which house a formless mass that reacts to leather whips She forms contracts with these spheremass things and one by one kills them off thru her one armed multi legged hate servants who enjoy beating the hell out of anythingIt's so abstract in parts trying to talk to these sphere things since you have to be on some kinda drug to deal with them that it makes the book interesting plus the idea of torturing a mass that's abstract makes me revel in the perversity panties on my head and cassette tape all over my toes That's the beginning of the book folks there's a fertile pile of concepts that go with each alien race introduced with the idea of if everyone was isolated to their own system what the hell would happen The food and hospital supplies closed off from the rest of the worlds etc The book is able to cover a lot of ground since the concept of bouncing around from system to systemworld to world keeps it fresh and activeA 4 and a half hour read for me never set it down and didn't eat Wanna lose some weight Read this five star joy buzz Sorry Five Black Holes Review posted originally on sfbookcom