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Free download Kill Team Galaxys Edge #3 æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Kill Team Galaxys Edge #3 By Jason Anspach – Always make 'em pay In the aftermath of the Battle of Kublar—and the destruction of the battleship Chiasm—Legion Dark Ops recruits Chhun WraithHe Zhee a murderous species who will stop at nothing But perhaps the biggest threat of all is the truth they seek to uncover A truth that could ignite a revolution and engulf the galaxy in flames unless the Kill Team is willing to finish the job At any cos. Summary First let me say that none of what I’ll say in this section couldn’t be found on the back copy of the novel  Heck I cribbed this summary from the back and then I add my own twist  And not even much of one since most of the books I read have kick butt descriptions aka blurbs  If the blurb doesn’t catch my eye then I tend to skip the book unless a friend recommends it  Generally speaking my goal is to provide a spoiler free review so here goes nothing In the aftermath of the Battle of Kublar and the destruction of the battleship Chiasm the Legion recruits Victory Company’s survivors into Dark Ops  They’re called to live up to their mantra; Always Make ‘Em Pay We’re again reunited with Chhun Wraith Exo Kags and Twenties as the survivors of Victory Company form an elite Kill Team They become the embodiment of legionnaire lethality Their secret mission is as clear as it is deadly find and eliminate those responsible for the Kublar disaster  Standing between them and their objectives are a maze of corrupt Republic officials a spy on the verge of losing himself to the allure of his deep cover and the Zhee  These aliens are a murderous species who will stop at nothing to bring their death god to life But perhaps the biggest threat to the galaxy is the truth they seek to uncover  It’s a truth that could ignite a revolution and engulf the galaxy in flames unless the Kill Team is willing to finish the job  At any cost If you like epic space opera with a side of military science fiction you should read this series  Plenty of explosions with authentically gritty combat  If this sounds like your flavor of badassery then you’ve come to the right place  This novel is a brilliant continuation to the Galaxy’s Edge Universe where they fix everything George Lucas broke in this Star Wars Not Star Wars adventure  I wish I could give you an easy comparison if you enjoyed Book X buy this book but I really feel like Nick and Jason broke new ground here  They’ve revived that sense of newness and fun that we loved as children that brought most of us to the science fiction genre  There are other military sci fi books out there but none uite like this  Characters  In this novel we catch up with the survivors of Victory Company and two Nether Ops agents but the main characters are Legionnaire Lieutenant Cohen Chhun Tom and Mr X None of them felt flat and you could definitely relate to them as people You definitely won’t have anything to complain about in this regards these were real people and not cardboard cutouts  Seriously When they cried I cried When they laughed I laughed Everything you want from your fictional characters But let’s move past the platitudes and talk specifics There were several main characters in this novel so I’ll break them down for you Cohen Chhun He’s a grizzled veteran of the numerous campaigns but he felt real and not one of those stereotypical military killers  He was badass a consummate professional and genuinely good officer for his troops  He’s the kind of guy you’d want on your side in a firefight and he seems to be relaxed and less of an ass than he was in the first novel I would definitely say we’ve seen some character growth from Chhun which made his character even enjoyable in this book  I know after his appearance in Legionnaire it’s hard to imagine that he got even awesome  In this instance it just seems like his growth is part of the larger Dark Ops culture  Less parade ground covert assassin  In the previous review I said that the lack of growth from Chhun felt like they’re building something huge and boy was I right  Wow he was my favorite character in this novel  Overall I really liked him and felt like there was so much to come from him Tom He’s a deep cover operative seeking to uncover which bad guys are selling weapons to the evil MCR The Mid Core Rebellion must be stopped and he just might be the man to do it  Can’t say in a spoiler free review but he seemed like a stand up fellow caught in a nasty game of cat and mouse  Or whatever the intergalactic version of it is Mr X He’s a deep cover operative in the Carnivale Department of Nether Ops He runs their clandestine operations and is Tom’s handler for his covert mission  We don’t know much about him even the Mister part could be a ploy to hide the feminine mystiue  What we do know is he’s survived to reach the top of a deadly covert counter intelligence operation and that alone makes him a force to be reckoned with  Hopefully we learn about him as the next few novels In addition to the main characters there were other Legionnaires in Victory Company that we meet as well  All of these warriors felt flushed out and three dimensional  They all added to what is clearly a vast and expansive universe  All of the characters were a lot of fun to get to know and made me feel like I was back in the Army again  I especially liked seeing Kags again and watching how he evolved and grew from a Repub Army soldier into a legionnaire  Basically I still felt like I could relate to them as people and I would love to hang out and drink a beer with them  If you were going into harm’s way you’d want Victory Company with you Even if there are less of them than there was before Overall I will give these characters 5 out of 5 Grenades and can’t wait to see where the author takes this character throughout this new series  Plot  Like most of the military fiction I love to read this was an action packed novel  The story is set in a galaxy far far away in a Star Wars Not Star Wars Universe The grand premise for this series was to take the kind of Star Wars stories we used to love strip out all of the political messaging and just tell fun tales  Escapism and enjoyment under the banner of intergalactic science fiction  We again get to see the world through a first person point of view which didn’t even bother me this time around I’ve come to appreciate this point of view at least when it’s executed well And like book two we see the world from multiple points of view in this novel Like in the previous novel you feel the chaos and confusion that combat and intergalactic intrigue brings It was a good set up and well executed premise that held my interest from the first sentence  The plot grew and expanded from where we left it in Galactic Outlaw and I can only imagine even bigger things coming from the Galaxy’s Edge world The authors balanced the action with the exposition and world building so the story never felt flat  Unlike the first book I never felt confused by the universe as the world felt intuitive and you could so easily immerse yourself in the book More of the world was being threaded together and woven into a tapestry of epic awesomeness and I heartily approve This book answered any remaining uestions from book one in regards to world building and it did this without negatively impacting the plot  Heck those answers were part of the main story arc for this novel I think that I’ve become conditioned to these vast expansive worlds because of the copious amounts of space opera that I read I only remind you of that to point out that your mileage may vary on some of the ways I adapted to this story With the fast pacing this action packed adventure story never slowed down and left you wanting I’m seriously concerned about the withdrawal symptoms I’ll experience when I catch up and finish the  5th book  I’ll likely finish book 4 before the next one is released and then what will I do As you can tell by the gushing I’m still addicted to this universe  I couldn’t put it down the plot was that compelling  I really loved the premise and importantly I enjoyed how the execution  The pacing was excellent and there was never a slow moment  I couldn’t ask for anything ; a fun premise perfect execution and incredible pacing  I again give Anspach and Cole 5 out of 5 Grenades  World BuildingThis is the third book in the Galaxy’s Edge Series and I absolutely loved it  Can I say that enough  Seriously each one’s been better than the last  Okay onward to the nitty gritty of the review  This novel like its predecessors had a very fleshed out world It was consistent made sense and sucked you in  As usual the world Anspach and Cole created visceral emotions that made you want to punch the bad guys and suit up with the good guys  The authors still manage to covertly insert new tidbits about the larger universe and it was smooth like butter  The authors fit in the universe history in such a way that left you wanting while not pulling you out of the story  If you weren’t looking for it your probably wouldn’t even notice  In previous reviews I mentioned that it felt like parts of the world building were intentionally left out creating the feel of a much larger universe I have to say in this novel they delivered on many of those threads and woven them into a very compelling rope that they used to climb Mount Awesome with  I’m still digging it and it still makes me want to become part of the larger world  Seriously I need to convince the wife to let me buy some Galaxy’s Edge swag  I’m hooked and now I want all of it  Heck if I had the skills I would make myself some Legionnaire armor   I definitely see room for CosPlay and a fandom for this world and can’t wait for my own space ship  Think they could wrap an Ohio Class Battleship for me  I mean for research of course  It’d be tax deductible I’m sure of it  Anspach and Cole described the world with plenty of details and there wasn’t a scene where I couldn’t picture it  They didn’t reinvent the wheel and built on the existing tropes of science fiction  They just made it sexier  Overall the world building was well done and I was sold on the way it happened  It felt believable and the characters fit within the universe Anspach and Cole created  It was a fun ride that made me wanna suit upwhich is the goal of actionadventure authors  Like most of the stories I read this one didn’t take itself too seriously which allowed you to focus on the fun which is why I read in the first place  I give the world building 5 out of 5 Grenades  Description  I have to give it to the authors this novel was chalk full of visualization and you could definitely imagine yourself in this world  Even three books in they continue to described things across the sensory spectrum; sights sounds smells and even how the world felt  This is how it’s done and I hope to get that good someday  While I could visualize all of the planets I would still love it if the authors shared artists renderings from this immersive world  If it’s only a tenth as cool as what I pictured in my head it would be worth every penny  Unlike previous books I didn’t notice that the authors were lite on details until I sat down to write this review  And like before I was too busy picturing them as Storm Troopers Not Storm Troopers  A huge plus for me was Nick Cole and Jason Anspach’s descriptive use of language they balanced the explanation of this new world with the need to move a story along  Basically they took what worked from the previous two novels and kept it going  This book was a hit in the description categories  This book didn’t have a single place where I couldn’t picture the scenery and the euipment which added to the world that felt tangible and I enjoyed it  The author’s description of their universe was evocative and converted me into an uber fan  Seriously the level of description made you wanna take a moment and explore every nook and cranny but that’s a sign of an amazingly built universe  I’ve heard that they’ve got books in this universe planned and I can’t hardly wait because a little birdy told me that they DO intend to explore those nooks and crannies  In summary I didn’t find any issues with the descriptions and was impressed by the literary skills of the authors  The action was gripping and the story was fun  If you want the action the adventure and the PEW PEW then this is the book for you  Nick Cole and Jason Anspach brought it they were definitely their A game  I give them 5 out of 5 grenades in this category  OverallI really loved this book it was a lot of fun to read  It brought back the epic space romps I read and loved as a kid  No deep messages or political themes just good clean fun  Anspach and Cole have kept everything that was awesome with the first two books and kept it going Heck they turned it up a notch  I’ve taken to using these books as a reward to myself for accomplishing my daily tasks  Kill Team was a compelling story and made me want to join the Legion even   Well maybe the Dark Ops cause they’re relaxed with cooler toys  Let’s be real my fighting days are over but I could forget that while I read this book  I could be young and spry again capable of chewing lead spitting out bullets and walking through fire  And isn’t that the essence of why we read military science fiction  So we could again reach for greatness and be gods among men This novel definitely gave me a case of the feels and I found myself wanting to be a part of it all  I started a fan club on Facebook because I loved it that much and you should join us as we nerd out over the epic goodness of this space adventure  While I wasn’t one of those who found this universe before it went live preventing me from becoming a paying member of the Galactic Legion I could at least serve in an auxiliary role by spreading the word  I don’t want to come on too strong but I loved this book  Each book has been better than the last and I’m loving this book like a fat boy loves cake  It’s right up there with Terry Mixon’s Empire of Bones series  I’m just goNick Colenna commit and say that there’s just something about a few old Army guys telling stories that I love  Go Army Beat Navy Now that I’ve got that out of my system let me continue my review  When I read this book I mourned the loss of the brave warriors killed in battle I can’t tell you which soldiers because that would be a spoiler but I’ll raise my beer and toast in their honor  This was my third Nick Cole and Jason Anspach novel and I’ve moved them over into the “auto buy” list  The first thing that caught my eye was the fantastic cover it was amazingly compelling  I’m stuck though since I loved Legionnaire’s cover as well  I think these two are tied for the best cover ever award  Seriously if I weren’t colorblind and art dumb I’d add a section to the book review template on the covers because so many of them are kicking butt these days  The Galaxy’s Edge covers remind me of the fun comic images I loved as a kid  Or movie posters from the action adventures I read when I was supposed to be studying  Seriously hats off to their cover designer  When I finally have a dedicated office or man cave I’m decorating it with these covers  The good thing is that they sell swag now so I can make it happen Anyway onward to the book itself  The military culture shown was spot on just what I’d expect from an Army veteran  If you’ve ever seen a movie describing the culture of the special forces you could relate to the temperament of the kill teams of the Dark Ops  That’s right Nick Cole served in the US Army and it showed in his understanding of the culture of the grunt  Speaking of I really need to corner him so I can do one of my warrior weekend interviews of him  Because of this real world experience and a healthy dose of common sense Nick and Jason didn’t fall into some of the traps most military sci fi did  The troops run out of ammo dumb luck happens and good soldiers still die  The ground combat was primal immersive and easy to visualize  Everything you could possibly want from this genre  The battle scenes were believable gripping and I never felt like the author missed a chance to get creative with the tactics  It was textbook KTF the mantra of the Legionnaire  Kill them first  Such a detailed portrayal of the tactics is rare  The characters were well written and helped flush out the larger world which all lent itself to a perfectly executed plot  Each individual element of this novel was executed perfectly but it was in the union of the various aspects of the story that the universe really shined  It all tied together nicely and by the end of this novel you couldn’t help but say AH HA as the parts fit nicely together into a creation that was greater than the sum of its parts Seriously I realize I’ve gone full fanboy but the authors have definitely raised the bar for military science fiction authors everywhere  I was hooked from the first page  They wove the action in such a compelling way that you wanted to jump into the Legionnaire Armor myself  Okay maybe Dark Ops since they’ve got a cooler kit  Basically they had me hooked from the beginning and kept it going throughout the whole novel  This is a book I would happily recommend and an author I will definitely read again  Buy the novel  I give this novel a 5 out of 5 grenades  If it weren’t cheating I’d give it 6 grenades

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Always make 'em pay In the Galaxys Edge PDF #198 aftermath of the Battle of Kublar and the destruction of the battleship Chiasm Legion Dark Ops recruits Chhun Wraith and the survivors of Victory Company to form an elite Kill Team of legionnaires Their secr. A step back in time revealing the events behind the massacre in the first bookIntroducing the Republic Dark Ops the clandestine arm of the military These mysterious forces undertake missions the public don't need to know about Kidnapping assassinations exterminations Then there are the Nether Ops for the jobs that even Dark Ops don't have the stomach for If you need to kill thousands of your own people who you gonna callThe surviving legionnaires are not the type to shrug 'c'est la vie' They want targets then blood The Ops seem like a good place to startMore well written intrigue and bloodshed

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Kill Team Galaxys Edge #3Et mission is as clear as it is deadly find and eliminate those responsible for the Kublar disaster Standing between them and their objective are a maze of corrupt Republic officials a spy Kill Team PDF or on the verge of losing himself in deep cover and t. A whole new level of dangerIn combat I am a thinking beast who out savages the monsters that seek to destroy me That is the role of a Legionnaire a killing machine but not indiscriminately for the good of the galaxyThis book takes us back revealing players in the fight and exactly what happened to the surviving members of Wraith's team from book 1 This is not just a shoot em up military sci fi it goes way deeper and that is what makes these books so enjoyable There is brotherhood and unity depth of emotion from an elite band of soldiers Then there is the flip side; the scum the arms dealers the terrorists psychopaths Separately they are exciting but when they collide it goes to a whole new levelThe pairing of Cole and Anspach means a polished and clever story that whisks the reader into a dangerous world that sucks you in and leaves you wanting