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The Winds of Winter Summary Ð 2 Ì ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ The Winds of Winter Author Sandra Field – She'd had so much now she had nothingAnne didn't dwell on it but the pain was still with her the double edged pain of grief and rejectionIt had greatly altered her; Anne barely resembled the girl who She'd had so much Eatly altered her Anne barely resembled the girl who four years earlier had left her husband David Metcalfe He probably wouldn't even recognize he. A secret baby the h does not know about Now that is a twist I didn't like the book unfortunately but it did have a good twist It does stretch ones believability even for an HP And I give them plenty of leeway when I read them but this one was a little too much The heroine and hero have a bad marriage She goes into labor and the hero is out of town The Mother in Law tells her the baby died and the husband has left her and never wants to see her again so what does the h do She runs away and doesn't see the h for four years and that's because she finds out he has a little girl that would be their daughters age She thinks the hero lied to her so goes and pretends to be someone else and applies to be his Nanny She thinks he won't recognize her but of course he does from the beginning He doesn't sleep with the OW this time but he admits he wasn't faithful over the last four years I hated the book and the MIL never gets the punishment she deserves They do get back together and there is an HEA I did read it and I wish I hadn't Four years wasted because she was an idiot and he was too because he just believed his Mother too when she said she just left the baby behind and never uestioned her or looked for heroine Just stupid people

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R especially with another nameAnne made up The Winds MOBI #181 her mind She just had to go to his house to discover if what she suspected was true. i simply loved it this was one emotional roller coaster where hero and heroine played a cat and the mouse game i found it ridiculous however dat anne cud think david wud not recognise her if she had undergone plastic surgery then this wud have been plausible but not in this case the angst was palpable and the climax much woth the fuss btw they never cleared the air about sonja it seemed like she had been david's mistress for uite some time though he did not admit it

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The Winds of WinterShe'd had so much now she had nothingAnne didn't dwell on it but the pain was still with her the double edged pain of grief and rejectionIt had gr. This was a secret baby plot in reverse In this case the h Anne was told that her baby was still born and that her husband David didn't want anything to do with her any This message was given to her by her nasty mother in law who hated Anne David was out of town when she went into labor and she was so desperately ill during labor and for a few days afterwards that she didn't know what happened She and David had been having major problems in their marriage partially due to Anne's immaturity and insecurity and helped along by the MIL planting seeds of doubt with both of them When Anne found that David had not been to the hospital and was told he never wanted to see her again she was devastated She managed to pull her self together and disappear to deal with her grief and illness on her own but at least with a little of her pride intactThe story starts four years later She inadvertently finds out that David has a child and is advertising for a companion for the child She immediately has suspicions that this must be her child As she looks much different than she used to she decides to change her appearance a little and apply for the job so she can find out for sure She gets the job and it appears that David does not recognize her and she knows for sure that Jessica the child is her little girl So then the drama and angst beginThis was a very interesting enjoyable read It had some very different plot twists and I enjoyed it I did think the MIL got off the hook a little too easily