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Superhuman InnovationCES Gary's Book Club Top Technology Book of the YearArtificial Intelligence AI is the new electricity of our times It is revolutionizing industries the world over and changing how we fundamentally view and understand work Superhuman Innovation argues that AI will supercharge the workforce and the world of work can be harnessed to deliver powerful change to how companies innovate and gain competitive advantage It is a practical guide to how AI and Machine Learning are impacting not only how. Disclaimer I got the book as a giveaway and was uite excited to read it given that Chris Duffey used AI to help with the writing Another disclaimer I read about 10 other AI non fiction books written mostly by academics or science journalists All in all the book is a good introduction to the use of software in business and generally in our lives It gives an almost checklist style of all the aspects to consider when implementing new software including advanced AI For anyone starting in this space with no prior knowledge of software and AI this book would work very well Personally I found it to be a bit vague at points where the 'potential' of AI and its application was described though not discussed in depth the pros and cons the side effects the reasons for little uptake or why the benefits are not widely understood Perhaps I am a bit biased as I already knew most of the things that Chris Duffey talks about and was just trying to look for Chris Duffey manages to convince the reader of what I believe to be his main point that AI and software should enhance our abilities rather than fully replace the human There are a host of examples sprinkled throughout the book to support this argument though I felt they were slightly broken apart the single thread connecting them could have been stronger But this enables the reader to jump through the book and read as they please selecting the chapters they are most interested in I was excited about the use of AI Aimé to write the book and wanted to understand how he developed it what it learned from what was edited and not edited etc Whilst I understand the novelty and potentially the time saving for the author I found it uite difficult to follow the conversation

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Businesses brands and agencies innovate but also what they innovate products services and contentIn a world of product and pricing parity the delivery of superior service experience has become the new marketing and the new real competitive edge With AI companies can harness the power of data personalization and on demand availability at the touch of an intelligent button Superhuman Innovation discusses how AI will serve the superstar innovators of tomorrow by enabling them to see deeper i. It’s a nice book as an introduction for those who want to learn a bit about current tech status and how different things in the internet work without getting too overwhelmed by all the heavy tech examples fe how google knows what advertisement to show you or how suggests what else you might like Actually those things already worked pretty good in the physical world so the companies just adopted some strategies to nowadays tech level Though as I work in tech this book was pretty much useless for me personally but uite helpful for my parents who now at least understand why it is essential to be careful with your personal information and never provide it if it’s not necessary

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Free download  Superhuman Innovation ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB È ❮Download❯ ➽ Superhuman Innovation Author Chris Duffey – CES 2020 Gary's Book Club Top Technology Book of the YearArtificial Intelligence AI is the new electricity of our times It is revolutioniziNsights and set sail for higher goals It unearths a powerful five pronged model which describes how AI enables innovation through the offerings of Speed facilitating work processes Understanding revealing and mastering deep insights Performance customization of delivery to customers Experimentation the iterative process of reinvention and feedback and Results tangible measurable and optimizable results The book is supported by varied and innovative case studies from a variety of industries. This is an excellent read that does a great job of demystifying AI from its foundation to its future with a clever framework that business practitioners who are not technical can relate to At the end of the day adoption no matter how innovative the solution doesn't take place unless you can connect with your stakeholders in an applied way that they can understand with the expertise they bring with them 45 stars