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Free read â The Man They Wanted Me to Be Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❮EPUB❯ ✻ The Man They Wanted Me to Be Author Jared Yates Sexton – The author of The People Are Going to Rise Upon Your Shore turns his keen eye to our current crisis of masculinity using his upbrUpbringing and historical psychological and sociological sources that examine the genesis of toxic masculinity and The Man PDFEPUBits conseuences for societyAs progressivism changes American society and globalism shifts labor away from traditional manufacturing the roles that have been prescribed to men since the Industrial Revolution have been rendered as obsolete Donald Trump's campaign successfully leveraged male resentment and entitlement and now with Trump as president and the rise of the MeToo movement it’s clearer th. I recommend women buy this book and then uietly place it upon the desk of any man or men in their life no matter how she might believe that man is immured or not in toxic masculinity And then serenade him with Born This Way

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An ever what a problem performative masculinity isDeeply personal and thoroughly researched The Man They Wanted Me to Be examines how we teach boys what’s expected of men in America and the long term effects of that Man They Wanted PDFEPUB #196 socialization which include depression suicide misogyny and ultimately shorter lives Sexton turns his keen eye to the establishment of the racist patriarchal structure which has favored white men and investigates the personal and societal dangers of such outdated definitions of manhoo. I got the book from the library for the Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis o OUr Own Making not kindle That part was covered in the first and last chapters The whole middle was an autobiographyLet me say that my review is colored by having been in a battering relationship for 17 years 17 34 I have little sympathy for mother's who keep their kids in this kind of danger His mother's first marriage from whence he came and her 2nd was their a third I can't remember now because the book focused on the males not the females were to violent men Mine never touched the kids that would not have been smart on his part but when he broke my eye and my daughter didn't even ask about it I knew I was teaching her about marriage And my son too And I left which is a process Interesting to me is my leaving was about the same time as he was experiencing all this as a child He is a year younger than my own son He was from the midwest I was from the east coast I had to dig but I did find support including police support Since 10 years later when I was working with triage in a southern maryland community where the police were always sure she asked for it I understand that part But staying when her kid was being beat and belittled I don't understandAs it is he seems his whole life to have wanted the approval of his abusive birth dad In the end he reconciled initially through the author's getting blind drunk all the time and sharing that with his birth father who became interested I would have told the SOB to go jump in a lakeThe author mentions in passing that his own relationships couldn't hold but does not go into itHurt people hurt This is not new information They also can stand up and say stop and get off the wheel of disfunctionSo when he says toward the end of the book If your husband father brother cousin or firend is one of those people who either inexorably believes in traditional masucliity or struggles with it from time to time if you feel safe doing so carefully remind them that it's okay if they aren't always the stoic patriarch So much wrong with that sentence It not a woman or a child's responsibility to heal an abuser If another male wants to take it on so be it But that is not clear in the sentenceI think I am the wrong demographic for this book because reading it as a woman in a toxic relationship I would see way too many wrong cures like how being hurt made them that way for instance which would just hook my co dependent sideHe should have made it clear that the book was for men because it has nothing helpful to women caught in this mess Especially the part where he says to show them the abusers empathy and love both of which serve as contradictions to the extremists' belief that they are endangered and live in a world bereft of care Doesn't work I know that experientiallyInteresting to read his side of he whole thing but don't if you are currently in a batteringabusiveco dependent relationship with one of these fragile his word men

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The Man They Wanted Me to BeThe They Wanted Me to eBook #183 author They Wanted PDFEPUB #236 of The People Are Going to Rise Upon Your Shore turns his keen eye to our current crisis of masculinity using his upbringing in a rural patriarchal home as an entry point to consider the personal and societal dangers of performative genderBased on his provocative and popular New York Times op ed The Man They Wanted Me to Be is both memoir and cultural analysis Jared Man They Wanted Me to Kindle Yates Sexton alternates between an examination of his working class. Or for fuck's sake People need to get a grip There is no such thing as toxic masculinity toxic femininity toxic heterosexuality or toxic homosexuality or toxic asexuality or any other toxic sex featureNothing of this kind is inherently toxic It's what people sometimes do with all of it that is toxic Nothing that some behavioural cognitive or some other therapy can't address People should just stop inventing weird shit and stop shifting blame to patriarchal andor matriarchal figures If someone has issues with their dad mom president kid neighbor or anyone else they should go to a psychologist and resolve this issue not invent new social constructsSociety may have some or other reasonable or unreasonable expectations from people according to their gender and pretty much everything But calling masculinity or femininity toxic is a misnomer It's not gender that's at fault It's society and its weird ideas that we see in films ads everywhere It's also our desire to conform to things that are expected from us Often we don't know how to be true to ourselves what we exactly want and how to get there And that's the real big problem One that needs to be addressed What to do about it Anarchy would help a fucking lot Kidding People should just screw their brains on straight and stop adhering to weird customs You don't want women to be expected to wear high heels full war paint and every other shit to work Stop expecting that from them if you are of any sex and don't do it if you are a woman You don't want men to be strong and silent types become open yourself if you identify male and stop expecting macho ism from others if you are of any sex Not going to finish this drivel Badly researched mislabeled and with root cause of real issues replaced with imaginary stuff Yeah I know it's a bio Well shoot me I don't like it when people take their personal issues and try to make them into something else For example at a certain point I worked with a bunch of men who were well uneasy about working with a female And it showed Just like that Nothing bad or nasty or whatever but they were being weird like not calling me in for meetings not allowing me to participate on calls with them and whenever I would invite myself to any of their meetings that I had business being at they went on shuffling and then mumbling something along the lines of 'oh no you're not invited bye' They communicated on their own and I on my own It was weird set bad communication patterns and as one can imagine did wonders in not improving our efficiency But then again fuck it I saved uite a lot of my time by not listening in to their ramblings and they kept meeting an awful lot of time most of which I'm pretty sure was wasted since you don't really meet for 2 hours straight and then have zero results to show for it I'm not gonna blame their masculinity about it I'd rather point out that this situation was like that due to their inferior brains as individuals not as men slightly less than perfect education lack of professional adeuacy and considerably less than stellar communication skills Masculinity of theirs I couldn't care less about it I wan't and still am not interested in this bunch sexually They could be alien bugs from Alpha Centauri rings and have no sexes whatsoever and still come euipped with those nice thick skulls