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The Living BloodJessica Jacobs Wolde's life was destroyed when her husband David Wolde killed both their daughter Kira and Jessica herself and revived Jessica with his healing blood David was a. I really enjoyed The Living Blood and will definitely be continuing the series very soon The only slight issue I had was believing that such a young child even one that is magical and potentially a goddess would be as articulate with the ability to reason the way that Fana does I know that's nit picky since this is fantasy but it is hard for me to embrace that element of the story However I loved everything else about the way the story is unfolding Two of my favorite uotes from The Living Blood The opposite of love Dawitt told himself was not hatred as he had always believed; it was only a lack of joy And the Ethiopian fable that introduced one of the last sections of the book A hare meeting a lioness one day said reproachfully I have always a great number of children while you have but one or two now and then The lioness replied It is true but my one child is a lion Alright nowWhere you can find me•♥•Monlatable Book Reviews•♥•Twitter monicaisreadingInstagram readermonicaGoodreads Group The Black Bookcase

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D of Fana's growing abilities Jessica's only hope of teaching Fana to control her dangerous talents is to travel to Ethiopia and find the Life Brothers' hidden colony Cynthia War. Tananarive Due's second novel in the African Immortals series stands head and shoulders above the first part My Soul to Keep which I liked uite a lot by the way The author really ratchets up the suspense as she skillfully weaves together several plot lines that all come together in the climax Fana the daughter of Immortal David Wolde and mortal human Jessica Jacobs Wolde is first person to actually be born with the Living Blood and she demonstrates powers and abilities that even David's Life Brothers struggle to comprehend when Jessica seeks them out in their colony in Ethiopia But these powers have made her the target of the Shadows dark forces that only she can perceive in her dreams and trances forces which seek to control her and use her powers for evil ends Can she learn to control her powers so she can thwart them Meanwhile other humans have heard about the Blood's healing properties and are searching for them Desperate doctor Lucas Shepard hopes for a miracle cure for his young son's untreatable leukemia More ominous are the mercenaries dispatched by a medical company executive who will stop at nothing to gain immortality and the billion dollar profits that a drug based on the living blood would bring All this comes together in the climax set in Florida during a record breaking hurricane conjured up by Fana herself in the course of her struggles with the Shadows The Living Blood is truly an intense page turner you won't be able to put down I only hope that the next novels in the series can measure up to this one

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The Living Blood Summary Ü 5 è [Ebook] ➨ The Living Blood By Tananarive Due – Jessica Jacobs Wolde's life was destroyed when her husband David Wolde killed both their daughter Kira and Jessica herself and revived Jessica with his healing blood David was a Life Brother member of Jessica Jacobs Wolde's life was destroyed whenLife Brother member of an ancient secret and immortal African clan Now Jessica hiding with her surviving daughter in rural Botswana attempts to make sense of her new existence an. This is the only book that I have read where part 2 was better than part one The first book of this series is My Soul to Keep and it was a great read but this one had me on the tip of my seat from the first page I reread this book often and always find myself intrigued and discovering something that I didn't see in my previous readIt's a definite book shelf main stay