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SUMMARY ☆ The Angriest Angel ´ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Angriest Angel By Christopher Halt – Librarian's note An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found hereThey’ve lived among us for decades without incident Until nowThe Caelans are a nonviolent and technically advanced people Librarian's note An alternative coveCeful nature makes it impossible for them to stand up to Lafaye’s aggression until Avery one of the uninfected stumbles upon an unlikely hope Chase Madison a plucky criminal recently incarcerated for selling his ADHD meds Avery discovers that Chase’s ADHD makes him immune to the Caelans’ psy and therefore key to the cureIt also makes him a targ. Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this title for an honest reviewThis one was just an ok bookbut just did not work for me It seemed like a just set up to sell book 2 The premise was ok but the story never grabbed me like it should have I felt the story has no meat and did not give the reader the ability to do and thinking The characters were shallow and I just could not get to the point I liked any of them The premise is good just not well executed3 stars

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K in our officesBut something unexpected happens at their base of operations in the Midwestern United States Anger begins to infect some of them like a disease When the mysterious outbreak takes their The Angriest PDF or leader Regulus Lafaye he becomes hostile and violent He even abuses his mind power psy in order to control othersThe Caelans’ pea. Wow where do I beginI guess I'll start with the most uniue protagonist I've read in years Chase Madison He's got ADHD And apparently so does the author Which makes complete sense since this author completely nailed the main character He seems so real and fully dimensional something which must be at least partially due to the author's closeness to this subject read the foreword I have a few close friends which have been diagnosed with ADHD and to be honest I feel that reading this book has made me understand them than any other news article Cable TV special internet blog etc In this way the book reminds me of some of the socially important fictional works of our time Elizabeth Moon's The Speed of Dark comes to mind a near future sci fi book which deals with autism Ms Moon's son I believe has autismChase is absolutely hilarious by the way I actually laughed out loud numerous times reading this book that usually never happens If I had to compare Chase with any other character in pop culture I guess I'd say two of the famous anti hero rogues which Harrison Ford played Han Solo Indiana Jones He's got this sarcastic wit about him that is used as a defensive mechanism when the complexities of life and love get too close for comfort And I must say the writer knows how to juggle the light and dark amazingly well I found myself laughing on one page and then gripped in silence the next as an intense scene starts to unfold I am not sure how a book can be funny and moving and suspenseful all in one but somehow Halt does itNow for the plot I don't even know what genre I'd call this Sci Fi I guess since there are aliens Caelans but what I love about this book is that it's not just all about some alien invasion That's been done to death This book is about relationships It's about falling in love and forgiving yourself It's about moving on with your life and that it's the flaws which make us perfect in the endDo you remember the scene in Pulp Fiction with the gold suitcase You never get to see what's in that suitcase and the movie was better for it That's how I feel about how this book deals with its aliens they're there but the writer knows that he doesn't have to go into detail with space ships alien technology and all of that it's the gold in the suitcase And less is All in all an amazing genre crossing read Hilarious riveting and socially important And best of all this is only the beginning

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The Angriest AngelLibrarian's note An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found hereThey’ve lived among us for decades without incident Until nowThe Caelans are a nonviolent and technically advanced people who long ago conuered anger and interstellar travel Virtually indistinguishable from us they hide in plain sight They live in our neighborhoods and wor. I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest reviewI really did struggle to read thisThe editing was so poor that at times I had to walk awayI realise I might be in the minority and the story itself was reasonableBut sometimes poor editing and grammar can be unforgiveable