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Summary The Diaper Punishment Anthology · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó [Ebook] ➠ The Diaper Punishment Anthology By Nanny Chloe – 4 Volume Anthology 16 Books Volume 1 Diaper Punished by Mom’s Friend Volume 2 Diapered at Boarding School Volume 3 Regressing Timmy Volume 4 Sandy The Diaper AsyVolume Anthology Books VolumeDiaper Punished by Mom’s Friend Volume The Diaper PDF orDiapered at Boarding School Volume Regressing Timmy Volume Sandy The Diaper Asylum “The Diaper Punishment Anthology” is a volume anthology featuring a total ofbooks It’s full of corporal punishment diaper discipline and humiliation including soggy and messy diapers You’ve been warned Volume Diaper Punished by Mom’s Friend BooksAfter Dillon is caught doing drugs in his bedroom his Mom decides to drop him off at her friend Carol’s house for the Summer to keep watch over him Unfortunately for Dillon Carol is very strict Dillon finds this out for himself when he discovers that Carol keeps her adult son Patrick in diapers and treats him like a baby It’s not long until Dillon starts to feel like he’s being treated like an adult baby himself When Dillon is sent to bed early with a full bladder Carol’s strict rules about leaving the bedroom after bedtime result in a very wet accident That’s when Carol decides to retur.

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Drunk one night Debra decides it’s the last straw She misses the Timmy that loved her and appreciated her The Timmy that still wore diapers Debra decides to take matters into her own hands and hatches a plan to get her Timmy back by any means necessary When Timmy wakes up after a night time accident she enforces a policy of night diapers in the house And shortly later real diapers When Timmy decides he’s had enough with Debra treating him like a baby he acts out But unfortunately for Timmy Debra has all the tools she needs to ensure his total diaper transformation Volume Sandy The Diaper Asylum BooksIt’s the end of Summer and Sandy is hoping to be on her way to Summer Camp But instead she’s dropped off at a very special institution When she tries to escape the head nurse makes short work of her bottom with a heavy spanking Then as punishment for her misbehavior they lock Sandy in a straightjacket and deny her a bathroom Soon Sandy has no choice but to lose control And for that she’ll pay a very hefty pric.

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The Diaper Punishment AnthologyN Dillon to diapers And everything only gets worse for Dillon from there Volume Diapered at Boarding School BooksOn the first day of school back from Summer Sarah is expecting it to start like every other year But to Sarah’s surprise her parents drop her off at a special boarding school that is far strict than anything she could have expected When her teacher doesn’t allow her to leave to use the bathroom instead calling her up for a spanking Sarah discovers new meaning to the words ‘classroom discipline’ After losing control in front of the whole class during her spanking Sarah is forced to pay the price Marched through the school hallway with soap in her mouth Sarah is then personally diapered by the headmistress And it’s even humiliating than she thought it would be when the headmistress reveals a special humiliating surprise Sarah is then sent back to class Unfortunately for Sarah she then has another accident that’s much messier than the one before Volume Regressing Timmy BooksAfter Timmy comes home.