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Twentieth Century Russian Poetry characters Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò [Download] ✤ Twentieth Century Russian Poetry ➸ Yevgeny Yevtushenko – A massive comprehensive anthology of poetry from the politically turbulent Russia of this century  This collection introduces AmericansSide of Russia as well as presenting the work of some of the most prominent Russian poets of the past years. This was a gift given to me by a fellow Russia enthusiast and I feel like I should confess that I haven't truly read it I'd put it on my currently reading shelf but it would never leave It's been slow but enjoyable going so farI'm a little disappointed that I haven't found any poets I'm madly in love with yet but I've found some truly excellent lines And I still have most of the book in front of me so I've got that going for me

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A massive comprehensive anthology of poetry from the politically turbulent Twentieth Century EpubRussia of. I read all 1100 pages of this book and racked up some library fines so I'm entitled to do two thingsI'll end by telling everyone to read Russian poetry but first I'm lodging complaintsThis book is heavily dominated by male voices Even the female poets they can't help but include are marked as coming from the margins The editors have the gall to call Anna Akhmatova Anna Akhmatova one of the best woman poets of her time And it's BECAUSE I hold library property sacred that I corrected the edition for future readers by crossing out 'woman' For Marina Tsvetaeva Marina Tsvetaeva they note with surprise that her poetry influenced both men and womenAnd maybe I'm stretching but I sense a kind of machismo as well in their prioritization of poetry that is ABOUT Russia The majority of the poems in here are deeply political and on a national scale Manifesto poetry I see the reasoning in this at the same time it bores me a little bit If you also yawn at epics and prefer instead personal words tied deep to the body bound heart you might want to read a different collection And for my second entitlement I'm just going to gush over how great some of this poetry is Mandelstam Akhmatova Pasternak Tsvetaeva Mayakovsky Akhmadulina not even bad editing could hide all this talent Everyone read poetry I'm serious Everyone read Russian poetryHere's some lines to start withSome bits by Pasternakfrom MARBURGWhy am I frightened As well as my grammarI know my insomnia We two are alliedThen why do I dread like a call from a madmanMy usual thoughts so long known and well triedfrom TO A FRIENDDoes not the five year plan decide my measureDoes it not raise me high does it not sink me lowBut then how can I manage with my rib cageAnd everything that is slow than slowfrom AUTUMNYou are the blessing on my baneful wayWhen life has depths worse than disease can reachAnd courage is the only root of beautyAnd it is this that draws us each to eachAnd Tsvetaevafrom TWO SONGSI know everything don’t argue with meI can see now I’m no longer a loverI understand wherever love has powerDeath approaches soon like a gardenerfrom HOMESICKNESSBut my country has taken so little careOf me that even the sharpest spy couldGo over my whole spirit and wouldDetect no birthmark thereAnd why not a bit of Mayakovskyfrom THE CLOUD IN TROUSERSI used to think You were that almighty GodheadYou ain’t no than an ill taught godditypitiful and smallWatch me bend overand take a flickknifefrom inside my bootYou winged scoundrelsGet back to heaven where you belongRuffle your feathers in a frightened rageOr I’ll open you upfor all your stink of frankincensefrom here to AlaskaLet me goDon’t leave meI’m lyingI don’t know whether it is truebut I can’t keep any calmerLook how they’ve knocked off the headsof the stars and bloodied the sky with slaughterHey youHeavenBare your head remove your hatI’m comingIt’s deafThe universe is sleepingwith its enormous ear tick filled with starsresting on its pawsfrom AT THE TOP OF MY VOICEBut I subdued myself setting my heelon the throat of my own songAnd on a car ride with Terry Tempest Williams I read these lines from Anna Akhmatova's piece Reuiem Instead of a preface In the terrible years of the Yezhov terror I spent seventeen months waiting in line outside the prison in Leningrad One day somebody in the crowd identified me Standing behind me was a woman with lips blue from the cold who had of course never heard me called by name before now she started out of the torpor common to us all and asked me in a whisper everyone whispered there “Can you describe this” And I said “I can” Then something like a smile passed fleetingly over what had once been her face

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Twentieth Century Russian PoetryThis century  This collection introduces Americans to a number of astonishing poets virtually unknown out. Christ it'd be hard to top this one 1000 pages of pretty much every Russian poet you might ever need to know about Sure the biggies are all here and well represented Akhmatova Mayakovsky Voloshin Pasternak Akhmadulina etc but the real gems here are the scads literally scores of poets you have probably never freaking heard of So kudos to the compilers and editors for bringing these to the fore A wonderful collection that should be emulated