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The Book of Chaos kindle æ Vivian Amberville Download ã [Reading] ➼ The Book of Chaos (Vivian Amberville, #2) ➲ Louise Blackwick – COMING TO BOOKSTORES IN 2020 Follow the Dark and where it's leading you Vivian Amberville® is a bestselling philosophical fantasy book series about a girl who?Alarian School of Thought” a place where Weavers are made and Chaos Weavers are notoriously unmadeJoined by friends and challenged by foes Vivian must learn the dangerous art of “Chaos Weaving” in a world now complicated by war disease and political strifeGENRE epic philosophical fantasy Jungian allegory;CATEGORY young adult coming of age epic adventure social satire;SETTING double dystopia futuristic dystopia and fantasy world;SUBJECTS responsibility over Creation time travel parallel universes mind over matter matter manipulation;THEMES free will vs determinism order vs chaos freedom and responsibility embracing your shadow family friendship sacrifice;TAGS post apocalyptic multiple realities inter dimensional travel journey within; Received a pre alpha advanced copy of this book I was not asked to leave a review but knowing how many millions of readers are waiting for this book to come out this year without offering any spoilers I just want to get this out of the way and say the seuel does not disappoint 9410The conflicts of the first instalment The Weaver of Odds are picked up beautifully in what I believe to be a radical improvement on the first book You can see author Louise Blackwick has grown into her craft and all the characters plots subplots conflicts and the world building are growing along in what must be the most original fantasy story I've read since the initial coming of LOTRIn the Book of Chaos chaos rules every aspect of the writing from the world to the conflict to the core of the characters' soul The stakes get higer the conflict grows and the ending left me so full and at the same time heartbroken I cannot help crave for Despite being written by a Dutch author this very British fantasy series truly deserves all the international attention it got and beyond 9410 comparable in uality originality epicness and mindfuckness to the great Tolkien himself

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F reality”The universe that spanned millions of fans worldwide and captured readers imagination all around the world invites you to journey alongside unforgettable heroes you would want to take homeFantasy like never told before a mythical fiction of friendship and acceptance; of fate and free will; of destiny and despair; of extraordinary ordinary heroes and their reality changing journeys PRELIMINARY SYNOPSIS Vivian’s powers over reality have taken a dark turnBelieved to be a Chaos Weaver – the darker opposite of a Weaver – Vivian’s powers must be brought under control lest they consume the flesh of creationUnder the looming threat of the Wandering Dark Vivian will once again travel beyond the fabric of reality and attend the ? Like many people before me I couldn't resist waiting for the second instalment in the Vivian Amberville saga so I downloaded the leaked unofficial and incomplete version of Vivian Amberville The Book of ChaosI do not want to spoil the amazing journey you have in stock so I will refrain from revealing plot elements like other readers before me have done Instead I will focus on the general aspect of the story1 Storytelling The Book of Chaos is what Harry Potter could have been if it were written by Geroge RR Martin It is at a much higher level than The Weaver of Odds the first in the Vivian Amberville series and it progressively gets better as you read along2 Everything ties together with the first book Every element now introduced builds perfectly on top of the storylines from Weaver of Odds and even takes it further to brand new hights3 The world development of both Existence and Non Existence Milton Keynes and Aerria are absolutely insane It's like a graphic novel only that Blackwick paints the picture in your mind instead of a paper4 The character arcs are taken higher and higher Seemingly unimportant or side characters return with whole new stories to tell The characterization is incredible and you really feel for each and every one of them5 The symbolism is predicated on Jungian psychology philosophy mythology and archetypes The songs are amazing too6 The book will surprise you if not downright shock you a couple of times7 The ending is the most epic denouement I have ever read in a fantasy book and if you look at my list of read books there are uite a few contenders8 I cried a couple of times while reading it not because it was sad but because it was so darn epic It was like watching a movie in my mind and the awesomeness brought me to tears I even got goosebumps9 Just when I thought the story couldn't get better it climbed another notch And then another notch It was like a continuous ladder of gripping fear excitement happiness and epicness10 I can't wait for this book to be made available in Dutch bookstores I will of course buy the book in English for both me and my family

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The Book of Chaos Vivian Amberville #2 COMING TO BOOKSTORES IN 2020 Follow the Dark and where it's leading you Vivian Amberville® is a bestselling philosophical fantasy book series about a girl whose imagination can reshape realityThis year the universe that spanned millions of fans worldwide and captured readers imagination all around the world invites you on an epic journey beyond the fabric of realityReturn to a world where reality can be altered and history can be rewritten and discover what it really takes to reshape your destiny THE BOOK Second in the Vivian Amberville fantasy series The Book of Chaos centres around Vivian’s attendance at the “Alarian School of Thought” an illusive place where students learn the noble and dangerous art of “altering the substance o NOTE This novel has not yet been officially published The author however has pre released the first 5 chapters of Vivian Amberville The Book of Chaos and my ratingreview ONLY includes those 5 chapters Please note that my reviewrating will likely change upon reading the complete novel With that out of the way here are my impressions so far If spoilers apply I will use the spoilers ahead tag1 You can tell from the get go that Blackwick has managed to sort out the scandal of the target audience VA TBOK is no longer exclusively Young Adult as her publisher initially wanted and her editor implemented but a lot deeper adult and needless to say noticeably darker All the characters and not just the main ones are visibly deeper their motivations are adult and the layers of narrative a lot complex 2 The novel is also a lot faster paced than the first one with game changing developments happening almost from the get go that raise the stakes to amazing new levels I can count at least 7 major events in the first 5 chapters of the novel which makes it not only exciting but gripping3 After the psychedelic trippy settings of The Underworld Rhapsody Blackwick has opted for a realistic imago the settings I encountered so far were a mixture of gritty and grimy the swamps of Keynes the derelict Ala Spuria shelter for strays the now decrepit Pattern of Threads the urb of Lantana under strife which contrast with the grandiose and awe inspiring settings seen in Non Existence The Alarian School of Thought and Palas Lumina The British type humour is a lot prevalent however which makes it for a very balanced light darkness readAnd now for the story Anyone who doesn't want to get spoiled look awaySpoilers ahead3 The Guild of Weavers is no longer the top dog We now learn of the Scribes a shadow Guild who use something called Ink bolded to write things true write people into stories and rewrite the history of the cosmos Vivian Amberville who is a Storyteller with a very dangerous story to tell is once again a major target I personally found the lore of the Scribes absolutely fascinating4 We finally get to learn about the abilities and limitations of Vivian's knife shard Aebe'trax? 5 Vivian's relationship with her identity becomes even complicated She is now torn between 3 mother figures her dead adoptive mother her biological mother who is also running the ueendom and Lady Saah the Artisan Vivian no longer has a servant matron relationship with the people living at the Amberville Manor She is redarding Miles Benoit Ayesha and even Angus a lot like her family Vivian's relationship with the main cast of the previous book Kate Lucian and Acciper also deepens6 Some readers expect Vivian's attendance at the Alarian School of Thought where people learn to weave into the fabric of reality to be something on the lines of Harry Potter going to Hogwarts but this impression cannot be false One notable difference is that her training is just as much training her thought process as it is altering reality All the subjects presented for weavership Weaving Alchemy Shadowbinding and Chaos Weaving to name a few are deeply rooted in transformative philosophy and on a whole new level of writing than the uirky clueless magic of Harry Potter It is known Blackwick is a Jungian who also studied alchemy and the occult and it really shows I believe the people who have grown up with Harry Potter will really appreciate the darker and philosophy oriented lessons Vivian Amberville receives at the Alarian School of Thought7 My last pointer after which I will be just as much in the unknown as the rest of the readers is related to the nature of the title The Book of Chaos is not ONLY about things being darker and chaotic in the Vivian Amberville universe It is also about the ChaosShadow within this being a Jungian novel and all and taking reponsibility for the Chaos of the world The Book of Chaos is also a physical thing; over a game changing thing that gives Vivian Amberville a whole new mission for the rest of the series But this is too big of a spoiler to discuss so I will leave it up to youI hope my assessment of the first 5 chapters will make fans of the first book return to the series and new readers interested in this very uniue fantasy book series with philosophical tints In the small country I live which is the Netherlands Blackwick is begining to be a household name In case you ask why I bother so much to make these long assessments of Blackwick's books let me just say I am in no way related to the author or the publishing house that belongs to it Just like you I am a Dutch reader who saw Blackwick's creative rise in the Netherlands as a spectator and saw potential to have the series expand to international markets While platforms like Goodreads and are not particularly popular in the Netherlands I hope my thorough assessment on Goodreads can get international readers to give this highly creative Dutch author a try I particularly hope for a gamemovie adaptation because a universe built on people who can weave intoalter the substance of reality is nothing short of spectacular