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DOWNLOAD ´ The Viking Portable Library Dorothy Parker ✓ [Read] ➮ The Viking Portable Library Dorothy Parker ➶ Dorothy Parker – The second revision in sixty years this sublime collection ranges over the verse stories essays and journalism of one of the twentieth century's most uotable authorThe second revision in sixty Portable Library PDF #201 years this sublime collection ranges over the verse stories essays and journalism of one of the twentieth century's most uotable authorsFor this new twenty first century edition devoted admirers The Viking PDF or can be sure to find their favorite verse and stories But a variety of fresh material has also been added to create a fuller authentic picture of her life's work There are some stories new Viking Portable Library Epub #220 to the Portable Such a Pretty Little Picture along with a selection of articles written for such disparate publications as Vogue McCall's House Garden and New Masses Two of these pieces concern home decorating a subject not usually associated with Mrs Park. Dorothy Parker renowned wit critic poet and short story writer Take note of that orderPicasso once said of Cézanne that he was 'the father of us all' Well in similar terms Dorothy Parker is my biological mother Which makes me Picasso I guess which I'll takeParker's book reviews are the finest of the form She was truly the ueen of mean As 'The Constant Reader' she praised and demolished the latest novels with such wit and grace that oftentimes the review was better than the work is discussed She often filled her reviews with stories of her personal life or stray observations on society Despite dying in 1967 her vicious tongue has never been eualled I view Dorothy Parker as my greatest influence As many people light candles in front of the Sacred Heart I follow a similar regime with Parker muttering incantations in front of her image and never gazing too long into her eyesThus The Portable Dorothy Parker is a volume which I believed would be a fitting replacement for the Holy Book Which it somewhat is In that it only gets really good near the end and you spend most of your time skipping over the bad bitsYou see The Portable Dorothy Parker would be better titled The Short Stories of Dorothy Parker interspersed by her Poetry with a paltry sampling of her Criticism Reviews Letters and Interviews I am first to admit that I am not a huge fan of Parker's short stories Don't get me wrong she had many wonderful stories Big Blonde Arrangement in Black and White The Waltz From the Diary of a New York Lady and The Game are some shining examples But almost five hundred pages of this six hundred page volume are dedicated to her stories many of which are just not good There's a reason why we don't immediately think 'short story writer' when we hear Parker's name I feel the term 'hit and miss' was coined specifically for her short fiction Those that hit are blinding critiues of early 20th century society full of one liners and characters which are eually as devastating The misses are unreadable Nothing much being written about nothing much Therefore at time this volume is an absolute pain to get through whilst at other times you want to rip each page out and frame them along a staircaseMost of my praise for this volume comes from the measly hundred pages dedicated to her non fiction This is where Parker Comes Alive Such glittering meanness from the mouth of the poison Madonna It depresses me so much I'll never be her The best I can do is plagiarise which has served me uite well for many years Sometime during my twenties I'll probably get a Dorothy Parker uote tattooed onto my skin right next to my stigmataOverall The Portable Dorothy Parker is a somewhat skewed collection of her finest writings There is absolute gold in here but one must sift through the mud first Perhaps it is one for the fans


Er At the heart of her serious work lies her political writings racial labor international and so Soldiers of the Republic is joined by reprints of Not Enough and Sophisticated Poetry And the Hell With It both of which first appeared in New Masses A Dorothy Parker Sampler blends the sublime and the silly with the terrifying a sort of tasting menu of verse stories essays political journalism a speech on writing plus a catchy off the cuff rhyme she never thought to write downThe introduction of two new sections is intended to provide the richest possible sense of Parker herself Self Portrait reprints an interview she did in with The Paris Review part of a famed ongoing series of conversations Writers at Work that the literary journal cond. I enjoyed this book enormously I used to love it I still like it a great deal Her writing has not changed it is still rich and full of wonderful words arranged into beautiful sentences clever paragraphs The whole work still has great value Dorothy Parker's legendary acerbic wit amused me no end as a young woman What has changed is my perspective As I have gotten older I have come to view it as an internal rage vented upon everyone around her She remains a great read but now I feel just a little bit sorrier for her than I did in younger days I'm guessing she experienced than a bit of Women's Oppression Sickness and the rapier tongue was a way of responding to a culture that often devalued literary women My own background is in Women's and gay and lesbian studies Parker was a legend in her time and deservedly so Please read her many writings and form your own opinion

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The Viking Portable Library Dorothy ParkerUcted with the best of twentieth century writers What makes the interviews so interesting is that they were permitted to edit their transcripts before publication resulting in miniature autobiographiesLetterswhich might be subtitled Mrs Parker Completely Uncensored presents correspondence written over the period of a half century beginning in when twelve year old Dottie wrote her father during a summer vacation on Long Island and concluding with a missive from Hollywood describing her fondness for Marilyn MonroeA Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition with French flaps rough front and luxurious packaging Features an introduction from Marion Meade and cover illustrations by renowned graphic artist Seth creator of the comic series Palooka vill. After I wrote a particularly scathing review of the unedited re release of Apocalypse Now for my Critical Reviewing class in college actual line from the review Around the third hour or so I became convinced that the real genius of this film was not Coppola himself but rather the person who forced him to cut at least an hour out of Apocalypse Now in the first place my professor compared me to Dorothy Parker Or maybe he just suggested I read her but my ego prefers the first version Anyway seven years after this recommendation I finally bought myself a copy of this book It took me another full year to summon the courage to crack open the 600 plus page tome Six months later I have finally finished it For those of you keeping track at home that means it took me 85 years to get to this point But oh it was worth the wait In fact I'm just sad that some hipster T shirt company hasn't made a What Would Dorothy Parker Do shirt because I think I'm making that my new mottoI have always delighted in the thrill of delivering a well crafted zinger so Dorothy Parker is like my patron saint The short stories and reviews were by far my favorite sections of the book within those the dialogue between the just married couple on the train and her review of a ludicrous AA Milne play were my absolute favorites In the introduction the editor points out that Dorothy Parker considered it a great failure that she was never able to write a novel; after reading her short stories I think I can see why Parker has such utter yet amusing disdain for all of her characters; I think a novelist must at least like one or two of her characters a little bit if she's going to spend that much time with them However I didn't see this as a failure; rather I consider Parker a success in that she's one of the only writers I've come across so far who's been able to completely master the short storyI do confess that I skimmed over most of the poetry perhaps I'll go back and read it someday but poetry just can't hold my attention before bed and while there were some nice lines and some interesting insights into her personal life contained within her letters some of those included were so pointlessly incongruous that I wondered if I was going to stumble upon a chapter of her old dry cleaning receipts next See I'm already putting my WWDPD philosophy to use I hope she would be proud