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Them Along the way you'll learn how the author found her own voice as an American born Chinese woman in a traditionally white industry how she rose to national fame and the unexpected personal discoveries that have come with itIt's those day to day interactions that nobody teaches about in school or in corporate training that can make or break a woman's career Make Your Moment helps you master every interaction you'll face for ultimate career succes. Dion Lim is an Emmy award winning TV news anchor at ABC7 News in San Francisco Lim’s playbook was written to help young women navigate through the workforce that is chaotic complicated and tough She highlights how to think on your feet in tough situations how to communicate your personal brand learning how to stand up for yourself and at what point it’s ok to just walk away from a situation Lim pairs her meaningful advice with anecdotes from her own experiences in the world of TV broadcasting making for a uniue perspective MAKE YOUR MOMENT will help you master every awkward and ordinary situation you may face in the workplace and how to prepare yourself for future successI recently got promoted to a new role at work last month and I found that this was the perfect time to pick up Lim’s book I transitioned into an entirely different department and I was looking for some advice about navigating a new team dynamic I found her advice to be insightful especially about how to communicate to your coworkers regarding something work related that may be upsetting you although I enjoyed hearing about her life and all of the craziness that she has to endure daily I love Lim’s chatty writing style and her narratives about navigating life as a TV broadcaster I volunteered for a local TV station when I was younger so it was fun to get the inside scoop of a professional TV broadcaster’s life I especially found the “More than a pickup artist” detailing how to ask for something or how not to ask and still get what you want incredibly informative ⁣⁣

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Make Your MomentAward winning ABC news anchor Dion Lim gives women the inside track on communications strategies that make or break careers If the workplace is a battlefield for women this is the playbook they need Women Make Your PDF face uniue circumstances on their road to success no matter age or experience what their goals are or industry Make Your Moment addresses a wide range of career and workplace scenarios and microinteractions you must master if you care. I uickly learned that it wasn't actually about having the biggest voice but rather having the right one Dion Lim is a household name across America she's won award after award for her reporting and has broken through so many barriers for as a woman and person of colorAnd throughout the process she's learned a thing or two about communicating in the public eye and managing her coworkers behind the scenes And it's best to deliver this message while managing to retain poise professionalism and dishing out a little sass In this book she shares her most powerful lessons ones that changed the direction of her career and ultimately brought her to where she is today Eliminate your fear They pick their noses too Overall I uite liked this book It was short sweet and provided lots of life lessons many of which I can apply to my own career even though it so far from hers I really liked how it wasn't always success story after success story Fail your way forwardSometimes it takes one step back to bound lightyears forward Lim shared so many moments where she messed up and how she went forward after that It really helped balance out the book So are you ready Let's dive in A huge thank you to the author and publisher for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads

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SUMMARY ☆ Make Your Moment ´ ❮PDF❯ ✪ Make Your Moment ✑ Author Dion Lim – Award winning ABC news anchor Dion Lim gives women the inside track on communications strategies that make or break careers If the workplace is a battlefield for women this is the playbook they need W Award winning ABC news anchoAbout succeeding in business This book covers crucial career skills including Thinking on your feet in the tough situations Networking beyond your league Handling awkward conversations with grace and confidence Making online life work for you including shutting down bullies and growing your audience Building inner confidence Communicating your personal brand Turning mistakes into opportunities Choosing which battles are worth fighting then winning. “Make Your Moment”The Savvy women’s communication playbook for getting the success you want by Dion Limprovides examples of common workplace challenges describing how to navigate communications successfullysuch as handling awkward conversationsand thinking on your feet in tough times So why do I need this bookI haven’t been in the battlefield of the workplace for 40 years I basically do nothing However this book fell into my handsand I started reading it for fun Dion Lim has a likable personality that comes through in her writing with an infectious energy about her She’s sincere about what she is serious about yet has a great sense of humor to go along her ‘straight talk’She’s a champion for women sharing thought provoking conflictsolution’ scenarios that are relatable I like how Dion thinks “It is completely okay not to forgive and eually as okay not to forget I don't care how many books have been written on the subject or what Oprah has told us It's been drilled into my head to try to make amends whenever possible but sometimes other people's behavior is simply inexcusable” A decision to stop engaging with someone who has caused issues for you —may be the smart wise choice Dion tells us “The beauty of communicating by not communicating is that the ball is in your court and you hold the ability to focus on moving forward and kicking butt instead of wasting precious time and mental fortitude on how you're going to navigate around someone else's bad behavior”“Another nice side effect for choosing to cut off communication with those who don’t respect you or your craft is that your own energy has room to move elsewhere” Dion has great common sense when it comes to people—no matter what our socioeconomic backgrounds areshe says that we generally share the same emotions and human responses “Love happiness and hurt”So no matter what our race or religion is it's not hard to find issues and topics that bind us Dion explores many interesting topics fromhow to stay interested when bored to tears —listen and engage with empathytalks about eye contactways to eliminate fearsuse communication dexterity to solve problems and get what you wantmake online life work in your favorknow which battles to chooseknow which battles are worth fighting and then win themetcVery cool book — not earth shattering vital to read itbut I think women with full time careers actually ‘would’ enjoy this book If one of my female working friends in the United States here in Goodreads would like to read it—I’m happy to mail you my copy 35 4 stars