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REVIEW ´ Devi's Distraction ç [Read] ➫ Devi's Distraction Author Ruby Dixon – It's hard to make friends with the other women at the Icehome camp when you'd rather be dissecting the local fauna Which is why I'm surprised when one of the big brawny islanders asks me to help him m It's hard to make friends with the other womeR and determined he's also protective and sweet And he kisses like a fiendHe's a distraction I don't need but he might be everything I've ever wanted Too bad he says he's going to resonate to someone el. 35 StarsDevi is an outsider in the Icehome camp Her interest in dissecting and understanding the local beasties isn’t very conductive to building friendshipsit seems to make the other human women sueamish and baffles the alien men N’dek knows that his missing leg makes him useless and unappealing to females He cannot hunt and provide so who would want to be his mate However when inspiration strikes he knows exactly which female will be able to help execute his plan to regain his independenceMy heart gives a massive sigh of contentment when I think about Devi’s Distraction This book was satisfying on a couple of different levels We have the two outsiders coming together and finding belongingand then also realising that they were never really outsiders And we have N’dek taking control of his destiny and finding ways to embrace life with only one leg This book packed a lot in a short number of pages – Devi’s Distraction was under 200 pagesThis book has Dixon’s signature mix of humour adorable alien male antics and red hot sexy times This book also set up some of the other characters in Icehome and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this small human alien village


It's hard to make friends with the other women at the Icehome camp when you'd rather be dissecting the local fauna Which is why I'm surprised when one of the big brawny islanders asks me to help him mak. Ruby Dixon is killing it with the Icehome series She is bringing her ‘A game’ and it shows in this wonderful intertwined spin off series If you have been following my reviews then you know how much I adore Ruby and her writing Aliens have never had so much appeal until she began writing her take on themI think this one is my new favoriteDevi was a college student when she was abducted by aliens She talks about how dedicated she was to her schooling and how it upset her grandmother She was suppose to be getting married and be having children while she was young Her career needed to wait Luckily she made the right decision not going down that path because now like I said she has been abducted Staying positive on a new planet isn’t easy but she has found her niche dissecting the local wildlife – to her new friends’ horror She’s an outsider but she isn’t willing to stop doing the one thing she loves just to fit inN’dek was literally just a bump on a log He sat around the fire constantly until his pal ran off with his mate leaving him with no one to drag him around He just sits and listens to everyone talk about the games they will be competing in It is suppose to help relieve some of the tension and build some stronger friendships But how can he even participate without his leg That’s when he gets the crazy idea to make a prosthetic There is only one person that is smart and uiet enough to help him – DeviIt has been a while since I had really swooned after one of Ruby’s barbarians Well N’dek just broke dry spell for me He’s lovely I really loved how much he loved Devi Devi is so filled with joy with a love of life I need that I want that I feel whole when I am near herIt might be many turns of the moons before my khui wakes if it ever does Until then I want Devi And I do not care if that is wrong“But I would rather have you for one day than regret it for all of them” Totally swoon worthy rightWhile N’dek brings all the feels Devi brings all the laughs And there’s Bridget and A’tam They flirted they slept together and now he thinks they’re married and she thinks he should die in a fireYou’ve seen porn You saw Game of Thrones This is just another penis You put the two of them together and it is magical This is a must read if you love paranormal romances – or just Ruby’s writing in general5 stars

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Devi's DistractionE a prosthetic leg I don't know N'dek but since I'm a scientist he wants my help And while I'm into dinosaurs than anatomy I love a challengeAs we work together I come to see that N'dek's not just cleve. Before readingI am as excited to read this as I am for that coverthat coverAfter reading Rating 5 stars I will give it a 6 if possibleTrigger Too much and maybe slightly inaccurate dino and Indian culture information It is not a trigger but some people like me find it mildly annoyingShort review I might be little obsessed with this series But on my God it's so good Indian geeky girl stangentend on alien planet yes please Review in imagegif Oh to show you how obsessed I might be Recommended Yes but part of the series not a standaloneAftermath possible spoilers While I might be annoyed with some South Indian girl calling her grandmother 'nani' they never call them 'nani' it is 'awa' Devi's character is geeky and so adorable She is funny without trying smart without showing My kind of gurl