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FREE READ ð Storm Front ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Storm Front Author Jim Butcher – HARRY DRESDEN — WIZARD Lost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable Rates No Love Potions Endless Purses or Other EntertainmentHarry Dresden is the best at what he does We HARRY DRESDEN — WIZARD Lost Items Found Ortal creativity or capability they come to him for answers For the everyday world is actually full of strange and magical things and most don't play well with humans That's where Harry comes in Takes a wizard to catch a well whatever There's just one problem Business to put it mildly stinksSo. You know the premise of this book actually sounded good A wizard PI sure why not I like wizards and I like PIs so what could be the problem The problem was I over estimated this author's abilitiesThe main character is like some kind of emotionally retarded uber geek's idealized life He lives in a basement and subbasement He ALWAYS wears a black duster and cowboy boots even when he's wearing sweats and a t shirt He has an abnormally large alley cat that likes to drink coke and doesn't get violently ill from the caffeine He can't get anywhere with women for no real reason at all The first woman that broke his heart he actually killed but for good reasons I mean she was evil I could go on and on The protagonist of this story is an immature weiner He is a walking dorky cliche that feels like he is some kind of Peter Parker wizard Constantly bemoaning the weight of the world on his shoulders even when its actually not on his shoulders Add to this the characters inability to have basic levels of trust for his friendsallies lack of common sense and a very low level of intelligence for someone that relies on brains and willpower for their strengths And you end up with a guy that is very annoying to read in most any situationNow throw that character into a Noir Detective style situation This is not a confident man nor is he a physically tough man and he lacks much in the way of street or even book smarts I find it highly unlikely that this guy should have survived past the first 100 pages let alone through all the other blunders he makes through the entire book Take a gander back to the beginnings of the Noir Detective genre and you'd be ashamed that this man besmirches the genre's good traditions Sam Spade has no magic what so ever but he could uite easily have out smarted and out fought this guy with his bare fistsDon't even get me started on how annoying magic is in this book Not since the magic of Terry Brooks' Shanara books have I felt magic meant little to nothing This guy is constantly like oh shit I don't have my wand or staff or special ring so if I do my magic now I'll kill everyone What the fricking good is magic that can't be used unless you've got your stick of power If magic is going to be used the way it is in this book as basically a crutch to hold the rest of the weak aspects of the book up as it is in most non awesome fantasy; then at least have it around to do its job and make cool things happenSo to close this book is immature and not fun to read There was a time in my life when I would have found this book awesome when I was going through that phase of life where you're 13 emotionally retarded and just discovered ADD 2nd edition Which there is nothing wrong with that's a phase that me and most other nerds went through Then we grew out of it because we matured in to adults But this book isn't be lauded to me as great writing by 13 year old nerds and geeks its being held up as a Great Book by adults and that's who its marketed to Look if you like this book and you're in Junior high then fine though I could recommend better things for you to read that are aimed at your age group but not adults If your an adult and you think this is even just good writing and again I'll state that most tell me its great writing then I think you need to try reading some other stuff by much better authors Go find and read Neil Gaiman Joe Hill Joe R Lansdale Walter Mosley Warren Ellis or Charles Stross These are all writers that have written either modern fantasyHorror or Noir andor Crime fiction so they are working on some similar concepts Then if you don't find those to be far better book written by actual good writers well then I'm just going to have to say that you and I may be from different planets or somethingThis book is not fun to read Its poorly constructed The plot is about as complex as 6th grade math and less original than that The characters are 2 dimensional at best Magic is used a focal point of the story rather than something to enhanced the flavor of original and real feeling plots and characters At one point the author describes someone by saying he looks like Sean Connery's character from the Highlander instead of I don't know just describing the dude as having a pony tale since that was where those two character's physical similarities ended Most of his other descriptions of characters are like police descriptions of people being given to me by the narrator which completely takes you out of the narrative The author at one point even wrote I was a wizard when his point of view character is lamenting about going into a house or building to solve a problem and I was thinking wait did you stop being a wizard at some point If you're going to write in the first person perspective then learn to write in the present Of course one would expect a decent editor could have fixed this but I'm going to assume that decent editors get assigned to decent writers Look its not a good book I didn't make it a bad book it just is I'm told that the book get much better after or on book three so some day I hope to get a copy of his second book for free and see though I have my doubts since I've read enough bad authors in my day to know they don't usually start becoming good authors just experienced bad authors but that's a really spurious argument since I need ALL book I read to be good if not great right away I'm not going to recommend an author to someone because his first work was really awful but if you just read two books by him he gets good Well then perhaps he should have just started with book three and spared us the bad books Its bad and I don't recommend it to anyone who's not reading it as a goof to lampoon it in there own head End of statement


HARRY DRESDEN WIZARD Lost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable Rates No Love Potions Endless Purses or Other EntertainmentHarry Dresden is the best at what he does Well technically he's the only at what he does So when the Chicago PD has a case that transcends m. I'm not going to pull any punches This book is a misogynistic piece of shitAll I knew about it before I picked it up was the very basic premise—a wizard in modern day Chicago who works as a sort of detective—and that it had picked up uite a cult following I was expecting to really like it but before I got to the end of the first chapter my eyebrows had risen to meet my hairline I kept reading out of some misguided expectation that things would get better that there couldn't possibly be such a sustained level of misogyny coming from both the character and the authorial voice Oh how wrong I was The main character Harry Dresden repeatedly tells us that he's a chauvinist yes and shows no signs of wanting to change that It would have been difficult enough for me to get into a novel with such an unpalatable main character but the level of narrative endorsement of his viewpoint nauseated me The female characters in the book are there only to cry seduce and occasionally mother Some of them are presented as having power of their own but if you take a second glance at them that power is always represented as secondary to male power or a sham Karrin Murphy is a hard bitten homicide detective and Harry's friend true; but she's undermined to constant references as to how belligerent she is how small and lady like her hands are how she cries when he won't share information with her Let me repeat that cries Bianca the vampire—sorry vampiress must use appropriately gendered language—is defeated because Dresden can see how she's truly ugly beneath all that fake beauty and so she's humiliated and he can overpower her All of them use their sexuality to get ahead—or try to because clearly Harry is just too intelligent to fall for those silly women's wilesHow about an explanation for the motive behind a murderI gestured toward the room Because you can't do something that bad without a whole lot of hate I said Women are better at hating than men They can focus it better let it go better Hell witches are just plainmeaner than wizards This feels like feminine vengeance of some kind to meOr how about one prostitute talking about anotherShe shook her head No no Nothing like that That wasn't her style She was sweet A lot of girls get like—They get pretty jaded Mr Dresden But it never really touched her She made people feel better about themselves somehow She looked away I could never do that All I did was get them offThis isn't just Dresden being sexist This isn't just showing us the thought processes of an un reconstructed chauvinist This isn't even just using noir tropes—because god knows there are a thousand and one ways of subverting those and reimagining them This is holding up a clichéd smug asshole of a main character as the kind of man every guy wants to be and the kind of man every woman wants to fuck as a mirror for how Butcher thinks It's laden with sexist stereotypes that irritate me and in case you couldn't guess it made me very very angryThe book also fails on pretty much every technical level I can think of I have no idea why it's set in Chicago or why the location was emphasised because there's absolutely no sense of place to it For all Butcher told us it could all have been taking place in Seattle or Denver or Kansas City The plot is silly illogical and by rights everyone should have been dead of Stupid within the first two chapters The writing style displayed an absolute cloth ear for language I'd imagine that he was trying to recreate the terse staccato style of noir detective stories but didn't realise that in order to do so you need than short simplistic sentences You need to be attuned to the rhythm of what you're writing to know how to turn a handful of words to best effect and Butcher neither knows how to do that nor how to write realistic sounding dialogue at allI have not read such offensive drivel in a long long time Avoid


Storm FrontWhen the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic Harry's seeing dollar signs But where there's black magic there's a black mage behind it And now that mage knows Harry's name And that's when things start to get interestingMagic it can get a guy kill. The first volume in the Dresden Files series introduces us to our hero Harry Dresden a wizard who is also a private investigator and police consultant It is written in a breezy collouial style that makes you want to keep reading but except for a few interesting magical twists on the private dick genre eg Harry's tipster is a faery lured with a bowl of milk and honey and confined within a magic circle until Harry gets the information he needs the book is thin on plot lacking in wit and deficient in interesting characters Maybe they get better I might read the second volume sometime Then again I might not