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FREE READ ¸ The Arcav Kings Obsession Arcav Alien Invasion #1 part 2 ´ ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ The Arcav Kings Obsession Arcav Alien Invasion #1 part 2 By Hope Hart ❄ – He Stole Her Life Can he Win Her Heart  Just a few weeks ago Harlow was living her life on Earth locking up bad gHe Stole Her Life Can he Kings Obsession PDF #200 Win Her Heart  Just a few weeks ago Harlow was living her life on Earth locking up bad guys and drinking beers with her fellow cops after shiftShe never wanted to be the Arcav King's mate Unfortunately she was outplayed Now Harlow must learn how to rule over an alien species while making room for her mate's giant ego It turns out that alien contact has serious repercussions for humanity When Harlow learns that The. uickish ReviewThis review covers both books becausesigh this is a cliffhanger More on that later The Sitch The Arcav this bit's a little hazy invade Earth by telling humans that due to a poisoning of their own planet's blah blah blah you'll learn all about it in a later book so I won't dive into it now no females are being born and they are in search of mates Lo and behold humans are biologically compatible and can be mated to the Arcav However it's just a genetic lottery if a human female's DNA matches with an Arcav male they're mated No choice or even a guarantee of love it's just genetics they're claimed and their lives are no longer their own When Harlow a human cop just going about her day finds out that she's a match to an Arcav male and not just any male but the Arcav King she refuses to give in With the help of her partner and an anti Arcav group she goes on the run King Varian is thrilled to come to Earth and claim his mate He is under pressure to produce an heir but he believes in matings and is thrilled to see the human meant for him And then she runs away and he's all like dafu He's not prepared He's like a cishet rich white dude he can't imagine a world where a woman wouldn't be thrilled to be with him So he vows he will find her and he will take her no matter what The chase is on things get kind of gray and uestionable but eventually romance happensThe Good Ahem Yes I love SFR And yes I can get down with an easy instalove kind of read no tea no shade crackilicious reads are so fun However what I really love in my heart of hearts when the hero has to work for it HARD Seeing a SFR that really delves into a heroine’s lack of choice when “claimed” and not thinking it's all hugs and puppies that some strange powerful alien wants to take her choice away It's great to work through those feelings and examine her conflict when her freedom is unilaterally taken away from her It doesn’t happen often enoughEven if I don't love multi book romance arcs I have to give it up to Ms Hart seeing ALL the emotional beats play out including dealing with the emotional fallout for both MCs kept me engrossed in this storyThe Bad and Everything In Between It’s a cliffhanger So far I’ve read cliffhangers this year than I have in YEARs Who even am I The only thing that makes it tolerable is being able to read the next book right awayNormally romances that span than one book isn’t my jam because it’s rare that I think a story wouldn’t improve with some judicious editing Now there are some grammaticaltypographical errors here but the overall romance worked and the work being put into the HEA works well enough that I could look past the need for a cliffhanger Plus the rest of the series seems to be one bookcouple which is my speedOh and the covers are kinda cringe but I’ve seen worse so I can live with itThe Bottom Line I really liked the angst and Harlow and Varian’s romance kept me turning the page all day long so well done Ms Hart And the teasers for future couples have me on the hook so much so that I just downloaded the entire series If you’re into SFR you may like it too


Arcav ePUB #220 the Grivath have a ship full of humans as slaves she'll do anything to save them even if it means temporarily taking her role as the Arcav King's mate Determined to Leave Varian hunted his mate like any true Arcav warrior but triumph is nowhere to be found Harlow may be in his arms but she may never choose to stay with him willingly When trust turns to deception will Varian knock down the defences around his heart  Arcav Kings Obsession PDFEPUB #10003. I love this series I want another book with Harlow and Varian They are so good together even though Harlow fights it every step of the way Its so different from other books and I love it I've never been a fan of alien books but this author changed me I have several uestions that were unanswered so definitely waiting on next book Highly recommend this seriesI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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The Arcav Kings Obsession Arcav Alien Invasion #1 part 2Tempted to Stay With war brewing and betrayal around every corner can Harlow and Varian protect both their peopleAnd will Harlow accept her destiny as the Arcav King’s Obsession  This is book two of the science fiction romance series Arcav Alien Invasion You'll need to read The Arcav King's Mate before picking up this book This concludes Harlow and Varian's story and all following books can be read as standalones  This book has a guaranteed HEA with no cheating. This is the continuation of Varian and Harlow's story I'm super interested in where this series is going Although this ends with their HEA there are so many other characters that were introduced and story lines that are still untold I am excited to continue reading in this world