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Beyond counting He’s lost a perfectly good bride through his own carelessness He nearly killed one of his two best friends Still troublemaker that he is he knows that damaging a lady’s good name isn’t sporting The only way to right the wrong is to marry Things I Hate About the PDF or herand hope she doesn’t smother him in his sleep on their wedding night This is a beautify written story classic in prose with Loretta Chase's uniue style that's enchanting and heartwarming I loved it all the vibrant characters the lovely prose the heartwarming plot It's nice to come to this world and escape the dreadful reality there's conflict and adversity but also humor and wit and passion I can't wait for the next one Recommend

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Ten Things I Hate About the Duke Difficult Dukes #2USA Today bestselling author I Hate eBook #8608 Loretta Chase continues her Difficult Dukes series with this delightful spin on Shakespeare's classic The Taming of the ShrewThis time who’s taming whomCassandra Pomfret holds strong opinions she isn’t shy about voicing But her extremely plain speaking has caused an uproar and her exasperated father hoping a hus 45One of my favorite books this year I'm taking away that half star only because I wish there was romance the kissy kissy cuddly kind in this novel I did enjoy it but there's so much happening before the principal characters eventually confess their love for each other we don't get enough of them as a romantic “stars in their eyes” couple I know I know you're whispering falling in love IS romantic Em and you're right I know it too I just want people people every couple in the romance novels I read to acknowledge their love for each other and then to spend than one chapter enjoyingshowboating their Happily Ever After And NOT just in swoony epilogues which I love by the way Definitely keep those too Side note for the sexy times worriers out there There are uite a few sexy shenanigan moments in this story because the Duke of Ashmont is NAUGHTY AND HOT AND TOTALLY IN LUST WITH CASSANDRA And they can't resist each other So no need to worryAnyway moving on EVERYONE ON EARTH read me has been waiting for the second book in the Difficult Dukes series A Duke in Shining Armor was fabulous the audio was maybe even better and I couldn't wait for Ms Chase to spend time with our jilted naughty wild and flawed Duke of Ashmont one of Ripley's mischievousscandalous besties Friends family sort of auntswell they're exhausted by his antics and perfectly willing to tell him so Fortunately Ashton’s Come to Jesus moment happens hard on the heelshours after a duel disaster with Ripley who stole his fiance Lady Olympia Hightower Ashmont drunk and sad over nearly killing his best friend Ripley is biding his time over cocktails with his second at one of his favorite pubs The owners are used to his hijinks fond of his coin and tolerant of his behavior But as usual the day doesn't uite go to plan When chaos erupts at the pub Ashmont steps outside to shoot his pistol and put an end to the hijinks and inadvertently sends a carriage and its riders careening through the street Horrified he runs to help and watches the carriage tip over He’s relieved when the redhead who was holding the reins sits up and then the woman next to her her maid stirs and also appears unharmed He’s considering what to do next when the vaguely familiar red headed woman stands up begins insulting him and hits him with her hat knocking him off his feet Still drunk and now dazed and a little bit afraid he gets up and follows her to a man lying motionless near a tree Ashton immediately recognizes him It's Tom Keeffe a once successful jockey who survived a terrible accident that ended his career and Ashton is a fan They exchange greetings as Cassandra the redhead who seems vaguely familiar to Ashmont fumes until she finally silences the pair Ashton confused about why the woman is with Keeffe and uncertain what to do next he doesn't want to make her mad staggers and then passes out Oops Friends you read that right It’s been a LONG and DRUNKEN day He comes to after the redhead dumps a bucket of water on his face and tells him to get up and make himself and his money useful #badassCassandra Pomfret sometimes referred to as Medusa or deGriffith’s Gorgon or Cassandra Prophet of Doom is intelligent and opinionated She's also much to her father’s chagrin unafraid to share her opinions and when Ten Things I Hate About the Duke WOW THAT IS A LONG TITLE begins her plain speaking has gotten her into bigger trouble than usual Trouble with The Family Exasperated by her behavior and unwilling to tolerate it any longer her father issues an ultimatum he hopes will force her to change Hyacinth her beautiful beloved younger sister the belle of the season cannot marry until Cassandra does She also can't attend any of the events of the season The ultimatum saddens and infuriates Cassandra who decides to get away from London and reassess how to move forward without hurting Hyacinth who is remarkably kind about the whole thing From start to finish she's lovely Cassandra is enroute to the home of her former governess accompanied by her maid and companion and friend Tom Keeffe He’d taught her to ride and drive He’d been with her from the time she was a troublesome girl of fourteen and he a crippled ex jockey of six and twenty For nearly twelve years she’d relied on his wisdom and not only about horses when disaster strikes A group of men pour out of the Green Man onto the street and then a buffoon shoots his pistol into the air sending her horses into a frenzy Cassandra is cataloging her injuries and trying to sit up when she recognizes the man crouched next to her asking if she's okay It's the beautiful angel faced Duke of Ashmont the man she loved as a young girl until he proved unworthy of her affections The same idiot who just fought a duel with his best friend after his fiancee jilted him Well ShitOh friends This whole scene is a hot mess of Ashmont trying and failing to fix the GIGANTIC mess he’s made and Cassandra awesomely putting him in his place I loved her I loved him I loved sweet Tom Keeffe who uickly does some romantic mental matchmaking and I loved how the carriage disaster sets these two on a path together Ashmont is no dummy he just acts like one in public All the Time He’s a sexy badass who keeps making bad decisions but has finally realized that drinking and shenanigans are ruining his life He’s also just met the one woman who gives as good as she gets Fortunately he has an uncle and his only living relative to help him out of his various messes but this time instead of fixing everything he gives Ashmont adviceand Ashmont follows itUnfortunately for Cassandra a single woman involved in a carriage accident while minimally chaperoned plus an infamous drunken duke plus an injured former jockey plus a missing maid plus an overnight visit in a small village at a local inn famed for the exploits of the three dukes who love to visit euals a disaster in the making Fortunately the drunken duke is super rich and keeps the rumors uiet but then he just can’t stay away And then the real nightmare beginsASHMONT DECIDES HE WANTS HER TO BE HIS WIFE AND HE’S SEXY AND HOT AND NICE AND KIND AND TRYING TO BE BETTER FOR HER And lucky for readers the only person who thinks Ashton’s interest in Cassandra is a disaster is CASSANDRA well her dad too Ashton is IN LOVE And Cassandra used to love Ashton AND it is a battle of wits and sexy smirks and good smelling cologne and smart clever repartee and chemistry andfriends this novel is so much funLook the majority of this novel is a game of Cassandra trying to pretend she doesn’t want Ashton to prove his love to her and Ashton slowly but surely figuring out the best way to do it He uickly realizes Cassandra is good to everyone but herself and he makes it his job to understand his prickly brainy lady love He reads Wollstonecraft learns about issues that are important to her and protects her from anyone and anything that aims to do her harm Oh yeah there are a couple of villains in this story too Ashmont and Cassandra are lovely together in every iteration enemies co conspirators friends and eventually lovers and it is a JOY to read yet another terrific Chase romance Readers expect the carriage disaster to prove the biggest impediment to love between Cassandra and Ashmont but it's a nice misdirection from this brilliant author It's the villains of this story that actually nudge the romance in the right sexy times direction and keep readers on their toes with their fingers crossed Great chemistry sparkling dialogue well developed principal characters and a lovely opposites attract pairing made my heart go BOOM These two are meant for each other and this book is a TREMENDOUS follow up to the eually good A Duke in Shining Armor Fans of the series will be very happyTerrific HIGHLY RECOMMEND Can’t wait for the audioPS You want to know about Ripley and Olympia and the Duke of Blackmoor and Alice don't you I wish we spent time with them but their cameos are all to brief We still don't know what's up with Alice

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PDF ↠ BOOK Ten Things I Hate About the Duke è DCMDIRECT ☆ ❮Epub❯ ❧ Ten Things I Hate About the Duke (Difficult Dukes, #2) Author Loretta Chase – Dcmdirect.co.uk USA Today bestselling author Loretta Chase continues her Difficult Dukes series with this delightful spin on Shakespeare's cBand will rein her in has ruled that her beloved sister can’t marry until Cassandra does Now thanks to a certain wild living nobleman the last shreds of Cassandra’s reputation are about to disintegrate Ten Things PDF taking her sister’s future and her family’s good name along with them The Duke of Ashmont’s looks make women swoon His character flaws are Thank you to Avon and Edelweiss for an eARC of Chase's second book in the Difficult Dukes series Ashmont's story was a long time coming 3 years and when you consider what a mess he was in the first book where he is decidedly NOT heroic you get a sense of just why it might have taken Chase some time to work out just what to do with himThe title gives a nod to Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew and there are lovely little Shakespearean touches throughout but the problem in the story is not the heroine Cassandra Pomfret it is the Duke of Ashmont He's a drunken thoughtless irresponsible mess who has blundered about hurting people and pulling pranks and generally behaving like he's 12 His interactions with Cassandra are a catalyst for him to realize it's time to get his act together and behave like a gentlemanCassandra is the real star of this book and although she's a problem in the sense that she's outspoken energetic and interested in expanding the constrained nature of women's lives; she is an utter delight in this book Her lack of interest in polite society does not make her a social hit and her father Lord DeGriffith attempts to get her married off by not allowing her traditional but still observant and intelligent sister to have her Season until Cassandra is married I appreciated that Cassandra's father is not a monster but genuinely loves his daughters and his marriage is very much a partnership In fact Lady DeGriffith has a delightful scene where she pushes her husband aside to exercises female soft power VERY effectively I was laughing out loud because you can definitely see where Cassandra gets it from Cassandra's family loves her although they don't always understand her and she loves them and this was a highlight of the bookIn fact I loved Cassandra Pomfret too through this entire book Her weapon of choice the umbrella her creative use of pantaloons her concern for her driver and partner in crime her energy and her wits all make her a remarkable person And the exasperation with 19th century 'mansplaining' was a chef's kiss She tried to remember the last time a man had sought her opinion about anything remotely important She tried to remember the last time a man had hesitated to offer his whether he was asked or not Never The answer was neverAshmont is utterly fascinated by her values her opinion and falls so fast that it's delightful to see She shakes him up and while she doesn't reform him he starts to realize he needs to do better with the gifts and privileges he has because so many are without them Cassandra agrees to a fake engagement for her sister's sake and because despite his mess he listens to her and she finds him beautiful The expression of female desire is really flipped here which was fascinating to see Usually in a romance novel it's the woman who is the object of desire Chase gives you Ashmont as the object of desire for Cassandra and what fun that is to read about in a historical in 2020 She doesn't need him but she surely wants him So who exactly is the Shrew being tamed here It's about timeThere were so many little lines and scenes that I wanted to highlight but couldn't since it's an eARC but the whole book is just so skillfully crafted and beautifully written that I was just in awe Take your time Loretta Chase Because I still want to know about Lady Charles Aunt Julia and Lord Frederick and what on earth is up with the Blackwoods5 enthusiastic stars