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EPUB ✓ MOBI The Jake Ryan Complex ☆ FREE Ó DCMDIRECT Ö [Reading] ➺ The Jake Ryan Complex Author Bethany Crandell – Dcmdirect.co.uk A teenage movie crush set her standards high Now a real man needs to meet them FastChicago obstetrician Mackenzie “Mac” Huntress set her standards for mTo find a flesh and blood stand in for the imaginary Michael And the only potential Mr Right comes with a big hitchHowever it turns out Mac’s not the only one bringing secrets to the wedding With expectations high and shocking truths to be revealed Mac’s left to find her own happy ending which isn’t as simple as in the moviesthough it’s definitely worth waiting f Sweet funny and definitely gave me John Hughes vibes as the title suggests ; It’s on the fade to black spectrum of romance so don’t go into it expecting sexytimes on the page but if you’re looking for ridiculous movie like awkward scenarios because of the heroine’s antics and some epic family drama mixed in with an adorable senior dog a sexy love interest and some dates gone wrong then you’ll love this It’s also perfect for anyone who like Mac loves Jake Ryan from Sixteen CandlesIt reminded me of Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey with the rom com goodness and Man Hands by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby for the handyman hotness ; Highly recommend for anyone looking for a sweet funny rom com with a super sweet HEA

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A teenage movie crush set her standards high Now a real man needs to meet them FastChicago obstetrician Mackenzie “Mac” Huntress set her standards for men very high early on It’s been over twenty years since she fell for a fictional movie heartthrob and Mac’s content to wait for the real version to come along The Jake ePUB #220 it’s her nagging mother who’s n I think those of us who grew up in the 80s will have a soft spot for this story I was at my great aunt Dorothy's house the first time I watched Sixteen Candles It was appropriately racy for the time and I was a tween who thought it was the coolest movie ever I loved all the Brat Pack movies but this one was always my favorite While I didn't necessarily have a crush on Jake Ryan aka Michael Schoeffling I still thought this book would be a fun trip down memory laneand I was right Don't get me wrongthere is nothing high brow here it's a simply written novel meant to bring back the spirt of the 80s It had me laughing out loud a couple times and those who really know the movie well will see all sorts of little conversations and connections hidden throughout the story It was a hoot I saw another reviewer mention feminists not liking this book but that's simply not true I'm a feminist and I thought it was all in good fun Not everything needs to make a statementespecially not books meant to be fun and light hearted I recommend this to all 80s kids who loved John Hughes movies 35 starsAvailable January 26 2021 My sincere thanks to NetGalley and Montlake for my review copy

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The Jake Ryan ComplexOt happy with the timeline So Mac falls back on her lifelong Mom surviving skill lying The latest fabrication a handsome neurologist named Michael Pity he’s too busy to meet her friends and family Problem solvedBut when Mac’s little sister announces her engagement Mac is expected to introduce her elusive “plus one” at the wedding leaving her with only forty days Being a woman of a certain age I remember Sixteen Candles and Jake Ryan fondly Although I didn't see the movie twenty years ago like our leading lady Mackenzieit was like thirty five for me As soon as I saw the title and cover of this book I knew I wanted to read it Oh to be Molly Ringwald in a John Hughes film sigh