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DOC µ READER Machine White Space #2 9781534403017 FREE Í ELIZABETH BEAR ¸ ➾ [Download] ➾ Machine White Space #2 By Elizabeth Bear ➳ – In this compelling and addictive novel set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed White Space series and perfeIn this compelling and addictive novel set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed White Space series and perfect for fans of Karen Traviss and Ada Hoffman a space station begins to unravel when a routine search and rescue mission returns after going dangerously awry Meet Doctor Jens She hasn’t had a decent cup of coffee in fifteen years Her workday begins when she jump MACHINE by Elizabeth Bear is a space opera and the second book in the White Space series It is also the first book that I have read by this author While reading book one in the series might provide background this read well as a standalone novel Dr Jens is a trauma doctor and rescue specialist She is of the crew on an ambulance ship answering a distress signal Two ships one centuries old and another one that is contemporary are connected and no one is responding so Dr Jens and Tsosie the ambulance’s commander and senior trauma specialist are going to enter the vesselsDr Jens is a likeable main character and definitely someone you can root for She felt three dimensional with a lot of depth believable motivations and appropriate emotions Details of her family situation and some of her work history were shared through her reflections The secondary characters were not as well developed but the relationships between the characters felt believable and not contrived The story line was intense and complex The world building was vivid and gave a clear sense of time and place Occasionally the dialogue wound go on too long and did not seem to move the story along The science is well integrated and the mystery was compellingOverall this was a tense read that had high stakes an investigation and some unusual plot twists If you are a fan of both space operas and mysteries then you may want to check this one out I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series as well as checking out other books by this author Gallery Books – Saga Press and Elizabeth Bear provided a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley This is my honest review and opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way

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Ch of her memory pared away Unfortunately Dr Jens can’t resist a mystery and she begins doing some digging She has no idea that she’s about to discover horrifying and life changing truths Written in Elizabeth Bear’s signature “rollicking suspenseful and sentimental” Publishers Weekly style Machine is a fresh and electrifying space opera that you won’t be able to put do 'about a woman who is a space trauma rescue specialist for an enormous multi species medical center' And this one here sounds even better?

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Machine White Space #2S out of perfectly good space ships and continues with developing treatments for sick alien species she’s never seen before She loves her life Even without the coffee But Dr Jens is about to discover an astonishing mystery two ships one ancient and one new locked in a deadly embrace The crew is suffering from an unknown ailment and the shipmind is trapped in an inadeuate body mu Machine is a very good medical science fiction space adventure with a very diverse cast of well conceived alien races elements of mystery some good humor and intelligent examinations of what it takes to get along with others both on a personal and societal level The main character is a doctor who specializes in first responder rescue situations; she used to be in police work and both professions are exercised to extremes in Machine Some of the characters are artificial intelligences and I found it intriguing that they are treated as individual patients by the medical community rather than as tools Some of them are members of the medical community There's also some challenging uestions of ethics on personality modification as medical treatment and the use of clones to prolong existence After rescuing several cryogenic pods and the sole conscious intelligent robot from a very old generation ship they are taken to the main medical headuarters a huge hospital station Meanwhile there's sabotage to be investigated a mystery to unravel patients to be treated and interesting events on every page Bear knows her early science fiction uite well; she acknowledges James White who wrote the Sector General medical sf series and CJ Cherryh in her afterword I also detected nods to Poul Anderson sophont Lester del Rey Helen Alloy Roger Zelazny K'kk'jk'ooOOoo and perhaps Murray Leinster's Interstellar Med Service L Ron Hubbard's Ole Doc Methuselah or some of Alan E Nourse's medical sf The latter three were surely influences on White at least As I'm sure Heinlein was on Cherryh come to think of it I was thrown a time or two by the measures of time and distance which seemed to be inconsistent or at least not well enough explained I was also confused a time or two by the use of plural pronouns to denote non traditional gender identities I understand the purpose and the reason but when multiple characters are involved and the narrator says They left or I told them the reader doesn't know which characters one or all or some? I very much liked the florid names of the space ships You'd think a novel that has a military ship named I Really Don't Have Time For Your Nonsense would have a imaginative title than Machine eh? All in all it's a fine story with plenty of action mystery and sociological observation to satisfy fans of many genres I won a copy in a Goodreads giveaway thanks y'all