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It’s been thirty years since his father went missing Now there’s a body can he finally find out whyWhen a man’s body is discovered in a Swiss glacier thirty years after he went missing his son Foster Treherne hopes he’ll finally have closure on what happened to the father he never met But then the autopsy reveals signs of a struggle. 45 starsFoster Treherne is rich and an artist initially part of a group called ‘The New Painters’ but he alone has had great success There is jealousy that he is the one who has made a name for himself as he gets a series of unpleasant anonymous notes making various accusations Foster never knew his parents as his father Charlie disappears near a glacier in Switzerland before he is born and his mother commits suicide when he’s a baby He’s raised very much at arms length by his maternal grandparents A preserved body is found in a glacier revealed by boulders from an avalanche which proves to be Charlie Following an oddity from the post mortem Foster is determined to learn what he can about how and why Charlie died It’s a fascinating truth seeking journey into his father’s university life and membership of a tight knit group known as The Pirensi Group with Indiana Jones aspirations It is also a journey of self discovery I’ve read several books by Kevin Wignall and enjoyed them all This one is especially clever as it’s a very understated novel about identity in seeking to learn about his father and give him an identity he discovers about himself It’s also about abandonment loneliness and a sense of belonging which understandably Foster has always felt Where does Foster belong Maybe the search for his father’s identity will give him roots somewhere and settle an itch he didn’t realise he had This part of the novel really pulls at your heartstrings as no one really cares for him or shows him love as he grows up and yet despite this he becomes a fine likeable man with a strong moral code As he digs into his father’s background and tracks down members of the Pirensi group there’s a definite air of tension and rank closing as they wish to conceal and bury the past for ‘Those who disappeared ‘ which is so intriguing The storytelling takes you in unexpected directions and into some wonderful settings There are moments of tension and menace especially from the note sender and a good atmosphere builds as the mystery of Charlie deepens He does get to the truth on both counts which gives him some closure and the ability to move on with his life and find happiness to accompany his success Overall a good novel with multiple strands which keeps you interested throughout With thanks to NetGalley and Publishing UK for the arc for an honest review

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Those Who DisappearedEach other and why are they so reluctant to discuss the day his father disappeared Who are they trying to protectIf he wants to uncover what really happened Foster must follow the trail of secrets and lies no matter how devastating the conseuences and what they might reveal about his father Because the truth can only stay buried for so long. #ThoseWhoDisappeared #NetGalleyThanks NetGalley Publishing UK Kevin Wignall for an ARC to reviewWhen a man's body was discovered in a glacier after thirty years Foster Treherne his son the famous artist found his lost father He begins a journey investigating the 30 years old puzzle and if it wasn't just an accidentI loved the writing style the characters and the book's setting

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REVIEW ë Those Who Disappeared ´ ✾ [EPUB] ✶ Those Who Disappeared By Kevin Wignall ❦ – It’s been thirty years since his father went missing Now there’s a body can he finally find out whyWhen a man’s body is discovered in a Swiss glacier thirty years after he went missing his son F It’s been thirty yeAnd what was assumed to be a tragic accident suddenly looks sinisterFoster tracks down his father’s old friends but when he starts to ask uestions it becomes clear that there’s something they don’t Those Who PDF want to tell him While some are evasive others seem to wish the body had never been found What exactly is their connection to. Rating Very GoodGenre Mystery ThrillerThis is a story about a famous artist Foster Treherne One day Foster is informed that a body has been discovered in a glacier in Switzerland and that body is believed to be his father who has been missing for thirty years Despite never knowing his father Foster decides to dig for the truth after he suspects that his father’s accident might have been than that Fortunately the father has left a diary and a picture that shows the group of friends the old man belonged to This is the first time I read something written by Kevin Wignall and I have to say that the story was uite enjoyable I liked how things kept unraveling at a steady pace As I progressed in the book I felt the mystery kept getting interesting The book is around 232 pages yet it has lots of meat to offer without the need to resort to unnecessary fillers The characters were interesting especially the members of The Piranesi Society that the deceased father belonged to The suspense to know and understand these characters and their motives added intensity to the story along with the diary inclusion which was a crucial part of Foster’s discovery of the mysteryMany thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for providing me an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review