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Janet Dailey's iconic Calder Saga is synonymous with everything readers have come to love in her novels romance adventure and the epic mystiue of the Old West Now America's First Lady of Romance invites readers on a new journey with Calder Brand the first installment in a spin off series beginning in the late 's as a cowboy named Joe Dollarhide joins the Calder brand on one of the first cattle drives from Texas to MontanaAmbition drove Joe Dollarhide across the parched plains from Fort Sam Houston to Dodge City He was determi Janet Dailey brings us the story of Joe Dollarhide and his journey as he looks back remembering all the events that brought him to this moment as he contemplates going out in the snow to exact his revenge He is reminded of how not only luck and fate had played a role in his life but also hard work heartbreak and perseverance We are taken back to the beginning of his journey when he left his family's farm in Texas to join the cattle drive with Chase Benteen Calder and the adventures it brought him When they stop in Dodge City Joe meets Sarah as he tries to save her from some unwanted attention which ends up bringing him too much attention When they part Joe promises to look her up once they arrive in Ogallala As the story progresses we get to see what happens to both of these characters once they leave each other still thinking that one day they will meet again They each have dreams of success where Joe will have a spread surrounded by family and Sarah will be a doctor Life circumstances misunderstandings and choices get in the wayI enjoyed reading about their adventures Janet Dailey has a way to keep you engaged and wanting to see what happens next I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to the next adventure I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for this privilege

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Calder BrandNed to one day have a spread every bit as impressive as his employers' But when a wild stampede separates him from the cattle drive it's not just survival that keeps him going Joe has a burning need to settle the score with Benteen Calder the cattle boss he used to worship The man who'd left him for dead Yet he'd soon have something greater than revenge to inspire himSarah Foxworth is traveling toward her dream of becoming a doctor when she's attacked by a violent gang Luckily Joe is the one to rescue her and win her heart St Though I wonder about the need for expanding the Calder Saga with other series set in the various eras of the original books yes I see this as the beginning of a series or series that will also intersect with Webb and Chase I have to admit that like the New Americana series it is good to see the classic Janet Dailey returnJoe Dollarhide is nearly 16 when readers meet him on a cattle drive from Texas headed to Montana He is left for dead after a freak thunderstorm and vows vengeance against Bentsen Calder who made the decision not to check thoroughly for him He falls into bad company later and is shot Taken to aspiring doctor Sarah Foxworth in Ogallala Nebraska he recovers and falls in love However the course of true love never does run smoothly and Joe and Sarah are separated by circumstancesIn true Dailey fashion we get not only romance but an historical setting as well that will remind readers why the Calder novels are still beloved nearly 40 years after THIS CALDER SKY still the best of the entire saga in my opinion was first publishedI received an eARC from Kensington Books through NetGalley for which I thank them All opinions are mine

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read Calder Brand epub ✓ Hardcover Ý ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Calder Brand Author Janet Dailey – Janet Dailey's iconic Calder Saga is synonymous with everything readers have come to love in her novels romance adventure and the epic mystiue of the Old West Now America's First Lady of Romance invit Janet DaileyIll she presses on to the future awaiting her on the frontier But her plans and her reputation are ruined when she gives birth to an illegitimate babyYears later Sarah reappears in Joe's world with a son there's no denying is his own Now a prosperous rancher Joe yearns to finally build a life with the woman he's never forgotten Only Joe's own road to riches has been strewn with obstacles some still standing in his way But time has also shown him that nothing worth having comes easy And that Sarah is a woman worth fighting for I believe this book is a spin off of an earlier series by Janet Dailey but this book can be read as a stand alone without having read that series Set in the late 1800s through this book we are given a glimpse of how tough life on a cattle drive is and how determination can lead a person to pursuing their dreams I am always impressed by a book that draws me in and won’t let go and this story definitely did that The writer also does a very good job of describing life during that period of time I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher All opinions expressed are my own