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FREE DOC Ü READER Dont Close Your Eyes DCYE #1 Ò DCMDIRECT ☆ [Reading] ➿ Dont Close Your Eyes DCYE #1 By Lynessa Layne – Handsome hit man vs sexy SEAL for the heart of one womanAll star athlete beach bunny and bartender shy of earning her Masters degree Kinsley's worst problem seHandsome hit man vs sexy SEAL for the heart of one womanAll star athlete beach bunny and bartender shy of earning her Masters degree Kinsley's worst problem seems to be c Author Lynessa Layne entices her readers to sprint toward the finish line in her recently published e book ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ Written for young adults who will certainly appreciate Ms Layne’s inclusion of a music playlist to enjoy while reading the story this book does a good job of staying true to the hormonal emotional confusion and titillation that permeates life for many in their late teens and early twenties The novel’s main character Kinsley is a college track superstar known among her friends and fans as ‘Micro Machine’ She is also a young woman being romantically pursued by two males Jace a long time close friend and an older man who feels both safe and dangerous to her While the reader meets the latter as a hitman in the first of the book Kinsley has no idea Mysterious romantic and action oriented she feels his magnetic pull in the same way Ms Layne pulls her readers into her novel’s plot Much of this story takes place in and around a bar where Kinsley is employed and where members of a dangerous gang Inferno have taken to hanging out A second group which includes both of Kinsley’s main admirers is prepared to keep Inferno in check Like Kinsley the reader learns secrets about the older admirer as the book progresses but at story’s end there is still much to learn Ms Layne’s characters are well rounded with strengths and flaws and unusual uirks Kinsley for example calls almost all males ‘sir’ even in romantic interludes and she is clearly still a daddy’s girl She is also tough determined and a cautious risk taker which are good assets to have given the life threatening dangers facing her ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ is a fun book for all ages It left me anxious to follow Kinsley into her next adventures romantic and otherwise as soon as the seuel is available

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Hoosing between an intriguing secret admirer or a crush with the voice of an angel and a devilish reputationWhen Kinsley finds herself the target of a notorious biker gan Wow Who is this writer? Her style is so different and refreshing I’m hooked Didn’t want it to end but fortunately there’s a seuelreading ‘Complicated Moonlight’ next The characters actually have “character” and you legit feel like you’re in the story as each of them So vivid and beautifully written very well edited and from line one she hits you with foreboding action intensity and psychological thriller suspense I’m running for my life as Kinsley when the hitman Klive chases and goes psychological on her Oh he’s sharp and witty like a cat toying with a mouse but Kinsley’s a mouse that piues his curiosityand attraction Not going to spoil anythingyou’ve got to read it for yourself but if you’re like me looking for something that totally shatters the commercial boring formula this is absolutely worth the 99 cents I figured I’d give it a try but Lynessa raised the bar for me and now I’m judging big name authors by the new higher standard this writer setExcellent story Ms Layne Looking forward to round two I’m sincerely hoping this is a series I see other books under your name but they’re not available on Whatever you do don’t stop writing I NEED

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Dont Close Your Eyes DCYE #1G the world at her feet is trampled by trouble at her doorstepAs a result both men are not only competing for her attention but battlng a common enemy to keep Kinsley saf I’ve read it twice through and I’m picking up on very subtle clues Didn’t want to write a review until I’d read it once for content and again for style context and details For 99 cents you’re not going to find a much better written or entertaining and original story Really enjoyed reading it the first time through and gave it 5 stars though the happy for now ending left me a little tenuous on whether or not to continue the series I’ll stick with that rating and move on to book 2 just to see how the writer picks up the story and if it holds my interest like book 1 Interested to see if Kinsley chooses Klive or Jase and why