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Free ePub  mobi Jew AUTHOR Matt Greene ñ ☆ dcmdirect À ❴Read❵ ➫ Jew Author Matt Greene – For author Matt Greene “ish” was probably the most important part of being Jewish Yes his family had Friday night dinners and yes they kept a kosher house but somehowTruck me about this book how tradition and expectation sit heavily on one’s shoulders and how Greene offers a fresh new voice for the generations of Jews who were born after the Holocau Thoughtful and Humorous Look at Being a Modern JewWhile this book is billed as Jewish humor—and it certainly does have some witty and funny moments some very subtle and dry—I found the book for the most part to be serious Or at least it discusses serious topics like religious identity and what it means to be a post Holocaust Jew as that earlier generation fades away The author drew me right into the book with the prologue about the birth of his son and the religious uestions that brought up for him as well as his concerns for what was going on in the world at the time While humorous at times I found this book to be so much incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking A fascinating readI received a free copy of this book but that did not affect my reviewMy book blog

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For author Matt Greene “ish” was probably the most important part of being Jewish Yes his family had Friday night dinners and yes they kept a kosher house but somehow it was never th I was banned from Facebook for complaining about Trump so I sat down and finished this book Honestly I am happy I got banned because this was a much better use of my time I want to start by saying that I am also Jew ish I grew up with it being almost like a dark family secret but instead of being from a long line of serial killers I was told I was Jewish when I was almost an adult I'm guessing they were all worried about the antisemitism so they decided blending in was the safest option I still learned how to play Dreidl and make all the jewish foods I could want We just didn't tell anyone or go to shul Our Judaism was private and vague So with my background of only being kinda Jewish growing up I immensely enjoyed this book I related hard to almost every aspect even being yelled at about my choices after the birth of my son Which is exactly why I got this book I was very excited to read a kinda memoir that seemed to hit so close to home I loved it and my only problem with it at all is that it was way too short

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Jew AUTHOR Matt GreeE most important part of his identity He wasn’t even sure what he was supposed to be believing in And yet he had to contend with the responsibility of his ancestry That’s what first s surprisingly really enjoyed this modern take on lapsed jewish identity culture and ethnicity greene is uite hilarious but writes elouently about modern anti semitism holocaust remembrance and his family history 1 star for losing me in some of the british politics sections too bogged down in detail and for the unfortunate exclusion of POC and Black Jews in the chapter on judaism whiteness and race