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Artimas Travels summary ¸ 8 ☆ ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Artimas Travels By E.A. Dustin ➝ – Set in the near future The world has begun to recover from the pandemic when news of a missile misfiring in the Pacific rocks the nation once The Navy seeks out the leading software expertise of Artif Set in the near future The worldOn once The Navy seeks out the leading software expertise of Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises AISE AISE's chief engineer Ar. What a twist on the political climate in the US right now and the use of protesters and media to keep eyes looking in the wrong direction To be honest 'Artima's Travels' was so realistic it scared me The story line was so plausible and intertwined with events happening right now that it truly worried me The country is so divided and worried about being politically correct or intolerance towards different cultures and religions it makes one wonder if the country is not setting itself up for a huge fall The characters in the book even fought amongst their spouses about their fears while the other thought they were paranoidArtima's Travels by Elfriede Dustin is an extraordinary story set in future where the world has been injured by a pandemic While recuperating from the pandemic a misfired rocket in the Pacific brings another emergency The Navy wants to find the culprit and only one person can help them to solve the mystery Captain Schwartz turns to Artima and Ronnie her boss and CEO of AISE to investigate any system malfunction Artima Ressols the chief engineer of AISE Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises is an intelligence and passionate lady She has perfected life saving technology using an AI algorithm that will help in the fight against a deadly pandemic As the investigation proceeds Artima uncovers some hidden secrets Juggling between personal life and very demanding career she tries her best to uncover the truth What ensues is a cat and mouse wild chase of incredible proportions that span across the Atlantic ocean and continents At its core we have a fascinating and fast pace thrillerArtima's Travels has it all – fast pacing great characters a highly inventive plot that was so realistic Author also used this book to showcase technology at a time when the world was changing so rapidly that it was frightening to think where it might lead The tension was well paced and the main characters managed to emerge from their lesser counterparts without making the story seem too driven by them This tickled my fancy because I appreciate fiction that takes into account how many variables are present in even the simplest of human encountersPerhaps most importantly author Elfriede Dustin gave us Artima Ressols that readers could identify with Artima isn’t James Bond Instead she is someone who uses her intelligence and wits to outthink the opposition Still she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty even if that was outside of her comfort zone That is the great attraction of her characterArtima's Travels has plenty of action and non stop intrigue incorporated into it It blends atmosphere solid characterization mystery tension action and exacting descriptions of high tech warfare platforms and procedures I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys very interesting in depth and realistic thriller books

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Set in the near future The world has begun to recover from the pandemic when news of a missile misfiring in the Pacific rocks the nati. When it comes to one's Country and People will overrides fear In Artima's Travels by EA Dustin we find a bold and relentless heroin in Artima an ingenious engineer who works for AISEThe premise is ever so relatable as the author sketches a backdrop of a post pandemic world However things take a turn for the worse when there's rocket misfire in the Pacific Horns of dilemmaI absolutely loved the character of Artima She's not only intelligent but also extraordinarily brave and there’s a leader in her These characteristics were well portrayed through her actions and decision making choices Coming to the plot the world building is a fabulous science fiction with a touch of reality embedded in the base The technicalities were all thorough and no doubt put together through immense research The narrative is extremely fast paced and helps building up that adrenaline rushArtima's Travels sparkles with an evocative trance that takes the reader on a whirlwind ride where reality and fiction collide

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Artimas TravelsTima Arty Ressols is leading the charge to track down the culprit while at times running into unexpected obstacles people closest to h. The storyline of the novel Artima's Travels Part I revolves around the protagonist Arty Ressols the chief engineer of AISEArtificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises set in the pandemic stricken world which is so relatable at this moment and time Not just in terms of pandemic but also as a woman who is trying to make it in life and maybe even susceptible to having to constantly prove her worth While the story flows effortlessly revolving around all these different segments of Arty's life the blatant challenges at work which reuires her to apply AI and her capacity to overcome these challenges through it is a happy fleet to a sour heart The writing is very well planned with strong characters lots of action and vivid descriptions which make me feel like I’m immersed in a movie Having to view the protagonists struggle leading to some interesting tight situations from than one scenario is truly the uniue element that the author has added to the book This story has non stop action with several twists that leave you wondering what is true and who you can trust This book is a start to an excellent series with very well developed characters and excellent interlace of personal story alongside sci fi genre The author nailed the whole story in just part one by having some solid interactions between her characters I love the characters the sass their sceenplay because without it life would suck and we would be stuck with this pandemic hangover for the rest of our lives The story and plot are solid and something that I uite enjoyed reading during this pandemic It is truly one of a kind escapes from reality while you're weirdly still in touch with it This is a well written book with a plot that draws you in little by little to understand the leads' attempt to survive and E A Dustin has written a book that doubtless will lead to many enjoyable novels in the years aheadThis is a great story that pulls you in and keeps you going without resorting to unbelievable coincidences or silly technology I'm looking forward to book 2 or