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Free download The Empress' New Clothes æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Empress' New Clothes Author Jaid Black – Modern day Earth woman Kyra Summers is kidnapped and wed by a seven foot tall thickly muscled warrior claiming to be her Sacred Mate Life on his homModern day Earth woman Kyra Summers is kidnapped and wed by a seven foot tall thickly muscled warrior claiming to be her Sacred Mate Life on his home planet. I don't mean to laugh at this book but how can I not toI really needed a good laugh I got that and then some I saw this book on a list of guilty pleasures on a blog and decided to give it a try because I was curious to see what all the fuss was about I did gave it one star because the story had no plot and characters were ridiculous but I don't regret reading it because it made me laugh If you would ask me to give you a summery of this book I wouldn't be able to do it if my life depended on it But I will give you a summery of what I thought this book was about WARNING SPOILERS Some king from another galaxydimensionplanet named Zor travels to earth Suddenly he sees a woman with whom he feels instant and undeniable connection and knows that she is his true mate There is a moment where their eyes meet and she is paralyzed instantly by his stare Literally She can't move Oh then her clothes started suddenly flying off of her Kyra gasped in shock as she felt her clothes coming undone She shrieked as her shirt and jeans were ripped from her body by force unseen and went hurling through the air leaving her totally naked in the barbarian men's presence Then he sweeps her up and brings her to his galaxyplanetdimensionwhatever She wakes up and he explains to her that they are husband and wife now and how things gonna be from now on The story has no plot what so ever in my opinion They get down and dirty from the second she wakes up in his dimension Scratch that when she wakes up she finds him latched onto her nipple fondling her 'you know what' Kara gawked at the brazen man's audacity He was asleep yes but even in slumber he was manhandling her Hi mouth was latched onto her right nipple Later he puts her in a let's call it a gown called i'ka This gown is a see through so you can see her nipples that are ready too cut glass and her lady bits He explains to her that that's what women here wear in this placeBlah blah blah let's go to the fun part I have read uite a few historical romance books but the language in this one sounded a little bit made up I'm not a native english speaker so you can correct me if I'm wrong By the tit of the heeka beast you know how to kill a fair mood There is a lot of sex going on A LOT On every fucking corner somebody is fondling somebody someone is sucking someone's nipple or screaming in ecstasy I thought it was too much even for an erotic novel Kyra have to have genteling ceremony with Zor's brother Kil because she needs to feel comfortable with him if he dies one day his brother will takes his place So there is gazillion pages with his brother giving her tons of orgasmsLong story short everybody is fucking everybody Every time they take a bath there are servants serving them If you know what I mean ; But those moments that suppose to be erotic was so hilarious that my iPad fell on the food I thought the screen got shattered because I laughed so hard my whole body was shaking I remember a performer last year who was able to bring ten warriors to their pleasure at the same time At The Same Freaking Time But here is the part that almost damaged my iPad Kyra gets pregnant B Babies Geri sputtered I thought she was dying Why didn't anybody tell us you hatched eggs for babies around hereOh my god Kyra cried hysterically clapping a hand to her forehead I'm laying eggs Geri I'm laying eggsWhere I come from women carry their babies nine months before giving birthNine months Kil grimaced By the goddess the eggs must be exceedingly largeWe don't hatch eggsMilk Zor looked up from Zora his brow furrowed What's this milkI said Kyra repeated I don't have any milk in my breasts to feed the girls withYeek Dak shuddered his lips curling in disgust I should prey to goddess notBy the sands that is night unto disgustingHow will I feed our daughters thenThe same as they suckled from your womb before hatching Sweet juiceSweet juiceAyeGeris's lips pinched into one of her famous scowls You mean that glowing blue junk that came pourin' out of her like something in a horror movieAye I can't I just Just give me a moment to stop laughing and get myself together

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He barbarians who claim them No one said love with an alien would come easily Enjoy Kyra's spicy escapades as she adjusts to life and love in another dimensi. II'm not even uite sure what to say about thisI'm not really sure how to say what I think about this bookThere's nothing innately wrong with it I didn't come away with any disgust or disappointment even I just kinda didn't finish reading it because really What's the point75% of the plot was sex of some kind248% of the plot was TALKING about sex of some kind2% of the plot wasplotAnd after a while even lovers of steamy writing ahem need to read something of substance There was no forseeable end to the story and I wasn't even sure what the overall point was There were a few threats that could've been drawn out to encompass an entire booklike banditslike a warlike a second journey to Earth to find someone else a matelike betrayallike babies And yetAnd yet all of those startling things are flattened under the force of SEX SEX ALPHA MALE NUDITY SEX And while those things are hawt and certainly have their place isn't always better Sometimes is just

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The Empress' New ClothesTryston takes some getting used to as The Empress' PDFEPUB or the laws of the world cater to erotic hedonism and leave females at the sexual subjugation of t. What would you do if a seven foot four inch three hundred and seventy pound hunk of alien man came charging at your naked body Well if Kyra Summers wasn't rooted to the ground by some mystikal force she would be running like hell Zor 'an Tal High King of Tryston Emperor of Trek Mi 'an has finally found his Sacred Mate The fact that she hails from a primitive first dimension known as Ear th is unfortunate but he's sure she'll soon become comfortable with Trystonni ways He has been waiting for his Sacred Mate for hundreds of years and now that he's found her he delights in her primitive ways and her cute temper Kyra is amazed to find herself the High ueen and Empress to seven dimensions and even stunned to find herself surrounded by enormous hunky alien men who look respectfully yet lustfully at her scantily clad body As she steps into her new home the Palace of the Dunes this former tax accountant knows she's not in Kansas any This was such a fun story We follow poor Kyra as she suffers through nightly romps in the sack with her Sacred Mate Zor and we follow along as she discovers the trials and tribulations of being High ueen I thought this story was really hot and also really really funny Kyra's birthing scene was one of the funniest things I've ever read as were the bar scenes Kyra was cute and sexy and Zor was pompous and arrogant and soooo yummy For all his dominant posturing he seemed a little beta to me He could be as chest pounding and hair dragging as any alpha male but he was also so sweet and morose whenever Kyra sent him out to the dog house When I say that this book is for lovers of voyeurism and exhibitionism I mean that some of the sex practices on Tryston are a little out of the norm for planet Earth Well maybe not but not sanctioned legal practices anyway There are consummation feasts where the men are serviced by female slaves and the women are forced to watch Turnabout is fair play because then the men are forced to watch as their wives are brought to their woman's joy by unmarried men It supposedly makes the inevitable consummation all the enjoyable Well it works for Zor and Kyra Kyra soon loses her uptight tax accountant ways as she indulges in public displays of affection and couples play wink wink Jaid Black doesn't skimp on the world building She really sets up a fantastic world and it was amazing We really aren't in Kansas any and I really enjoyed indulging in this story This is scifi erotica at it's best and I loved it Jaid Black had set up all the seuels in this book and it just whetted my appetite for future stories from Trek Mi 'an and I can't wait