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Hile his best friend and teammate Blaine the true friend who first introduced Hampton to football back when he had nothing else is becoming uncomfortably competitive of the Hill MOBI #9734 and he's demanding Hampton's loyalty even as Hampton thinks he's going too far This unforgettable novel is the story of a boy whose choices will decide the kind of man he becomes and raises powerful uestions about sportsmanship loyalty and the deceptiveness of legen. Personal ResponseI read the book Knights of the Hill Country by Tim Tharp I thought this book was very good because I could relate my personal decisions to the main character's action I also felt like I was in his footsteps I would rate this book four out of five stars because it left some uestions unanswered PlotIn the book Knights of the Hill Country Hampton and Blaine were best friends that played football together The Kennisaw knights were going on their fifth undefeated season The team went to tie the most undefeated seasons in a row but lost the last game Blaine would always boss Hampton around and Blaine always had to approve of his decisions Blaine got kicked out of the game because he started to hit another player from the other team That night Blaine was very mad He went to the other town to find the kid he had the fight with during the game Blaine found him and confronted him about what happened during the football game When Blaine confronted him Blaine took his gun and was going to shoot the other person Hampton took the shell out of the gun without Blaine noticing beforehand Blaine tried to shoot the person CharacterizationHampton Green was the main character who was an excellent defense of linebacker He made big stops in the football games to help them win Hampton liked this girl named Sara She was a girl who wore baggy clothes and had messy hair Another character was Blaine’s dad Blaine’s dad treated Hampton like he was his own son because Hampton’s dad left him and his mom Hampton and Blaine tried to get into a division one school SettingThe book took place in high school in a small town called Kennisaw Oklahoma The book took place in 1990 to present time because of the style of cloth that they wore The setting was important because they tried to beat their school record to going undefeated RecommendationI recommend this book to high school guys They might find this book interesting because sports are incorporated in the book High school girls might like this book because of the guys in the book

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Knights of the Hill CountryIn a small Oklahoma town one star the Hill Epub #219 linebacker must decide what kind of man he wants to be both on and off the fieldWelcome to Kennisaw where Friday night high school football ranks right up there with God and country and sometimes even comes in first This year the Kennisaw Knights are going for their fifth straight undefeated season and if they succeed they'll be than the best high school team in the eastern Oklahoma hill country the. I usually don't like reading books with boys being the main characters because let's be honest in almost every book I've read where the main character is male there's always mention of boobs and sex uite frankly this annoys me and I find it totally unnecessary The main character is obviously still a boy but I found that his thoughts on these things were much less freuent and less perverted than in other books that I've read That's besides the point though I'm not really a football person so I found myself a little confused at some of the football stuff But this book is so much than about football Even though Hampton is the star linebacker of his football team he doesn't ever let it get to his head He's a sweet guy who wishes that he knew as much about school or girls as he did about playing football Hampton has a lot brains than everyone gives him credit for even himself At the end of the book he finally trusts his own thoughts instead of just mindlessly following what he thinks he should do He doesn't have any huge epiphany Throughout the book and his conversations with people you start to see Hampton understand himself and trust in his own judgement He figures that he might be than just the big dumb red headed football player that he always thought he was When I first finished the book I knew I liked it Though as the day progressed and I went back and thought about the book I started to realize how much I REALLY liked it Hampton is just such a sweet and real guy He's loyal to his best friend Blaine till the very end even when he's doing the wrong thing I can't think of a perfectly flawed and great guy than Hampton This book surprised me It wasn't what I was expecting The writing was great and funny Hampton's thoughts sounded so real it didn't feel like for even a second that he wasn't an actual person I can't think of any way to describe this book other than spiritual Not in a preaching God way You'll have to read the book to really understand what I mean Great story

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review Knights of the Hill Country Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB · ➺ [Reading] ➼ Knights of the Hill Country By Tim Tharp ➯ – In a small Oklahoma town one star linebacker must decide what kind of man he wants to be both on and off the fieldWelcome to Kennisaw where Friday night high schooY'll be legends But the Knights' legacy is a heavy weight to carry for Hampton linebacker and star Knights of Epubof the team On the field he's so in control you'd think he was able to stop time But his life off the field is a different story His father walked out on him and his mom years ago and now his mom has a new boyfriend every week He's drawn to a smart uirky girl at school the type a star athlete just isn't supposed to associate with And meanw. Very good book It really needs another book about Hamp in college