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review Û Love Under Cover Jennifer Hunter #2 106 ä [BOOKS] ✮ Love Under Cover Jennifer Hunter #2 ✸ Jessica Brody – Can a former fidelity inspector tear herself away from her old calling for the sake of the perfect guy or is the temptation to conduct love under cover just too strongJennifer Hunter Ie Richards walked into her life everything changed and Jennifer vowed to Love Under Epubtrade in her undercover lifestyle for something normal That’s why she formed the Hawthorne Agency five full time fidelity inspectors hired to carry out Jennifer’s mission while she manages the process from a safe relationship saving distance Jen's business is booming and just when it seems like things can’t possibly get any better Jamie proposes Despi. Jennifer Hunter returns in the seuel to Jessica Brody’s first novel The Fidelity Files Now running her own business The Hawthorne Agency Jennifer has a team of fidelity inspectors and has unofficially retired She’s in a happy relationship with Jamie and it’s all going swimmingly – until a twelve year old girl walks into the office and asks Jennifer to fidelity test her father Will Jennifer say yes And if so how will that affect her relationship with JamieI loved Jessica Brody’s debut novel The Fidelity Files – and that’s saying something because I rarely enjoy American chick lit I prefer my chick lit to be British as I find American chick lit authors make their heroines much self centered and they are generally uite annoying However there are a few exceptions Emily Giffin who I love and now it seems Jessica Brody The only thing that worried me about The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Men was whether or not it would live up to how fabulous The Fidelity Files wasFirst off I thought the opening chapter was perfect It was akin to a movie opening – it set the scene perfectly flicking between first and third person describing why Jennifer was in the court room and exactly what happened during the fidelity test Jennifer was an expert witness on Bar the opening chapter the rest of the novel was written in first person from Jennifer’s perspective like The Fidelity Files which worked perfectly as Jennifer’s was the only perspective we needed the book to be fromI thought The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Men carried on perfectly from The Fidelity Files being set a year later and I easily got into the novel Jennifer was as great as ever both in her new role as leader of 5 fidelity inspectors and also trying to juggle her home life I liked that she tried to keep her work life and her personal life separate and applaud the fact she managed to do that most of the time Jennifer hadn’t changed much in herself since the first book bar retiring from doing fidelity inspections herself so I still found her very likeable although I can’t say I could relate to her – she is a former fidelity inspector after allThe book is mainly about Jennifer but there are a few supporting characters to keep the book moving along First off is Jennifer’s boyfriend Jamie who I felt was under used I so wish he had been in of the book but because of everything that happened I could see why he wasn’t I liked that Jessica brought back John Zoe and Sophie Jennifer’s friends and I liked all three of them I admit though I knew exactly what it was Zoe was hiding very obvious I don’t remember Jennifer’s father being mentioned in the first book but it was nice anyway to have him in this one He’s obviously an integral part of the story and is the predominant reason Jennifer is a fidelity inspectorThat was all good but the uestion really was if The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Men could live up to it’s predecessor The Fidelity Files and for me it didn’t It was an excellent read yes but there was a lot I disagreed with I can’t believe how easy Jennifer lied to Jamie and I felt their relationship seemed doomed early on in the book I knew from the outset Jennifer would undoubtedly go back to being a fidelity inspector and while I liked her in that role in the first book I preferred her being the leader of the pack in this one rather than doing it herself I also thought it was blindingly obvious that Jamie and Jennifer’s relationship was going far too fast Jennifer in both books did not come across as the type to let that happen and yet she did It confused me as for me that seemed out of character I also thought the ending was a bit rushed – I was glad Jennifer finally decided her life wasn’t what she wanted it to be but the changes she made all came incredibly uickly Jessica said in an interview at the back of the book that after The Fidelity Files she didn’t feel Jennifer’s story was over and I think the same can be said for The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Men Yes there was a happy ending but there seems to be that can come from this – I can’t even mention what it is without spoiling the ending so I’ll leave it at thatOverall it was an enjoyable enough book and is an incredibly easy book to whizz through but for me I don’t think it lived up to the greatness of The Fidelity Files Jessica wrote such a great debut it was always going to be difficult for the seuel to live up to it It is well worth a read though because I did enjoy it

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Te her lifelong issues with trust and commitment Jen says yes  But can a woman who’s seen nothing but failed marriages ever come to terms with tying the knot herself  Under Cover Jennifer PDF #180 And when Jen receives a frantic phone call from one of her employees in trouble she’s forced to make a choice A choice that lands her in an all too familiar place a strange hotel room kissing another man And she knows that nothing will be the sa. Jessica Hunter is President of the Hawthorn Agency; a not so ordinary business It’s not often you hear about a team of five fidelity inspectors with the sole objective of revealing low down and dirty cheating men and the occasional dishonest woman Jessica Hunter promised her boyfriend never to take on another assignment where she’d potentially become an intentional mistress and she does so without a difficulty for a while She resists the urge to become personally involved in her work instead of just distributing scheming assignments and pushing paperwork Eventually she caves into the need to feel like she’s helping her doubtful and fretful clients With broken promises comes broken hearts and this fidelity inspector must deal with the emotional repercussions and scrutinize her own love life I found the beginning of this book to be appealing It starts off in a bar and courtroom What happens in a bar or courtroom that isn’t interesting Jessica Hunter is a smart and confident female character with looks; attributes every woman hopes to have It’s that much easier to become at least a little attached to the character to keep reading on Of course a woman like that has to have an entourage of amusing friends each wearing a stereotypical label on their foreheads Sophie is the anal and neurotic friend that can’t keep her mouth shut Zoe is the tough girl with the soft heart and John who happens to be gay is the comic who lives for juicy gossip AND OF COURSE Jessica cannot be without a love interest named Jamie Jamie plays the handsome considerate boyfriend that loves and cares for her The story is simple and flows steadily It’s consumed with lines that earn tiny chuckles and problematic love life situations that can’t be forgotten until you know how they’re resolved It’s one of those reads that could probably be made in a chick flick that you’d flock to see while dragging the man in your life along with I was most interested in the character’s growth There’s no doubt Jessica Hunter has desirable ualities but she has an awful one that completely forced me ignore those desirable ualities It seemed that the author made Jessica Hunter so likable that she was aggravating When Jessica finally met her downfall I was admittedly glad by itI’ll also admit that I became bored with the last chapters and I struggled to finish the story and skipped a couple of pages I won’t ruin the ending although I will say that Jessica Brody used an entire can of cheez –whiz to write it with I may sound like I don’t favor Love Under Cover but that isn’t the case at all Yes the formula for this plot is predictable but it’s the formula most women can’t stay away from This is the second book to the FIDELITY FILES which I have not read You don't need to read it to follow LOVE UNDER COVER at all

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Love Under Cover Jennifer Hunter #2Cover Jennifer eBook #180 Can a former fidelity inspector tear herself away from her old calling for the sake of the perfect guy or is the temptation to conduct love under cover just too strongJennifer Hunter never saw herself as the relationship type After all she’d spent the last two years of her life as an undercover fidelity inspector hired to test men’s faithfulness not exactly the kind of job that lends itself to intimacy But when Jam. This is the first book I have read by Jessica Brody and I enjoyed it Once I got started I had a hard time putting it down It really puts a whole new meaning on Love Under Cover