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doc ë reader Bone Magic 9780425231982 ↠ Yasmine Galenorn ↠ [KINDLE] ✾ Bone Magic Author Yasmine Galenorn – We're the D'Artigo sisters sexy savvy operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency But being half human half Fae short circuits our talents at all the wrong times My sistWe're the D'Artigo sisters sexy savvy operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency But being half human half Fae short circuits our talents at all the wrong times My sister Delilah is a Were who turns into golden tabby when she's stressed And Menolly's a vampire who's still trying to get the hang of being undead As for me I'm Camille D'Artigo a As some people know I'm Yasmine Galenorn's assistant now so I won't be formally reviewing her books any longer same with Dakota CassidyHowever one of the side benefits of working for authors is getting ARCs waaayyyy before anyone else does so I was able to read Bone Magic uite earlyI can still offer my personal opinion on the works of the authors I represent so here for what it's worth is my mini review of Bone MagicI can honestly say that Bone Magic will not let you down Yasmine's book naturally cycle through the three D'Artigo sisters each set of three within the series feeling like a mini trilogy to a certain extent Bone Magic definitely feels like the first in a trilogy; setting up a lot of new plot twists and characters while resolving a few storylines that readers have been discussing for a whileThe action intrigue and sensuality are all amped up as Camille takes the stage for the seventh book in the Otherworld Series I won't give away any surprises or spoilers of coursebut I will say that you're in for one hell of a bumpy fantastic ride

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Wicked good witch who's learning death magic with a youkai kitsune husband Until now the Moon Mother has pretty much ignored me but she's about to take me on the Hunt of my lifeAnother euinox is here and life's getting dangerous for all of us The past is catching up to our friends Iris and Chase Smoky the dragon of my dreams is forced to chose betwee BLAH Well I am glad that Trillion is back but WTH He just shows up No explanation why he didn't come back sooner or anything like that He was angry with Camille for getting married to two other men in his absence with due cause but he was cruel Smoky's father showed up with Smoky's fiancee which surprise Camille is jealous about; yet none of her guys care that they all share her Anyway beyond that the story is just of the same Camille is becoming another Anita Blake screwing anything and everything it is boring Honestly how can you make sex boring By writing too much of it The D'Artigo father comes off as an ass I don't like him Nothing else much is intriguing All in all I feel like there are far too many things going on and they are being told by too many different people for the overall theme to make any sense to me SIGH Only a few to go

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Bone MagicN his family and me To top it off there's a new demon general in town and we can't locate her And when the Moon Mother and the Black Beast summon me to Otherworld I think I'm just going to reunite with my long lost soul mate Trillian But once there I'm forced to undergo a drastic ritual that will forever change my life and the lives of those around m Seventh in the Otherworld Sisters of the Moon urban fantasy romance series revolving literally amongst three sisters and the family they have accumulated in Seattle The perspective this time is with CamilleMy TakeMmmm I like the idea of the d'Artigo sisters' old Victorian being a real home and not just a temporary place where they wait out their exile They've certainly picked up a number of housemates from Maggie to Iris the girls' various lovers a few demons and a cousinDelilah has this problem where the least bit of fright or overwhelming curiosity overcomes her and she automatically shifts into puddy tat mode She also leaves her human brain behind Sometimes it's cute; most of the time it's just irritatingIt's a lot of personal growth for Camille in this one while we learn about the history of different races in Otherworld Including who dear old dad is romancingAlthough I don't understand why Camille is whining on about it She's been training for years in her craft Surely she understands that this is necessary Even I can see that it has to be done as part of the cycle Yeah I get that it's hard but gimme a break Galenorn this whining just ain't believableThen there's the touching romantic scene at the end with Camille and her three lovers I still can't figure out how the mechanics of that one worksThe StoryThe dead are rising all over town Partly due to Harold Young and his boy gang's murderous torturing partly due to the lamiaThen there's Smoky's little problem Seems he has a very angry fiancée and daddy dearest is here to force the issue With Smoky forced off to the Northlands it leaves only Morio and Iris to accompany Camille to Otherworld to meet Trillian and bring him homePart of that trip is a visit with her father which leads to a command invitation to Darkynwyrd forest which is ruled by the Raven Mother an Elemental Lord and a command sacrificeThat reuirement however pales next to what Camille learns the kings and ueens of Otherworld along with the Kerraastar Knights intend to doThe CharactersThere are three d'Artigo sisters who have emigrated to our world and they are at the forefront of protecting Earthside from a powerful demon lordA Moon Witch Camille has been practicing death magic with one of her husbands I suspect part of the reason is to help her get the rest of her magical talents under control Morio Kuroyama a youkai kitsune demon and Rodney the bone man golem given to Morio by Grandmother Coyote is not impressed He is pretty funny in a gross way Her other husband is a very possessive silver white dragon Smoky aka Iampaatar from the Emperor caste of dragons Trillian is a third lover Svartan and still lost in Otherworld Camille owns the Indigo Crescent bookstore but has been leaving the running of it up to Henry Jeffries a retiree who will do anything to escape his mother Delilah is a werekittypantherDeath Maiden and Chase Johnson chief of detectives is one of her boyfriends; Zachary Lyonnesse a werepuma is the other Menolly is the third and a vampire who runs the Wayfarer Bar Grill Nerissa Shale a werepuma belong to the the Rainier Puma Pride is her female lover Nerissa is also running for city council as a bisexual Were Roz has been in Mennolly's bed as well Shamas ob Olanda is the girls' full blooded fae cousin and he has been working for the Earthside police Sephreh ob Tanu is their father and an adviser to the ueen Aunt Rythwar has helped their father put the house back together after its ransacking Leethe and Kayla are part of the household staff and Camille is happy to learn they have survivedRozurial an incubus and Vanzir a turncoat demon both live with Shamas in the new studio in back Iris Kuusi is a Talon haltija Finnish house sprite and a Priestess of Undutar who keeps house and cares for Maggie their baby calico gargoyle Vikkommin a snow sprite was Iris' fiancé until he was murdered She is cursed to not bear a child to term until he is avenged Bruce O'Shea the leprechaun has asked her to marry him but he wants childrenLethe and Finias are two Otherworld Fae assigned to help out the Faerie Human Crime Scene Investigation team ueen Asteria is the Elfin ueen the girls delivered the seals to when they could acuire them Trenyth is her personal assistant Now she and Tanauar the new ueen of Y'Elestrial are trying to repair the damages from the war Grandmother Coyote is one of the Hags of Fate and Morio's grandmother Feddrah Dahns is the crown prince of the Dahns Unicorns and his father King Upala Dahns wants to talk to Camille The Black Unicorn is the father of the Dahns Unicorns and Raven Mother is his lover The nine Kerraastar Knights aka the Knights of the Portals are humans with the proper energy signature who have touched the heart of the seals Venus the Moon Child of the Rainier Puma Pride and Tam Lin are two of them They must all be trained as guardians in OtherworldMorgaine is the ueen of Shadow and Dusk and is threatening the girls to forsake Otherworld and join her court Aeval is the ueen of the Unseelie Court while Tatiana has taken back the Seelie Wilbur is a new neighbor and a powerful necromancer Andy Gambit is a yellow journalist for the Seattle Tattler and has been promoting the Freedom's Angels candidate Taggart Jones for city council Carter is a demon researcher who recently purchased Harold Young's house Derisa is the High Priestess and emissary of the Moon MotherStacia aka the Bonecrusher is a lamia and a necromancer She's also the latest in Shadow Wing's generals sent to crush the girls Shadow Wing is a demon lord determined to acuire the seals that will unlock the gate between Hell and Earthside Once he has Earthside it's an easier path to Otherworld Telazhar is an extremely powerful Fae necromancer and he has trained Stacia Trytian is the son of a powerful daemon ordered to seek an alliance with the girlsHotlips is Smoky's hot gold dragon fiancée with fewer manners than a pig Then there's his father Hyto a white dragon who is if possible even ruder and viciousThe CoverThe cover is red from the pink tinged full moon radiating out a star shape of crackling lightning onto a textured stone wall of reds forming a background for Camille from her red tinged sable hair to the red vinyl bustier she's wearing glancing back at us over her shoulderI suspect the title was one of those oh what the hell moves Sure there are bones in this Young's leavings the disgusting Rodney and at a stretch the Black Unicorn But none of them in my opinion are strong enough to carry the Bone Magic