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Delta Green Denied to the Enemy's reality Delta Green's course is clear the alien city and its technological and occult secrets must be denied to the enemy at all costs But the true Delta Green Kindle masters of Thule are fighting their own war A traitor from t Great TaleThis story follows the actions of the organization known as Delta Green from America and Pieces from Britain as they take on the Nazis and alien racesYou become uite attached to the characters within this story as they fight against the Nazi regimeThrow in a third party and you wonder will anyone surviveGreat book

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Thule the Nazi Atlantis legendary home Denied to Epub #218 of Aryan superbeings that ruled prehistory Thule was supposed to be a Nazi myth but when a defector from the SS occult sciences division the Karotechia brings proof of Thule This was an interesting book but it has some issues As a game tie in it's not very friendly to newcomers the main plot isn't as exciting as an early subplot and it over promises for such a slender volume That being said I enjoyed what Detwiller tried to accomplish and both the beginning and ending were uite strongThis book is for established fans only This book is billed as A Cthulhu Mythos Novel of World War II and familiarity with the work of HP Lovecraft particularly his Mythos stories Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family and The Shadow Out of Time are effectively reuired to comprehend this story Some knowledge of the Delta Green campaign setting for the Lovecraft inspired Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game is also advisable if you want to get the most enjoyment out of the storyAfter a cryptic prologue about an aged military officer contemplating suicide the story gets very interesting very uick We're introduced to a member of the Ahnenerbe a historical Nazi organization dedicated to occult study It soon becomes clear that he's been left disaffected and not a little mentally unstable by his studies and that he's just biding his time until he can defect to the Allies and throw a monkey wrench in the Axis's literal scorched earth strategy The narrative takes him to a coastal town in occupied France where he becomes an unwilling bystander to the Ahnenerbe's efforts to broker an alliance with the Deep Ones mutant fish men introduced in Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth The close encounters with the Deep Ones are very creepy and obliuely written Detwiller does an excellent job portraying the characters' sanity leach away through close proximity with the unknowable Here we had unhinged yet sympathetic people committing atrocities to curry favor with disturbing allies; this was the peak of the book for me it's a shame it came so earlyUnfortunately the Deep Ones section of the book comes to an abrupt end as the books' true protagonists arrive on the scene Delta Green a subdivision of the OSS tasked to deal with supernatural threats The story to follow is still fun particularly if you enjoy Delta Green but after such an atmospheric build up it felt like a vaguely disappointing bait and switch The story's true antagonists are somewhat undefined and the primary plot twist towards the end seemed poorly foreshadowed with baffling motivationsIn the end the story ends up being a Call of Cthulhu story set during World War II rather than a Cthulhu Mythos novel of World War II There are two slight distinctions here One is that readers hoping for an grand reveal of the occult side of World War II will be disappointed; this book is nowhere near that epic in scope The second distinction is that perhaps unsurprisingly given the origins of the Delta Green property Denied to the Enemy leans towards the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game's interpretation of the Cthulhu Mythos than Lovecraft I counted about five different creature types appearing over the course of the story while most literary Mythos authors tend to limit themselves to one or two While monster spotting is sort of fun for RPG fans some of the cameos were a little gratuitous like attempts at fan service Don't have the Tcho Tchos show up if you're not going to do anything with themIf you're already a Delta Green fan by all means give this book a shot But if you're not this book won't turn you into one

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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK Delta Green Denied to the Enemy ´ DENNIS DETWILLER ´ ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Delta Green Denied to the Enemy By Dennis Detwiller ➹ – Thule the Nazi Atlantis legendary home of Aryan superbeings that ruled prehistory Thule was supposed to be a Nazi myth but wHe past endangers their eons old plan to shape the future The survival of mankind depends on the fate of Thule but to destroy Thule or save it Which choice will save mankind Written by Dennis Detwiller with cover Art by Samuel Araya A well written effort that drops the reader straight into the Delta Green setting's early era Lovecraftian horror meets the banality of evil in World War II Detwiller's taut writing conveys the full lurking evils beyond the ken of man as he takes us from one theater of the war to the next as DG and PISCES agents struggle to thwart the machinations of the Nazis and greater forces Multiple entities locations and stories by HPL are invoked From the degenerate rapacious Deep Ones to the inscrutably transcendental Great Race to still others hinted in cameos this book has it all However ultimately it feels a bit like a shaggy dog story meets WWII travelogue as the main plot does not pick up until the midpoint though what follows previously the viewpoint from a disloyal yet complicit SS officer is chillingly compelling All of the characters are or less bluff military men steadfast in the cause of duty which makes them rather generic Still Lovecraft's stories are not really about the protagonist figures but rather the eldritch situations they are captured in and the book does show them effectively As a personal preference I felt the book became less horror and cosmic thriller even space fantasy towards the end almost reminiscent of Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson I thought the portrayal of the Yithians was rather shallow and bare Such is the difficulty in writing about an inscrutable yet not altogether malevolent Ultimately Delta Green Denied to the Enemy is a solid entry into the dark world of DG but not an excellent one