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Галапагос е любимото пътешествие на Кърт Вонегът в духовния свят на хуманността Това е апокалиптична история разказана с типичния за автора черен хумор плод на несравнимото му въображе. “In the era of big brains life stories could end up any which way Look at mine” When I finish novels by Haruki Murakami or Kurt Vonnegut I'm not always sure what I've read That was definitely the case with Vonnegut's Galapagos It was thought provoking and I laughed a number of times Did I understand it though For Vonnegut nothing is serious At the same time these not serious parts are what most of us view as supremely important When Vonnegut writes about the solution to overpopulation for instance it is really funny but just how we adapt to a changing world is something we need to grapple with For Vonnegut our bigoversized brains are the problem Vonnegut has a hilarious solution I tried to imagine the evolutionary changes a million years in the future Vonnegut was describing I even tried to figure out what was happening on the nature cruise of the century circa 1986 AD So I enjoyed reading Galapagos but I can't say just what happened When I read it again sometime in the future I might or might not understand 45 stars

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Galápagosние Единствените живи същества останали след катастрофата сполетяла човешката раса са еволюирали така че вече да не могат да причиняват зло те са беззъби и с плавници вместо ръцеИ за по?. When all was said and done the creatures of the Galápagos Islands were a pretty listless bunch compared with rhinos and hippos and lions and elephants and so on Leon Trotsky Trout is as dead as a dodo but is nevertheless the incorporeal narrator of a story that is told a million years into our futureTrout recounts a seuence of evolutionary events that begin in 1986 as a bunch of bipedal misfits gather in Ecuador for 'The Nature Cruise of the Century' Looking back at humankind from a million years in the future perspective we are a freakish bunch; we possess oversized brains that we don't make the best use of and we even give names to dogsAlso because our brains were the size of fat mangoes and not yet atrophied by evolution a discussion between a husband and wife under stress could end up like a fight between blindfolded people wearing roller skatesCaptain Adolf von Kleist who doesn't know shit from Shinola is somehow left in charge of this ill fated over hyped maiden voyage to the Galápagos Islands I can assure you that the story is better read than explainedI'm a latecomer to Vonnegut and fell in love with his writing uicker than you could say woolly mammoth He elucidates with the conviction of a mad prophet; his prose is cheerily unfussy and he is at all times wickedly provocativeAnd in keeping with the 'circle of life' theme there are fish metaphors aplentyFor no reason other than authorial whimsy he anoints any character who is about to die with an asterisk so we know in advance that they are going to pop their clogs and he mischievously over explains things that are blindingly obvious to anyone bar our tiny brained human descendants one million years into the futureVonnegut has a droll sense of humour that I found immediately enjoyable and fans of Monty Python are sure to like his style But of course there is a great deal of sagacity to be found in his eccentricityIt should come as no surprise to anyone least of all Vonnegut that we humans are the architects of our own downfallDespite our hefty brains we are somehow ignorant to the perils of war financial crashes global viruses world overpopulation climate change and meteorites hitting our planet Aren't we justThe only carp I have with Vonnegut is that he has a scattergun approach to plot lines The story staggers backwards and forwards like a drunken sailor in a hall of mirrors and I felt that the philosophical uotes interrupted rather than enhanced the narrativeIn truth I really didn't know what to expect from Vonnegut's Galápagos it was recommended to me by Cecily but I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely loved every daft dizzy witty moment of this prescient read

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Galápagos Free read Ñ 6 Ë [Download] ➵ Galápagos Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Галапагос е любимото пътешествие на Кърт Вонегът в духовния свят на хуманността Това е апокалиптична истори Галапагос е любимото пътеш?еден път Вонегът сочи с пръст човешката раса обвинява я в създаването на ненужни технологии във воденето на войни и в алчност Вонегът е Марк Твен на постмодернизма Ню Йорк Таймс Бук Ривю. Galápagos is Kurt Vonnegut’s satirical tribute to Charles Darwin The narrator of the tale is a ghost existing for a million years and witnessing everything from the beginning to the end“Nothing could be less inviting than the first appearance A broken field of black basaltic lava thrown into the most rugged waves and crossed by great fissures is everywhere covered by stunted sun burnt brushwood which shows little signs of life The dry and parched surface being heated by the noon day sun gave to the air a close and sultry feeling like that from a stove we fancied even that the bushes smelt unpleasantly” Charles Darwin – The Voyage of the BeagleThe story is also a spoof of Noah’s Ark but instead of landing on Mount Ararat the ship lands on one of the islands in the Galápagos archipelago And instead of evolution Kurt Vonnegut depicts a devolutionBack when childhoods were often so protracted it is unsurprising that so many people got into the lifelong habit of believing even after their parents were gone that somebody was always watching over them – God or a saint or a guardian angel or the stars or whateverPeople have no such illusions today They learn very early what kind of a world this really is and it is a rare adult indeed who hasn’t seen a careless sibling or parent eaten alive by a killer whale or sharkNowadays with all the consumerism conformism and hypocrisy surrounding us individuals just lose their true identity and the devolution has probably already begun