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FREE DOWNLOAD ì Beauty and the Scarred Hero ì [Reading] ➸ Beauty and the Scarred Hero By Emily May – The scars of major Reynolds Major Nicholas Reynolds returns from the Battle of Waterloo a hero Once his rakish good looks ensured he had his pick of beauties but now his battle scarred face exiles him The scarThe scars the Scarred PDFEPUB #230 of major Reynolds Major Nicholas Reynolds returns from the Battle of Waterloo a hero Once his rakish good looks ensured he had his pick of beauties but. I was uietly and happily lapping up the sweet simple slowness of this book till the author did what she does best self combust Same happened in her My Lady Thief My inner ratings meter was steadily hovering between a 4 and a 5 despite the slow damn slow feel of a traditional regency uite a feat for a newer author but it badly crashed to a Say Whaaaaat 2 at the idiotic let down of the last act view spoilerThe H did not have to do 'his duty' by his 'jilt' fiancee as the engagement was broken off by one and all the girl ran off begging off in letters to the H and her grandfather the grandfather angrily disowned her and accepted the breakup the H spoke of sending the news of the breakup to newspapers So I don't understand his stoically or rather so easily agreeing to marry her just few minutes after he was happily discussing wedding plans with the h And is honor just for public fodder He owes to this runaway ex fiancee than to the woman he professes to love has 'deflowered' and has proposed toThe h though heartbroken accepts his stance and sends him off I could almost see her waving her handkerchief at him and then sobbing into itStupid self sacrificing lotThe sudden ending post this dumb detour doesn't help either the hH acting as if the happenings of the past few days were just a small inconvenience to be swept away and they could take up where they'd left off back to the ILYs wedding planning scene when the ow had interrupted them hide spoiler

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Now his battle scarred face exiles him from high society Lady Isabella Knox is horrified by the cruel gossip surrounding Nicholas but intrigued by the man whose steely glance makes her bl. EhnoI'm not even sure why I had this on my wishlist but not even 10 pages in I had to stop The flat world building and wooden characters with the heroine my child my dearing everything made her sound like a fairy godmother Or Mother Abbess Why is your heroine talking like a nun It was weird Plus there are no transition breaks between paragraphs

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Beauty and the Scarred HeroUsh on the outsideand burn deep onthe inside A few Beauty and PDFEPUB or stolen kisses later this beauty knows she's lost her head and her heart to the most notorious gentleman of the ton. Let me start with this was a GREAT book I was reading through it thinking This is gonna be one of my favorites and then I reached the last partNot to repeat other reviews the last obstacle was pure NONSENSE We used to make stories when we were wee kids we would have come up with something less idiotic than that But really this obstacle is not stupid its just nonsense it defines the word nonsense spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no senseThat view spoilerFiance dumps hero She runs away writes him a letter breaking it off writes grandpa a letter engagement is ended officially and publicly Hero meets heroine falls in love kisses makes out with her repeatedly sleeps with her GETS ENGAGED TO HER Then ex fiance says I'll marry you even though I still don't like you and he says Ok Lets get married cause this is the honourable thing to do Come again Since when are you obliged to break up your current engagement to marry the bitch that dumped you a month ago Sure you asked her to marry you but that went out the window when she DUMPED YOU What the hell was the author thinking This is the most contrived piece of crap I have read ever And here is how to react if your fiance dumps you and wants you back later From The Captain and the Wallflower It’s merely that the young lady has realized her foolishness and had a change of heartSo have I Caine declaredYup That Cain in that book has much sense than Nicholas in this book Even if you're single and sipping pina coladas on the beach you are not honour bound to go back to the person who dumped you hide spoiler