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Daughter of Smoke Bone doc ´ Hardcover ´ dcmdirect â [Read] ➪ Daughter of Smoke Bone By Laini Taylor – Dcmdirect.co.uk Around the world black hand prints are appearing on doorways scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the skyIn a dark and dusty shop a devil’s supply of humanAround the world black hand prints are appearing on doorways scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the skyIn a dark and dusty shop a devil’s supply of human teeth grows dangerously lowAnd in the tangled lanes of Prague a young art student is about to be caught up in a brut As a PS in order to understand this review better if you haven't read the Fallen series please check out my thoughts on the other book that I will be discussing here This book is like some sort of weird alien When I finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone I wasn't uite sure how to handle it What are you Daughter of Smoke and BoneIn the synopsis of Daughter of Smoke and Bone it tells you that this is a story about how a demon falls in love with an angel So one would think that this is about Heaven Hell God etc That is one of the best most amazing lies that I have ever heardWhat do I mean by that you ask That because this book is nothing about that Laini Taylor has stripped that idea to its bare bones and has changed it; morphed it in such a way that it's it own genre And it isn't just about the mythology; it's about love growing up truth prejudices and overcoming hardships I can tell you right now that this book basically has nothing to do with angels and demons and I couldn't be happier about that then I ever have been my whole life Taylor also inserts uotes and tales that further the story arc and characters Almost everything that's said thought and described has a point to it They can make you laugh cry and most importantly think It is a condition of monsters that they do not perceive themselves as such The dragon you know hunkered in the village devouring maidens heard the townsfolk cry ‘Monster’ and looked behind him' “I don’t know many rules to live by” he’d said “But here’s one It’s simple Don’t put anything unnecessary into yourself No poisons or chemicalsno fumes or smoke or alcohol no sharp objects no inessential needles—drug or tattoo—and no inessential penises either” gigglesnort “Karou wished she could be the kind of girl who was complete unto herself comfortable in solitude serene But she wasn't She was lonely and she feared the missingness within her as if it might expand andcancel her She craved a presence beside her solid Fingertips light at the nape of her neck and a voice meeting hers in the dark Someone who would wait with an umbrella to walk her home in the rain and smile like sunshine when he saw her coming Who would dance with her on her balcony keep his promises and know her secrets and make a tiny world wherever he was with just her and his arms and his whisper and her trust” ooohhs and awwwwsOkay just one Until a few days ago humans had been little than legend to him and now here he was in their world It was like stepping into the pages of a book a book alive with color and fragrance filth and chaos and the blue haired girl moved through it all like a fairy through a story the light treating her differently than it others the air seemed to gather around her like held breath As if this whole place was a story about her Happiness It was the place where passion with all its dazzle and drumbeat met something softer homecoming and safety and pure sunbeam comfort It was all those things intertwined with the heat and the thrill and it was as bright within her as a swallowed star meltsThis woman is the master of the golden rule of show and not tell I never felt slowed down by pacing bad confused or anything Her writing left me with only good feelings; Laini Taylor is a master story teller and I will never see her as anything but She carries you through all of Karou's emotions; in the beginning you feel just as angry as she does then just as guilty about it when you know the whole story That's what I like to call a true authorOne night while I was reading this book I was laying in my bed thinking about the plot characters and what Taylor's overall theme because you know that's what cool people do at night; think about the books that they just read and it all of a sudden hit me This book is everything Lauren Kate tried to do in her Fallen series and failed Laini Taylor however pulled it off with such a finesse and flair that made me fall in love with Daughter of Smoke and Bone even than I would have already The first thing that I'll talk about in this review that Taylor pulled off about a million times better than what Kate wrote was with Akiva; the main love interest in this story First off Akiva actually is a badass angel with wings that are literally on fire amber eyes can burn things with a touch and has killed many chimera without mercy because he believes they are the one who's killed his only love Daniel on the other hand He sparkles fucking purple when his wings pop out But that's not all we get to see with his character Lauren Kate has a big problem with her books and Daniel with him being cold unavailable and not telling Luce anything that's going on with her life Once Kate had him integrated with that personality she didn't seem to be able to get Daniel out of that vicious and very annoying cycle He wouldn't and still doesn't stop doing that no matter what Luce every says to him When Akiva began to do the same thing ie closed off facial expressions not talkinglooking at her etc I thought oh no here we go again When Karou tells him to stop; if he loves her then he'll stop doing this to her Then he actually listens and stops because guess what he truly does love her even if it hurts him in the long run; he's willing to put Karou above himselfgasp And when the truth does come back and hit him in the face when Karou figures everything out he knows to accept the conseuences and lets her go Hell he even gives her the opportunity to kill him; he knows what he has done to her and others that he loves is unacceptable And that's awesome That right there is what I call a man What Daniel does instead by putting himself and his shame first rather than Luce blows up in his face When she does find out he's so desperate to cover his own ass that he chases her through time and space That's just lame And Akiva is anything but lame This is how you write a tortured character in it's finest As I stated earlier he has a genuine pain and soul that someone could say one hundred percent is a tortured one And insta love Pha Don't let the beginning fool you because that isn't what their love is I won't spoil it for you all because well that's just something that if I told you and you haven't read this book would take out some of what makes this books so special so you'll have to find out for yourself I will give you one revelation that I came across however It really will blow your mind Are you ready Okay here goesGASPThen there was Karou who is the most badass person that I've ever read about and is absolutely nothing like Luce from the Fallen series Again Kate tried to make Luce independent but she just ended up coming across as an idiot who threw herself into danger and put everyone around her in danger Karou however ooooohhhhhhhh Karou She's everything that I wanted in Luce but never received Karou is as funny as hell Well” she mused “I know there’s only one person you really love and his name does start with a K But I can think of a better place for it than your heart” She took up her pencil and on her last drawing of Kaz inscribed a K right over his classically sculpted buttock She actually realizes her mistakes and what certain ex boyfriends truly wanted from her Kaz just couldn’t fathom any girl willfully depriving herself of his charms And what had she done but strengthen his vanity those months they’d been together gazing at him starry eyed giving himeverything His wooing her now she thought was a point of pride to prove to himself that he could have who he wanted I mean come on how much can you ask for than that A badass girl with blue hair tattoos everywhere and has so many braincells wedged up into that brilliant head of hers that I think it's going to explode with all of the smartness that she's spouting out of her mouth This is a character that I can root for and stand behind all the way through a series and that's exactly what I plan on doing; I can assure you all on that one And then there were the fallen angels; what Lauren Kate's series was all about I have a uestion for you all Do you honestly think that God after all that they had done and betrayed him; whom they are supposed to love uneuivocally would have left them in their perfect forms sparkly andor wings made out of pure fucking gold and just let them wander around the Earth Maybe I'm just a cruel violent person but no Hell no Laini Taylor and I must have been on the same wavelength but she did the total opposite of that for the fallen angels His face was bloated and purple but bloated as its face was its features held an echo of long ago beautyBut the key to its true nature was at its back From its shoulder blades protruded the splintered remnants of wing jointsTime had curved his spine and his flesh pulled taut seemed to snag on every ridge of vertebrae His legs dangled uselessly behind him That my dears is a fucking ugly angel who really looks like he got punished; he's not just wandering around sparkling and glowing He actually looks like a disgusting miserable wreck And then there's all of the smaller characters; none are just added because Taylor needed room They all had something very important purpose Karou's best friend Zuzana and her musician boyfriend were amazingly written adorable and hilarious characters if you didn't burst out laughing when Zuzana said Oh hell Must Mate Immediately then you're lying to yourself The ballerinapuppeteer play was incredibly written and had my heart in my throat Karou's chimera sister and her chimera family were also incredibly well done and funny Thiago was one of the biggest bastards I've ever read and I already talked about Akiva so I don't have to tell you all that he's totally swoon worthy for all the right reasons I could really picture everyone and sympathize with every pain and joy that Karou feltBasically this book is everything I wanted in not just Fallen but many other books that I've read over the years and I rejoice in the fact that there are capable people out there who can write YA novels with an actual point and purpose Thank you Laini Taylor for restoring my faith in the ability of authors I guess I have just one thing left to sayBecause I will And I do

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Stion that haunts her and she’s about to find outWhen beautiful haunted Akiva fixes fiery eyes on her in an alley in Marrakesh the result is blood and starlight secrets unveiled and a star crossed love whose roots drink deep of a violent past But will Karou live to regret learning the truth about hersel My original review here was “punch me in the face ” and I think that accurately sums my view up That being said here's an actual review that's NOT just me crying Amazing Daughter of Smoke and Bone follows a demon's assistant Karou who helps to collect teeth for the family of her youth It's a creative story that pulled me in from the beginning Before we were 40 pages in I knew I had found a favorite THE WRITINGJust as beautiful as everyone says Laini Taylor's writing flows across the page to the point where instead of skipping across paragraphs as I usually do I was hanging on her every word Like a shadow that coasts over the moon Is the word choice there not brilliant It's such a subtle difference than “a shadow that covers the moon” but it changes everything somehow The writing is also rich with emotional content I just really really loved it Wishes are false Hope is true Hope is its own magic THE CHARACTERSI absolutely love Karou Laini Taylor infuses her with a uiet inner strength yet also a loneliness and a desire for love I also loved the strong friendship between girls here Zuzana is a dynamic funny side character “This morning you hate men in hats wiener dogs–”“Weiner dog owners” Zuzana corrected “You'd have to have like a lentil for a soul to hate wringer dogs” She's a sweet believable character I only wish she were in the second half Akiva is a good character although he isn't a strong love for me yet He's a good character with a good personality and some moral ambiguity but he's not as developed as I want him to be I'm hoping he gets expanded in the seuel THE ROMANCEI feel like I should give this book four stars I SHOULD The romance is full of instalove Yes it's kind of explained but it's still full of instalove That should be enough for me to take off a star But I can't because I loved the romance There's something about the idea of star crossed lovers maybe Or maybe it's just Laini Taylor's writing or the strength of Akiva and Karou's characters Whatever it is I found myself totally invested in the romance after just a few pages By the time we got to the twist I was hooked THE PLOTThis book is a complete mindfuck and I adored it Although one of the major twists is easy to guess most of the twists are sheer brilliance Towards the end plot points you've forgotten about are explained Even little details of the first half are mentioned And that ending was just cruel THE WORLDBUILDINGThe worldbuilding here is just awesome Again I can't expand upon that because the worldbuilding isn't revealed until later in the book You've just got to read it This isn't your typical angels vs demons story; angels aren't all good and demons aren't all bad I loved the nuance of their conflict There's something to be said for taking an old story and making it something new and I loved Laini Taylor's execution of this story Highly recommended and I can't wait to start book two

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Daughter of Smoke BoneAl otherworldly warMeet Karou She fills her sketchbooks with monsters that may or may not be real she’s prone to disappearing on mysterious errands she speaks many Daughter of PDF languages not all of them human and her bright blue hair actually grows out of her head that color Who is she That is the ue As seen on The ReadventurerWhen I first heard the details of the premise of Laini Taylor's new book for a moment I thought Laini must have read my review of Personal Demons In that review I rant about how great story ideas are suandered away You see Personal Demons had a very interesting concept a demon and an angel battling for the soul of a human girl There are so many creative opportunities in the angeldemon lore I thought surely the author would make something good out of it I was wrong then the story turned out to be nothing than a cliche angsty love triangle extravaganza But I am right now Laini Taylor took a similar angeldemon idea and transformed it into pure magic Karou is a 17 year old art student She lives in Prague paints and goes to school She is trying to get over her good for nothing ex boyfriend But there is an air of mystery about Karou She knows magic She has a secret life Karou is an orphan who was raised lovingly by a foursome of demonic creatures She occasionally runs strange errands for them; and on one of the trips she is confronted by an angelic looking Akiva who attempts to kill her What happens next is best described by the book's own first lines Once upon a timean angel and a devil fell in loveIt did not end wellThere is nothing cliche about this story trust me Laini Taylor is a writer with talent and extraordinary imagination What I loved the most about Daughter of Smoke and Bone was the world behind it We all have read our measure of angel books and you will probably agree with me that the portrayal of angels in them rarely goes beyond wings sexiness and some dark secret behind the fall But what if angels and demons are not what is traditionallybiblically accepted What if you could get into the midst of their world learn about their cultures gain knowledge about their centuries long war What if the love between an angel and demon is forbidden and a taboo maybe even by human standards Would you like to read about that I bet you wouldLips Touch Three Times is one of my most favorite books ever If you liked those stories I doubt Daughter of Smoke and Bone will disappoint you This novel is eually dark sensual unsettling and a little twisted The imagery is stunning The language is beautiful every word matters there were a couple of slips into overwritten I must say but only a couple And the love well it pushes boundaries it transcends time and space I am looking solemnly at the months of waiting ahead of me Waiting for a copy of the book of my own to inhale every word of it again And then for the next two books But first I will be waiting for this ARC cover to be changed to something that reflects the beauty of this story I've been told to get over my cover grief already but I just can't