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TEXT ´ Tuck Everlasting ´ Natalie Babbitt S less a blessing that it might seem Complications arise when Winnie is followed by a stranger who wants to market the spring water for a fortune Tuck Everlasting is one of those books everyone should read at a young age After all who hasn't ever thought at least once about how it would be to live eternally to be free to do everything you want to to embrace life in all its different facets? The way this short novel deals with eternal life and raising the uestion about whether or not that can be considered a blessing or doom makes it an important addition to the literary worldFast paced and easy to read this is a book to devour in the course of three or four short hours and while not the most involving book which can be found out there at least it is able to make you think about what it would be like to have to live like the Tuck family does Wandering around eternally and restlessly comdemned to live on this earth until its very end The book itself introduces the character of Winnie Foster an eleven year old girl who meets the Tuck family and soon learns of their unbelievable secret that the four members of that family are immortal after they drank from a magic springNatalie Babbitt's prose is strong and powerful drawing a convincing picture of how life can possibly work without death Yet the book in itself is not without flaws; she never allowed the characters to become realistic For me especially the Tuck family felt like a gathering of stereotypes and the lack of dynamics between the family members itself didn't help matters Yet the potential was exploited almost completely additionally helped by some strong messages the connection between life and death the ideas of human greed and constant change the contrast between morality and craving and the values of love and humanityThe only thing which constantly bothered me was the way the Tuck family behaved at least except for Jesse the youngest son If you are condemned to live your life on this earth forever why constantly complain about your situation rather than actually doing something purposeful with your immortality? But then maybe that was yet another message Babbitt implied in her novel that the good hearted are almost never those who actually want to change something in this world while those with immoral and evil minded purposes long to rule the world

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PDF Ò BOOK Tuck Everlasting â NATALIE BABBITT â [EPUB] ✷ Tuck Everlasting Author Natalie Babbitt – Dcmdirect.co.uk Doomed to or blessed with eternal life after drinking from a magic spring the Tuck family wanders about trying to live as inconspicuously and comfortably as they can When ten year old Winnie Foster s Doomed to or blessed with eternal life after drinking from a magic spring the Tuck family wanders about trying to live as inconspicuously and com I loved the story but I hated the ending This was the first book I was ever mad at To this day I still scowl at people that say that immortality is a curse Perhaps it is if you're stupid and lacking in any aspirations If I were the family in this book I could agree But no I'm not I wish they would just go to college and get some dreams and stop feeling sorry for themselves If you have the rest of eternity to kick around do something useful like trying to save the world If you're going to live forever anyway you're never really going to have to say you failed right?

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Tuck EverlastingFortably as they can When ten year old Winnie Foster stumbles on their secret the Tucks take her home and explain why living forever at one age i REREAD Feb 8 2016I watched a movie yesterday that led me to reflect a bit on life humanity and immortality And eventually after a train of exhaustive musings on the aforementioned subjects I decided I wanted to read something pertaining to them But what? I really don't know of any other books that explore the subject of life and perils of immortality except for this one Hence my reread I read this in about 3 hours because I didn't indulge too much or peruse the story with tedious attention It was so easy to get by because I anticipated the story's line of progression I almost knew it scene by scene THE UESTION AND ANSWER The uestion is Do I still feel the same way I did when I first read this? The answer Yes And no Yes I still think I wouldn't appreciate eternal life I still think It's a long and lonely stretch into nothingness How tiresome and staggeringly painful would that be? To watch worlds ages and men pass away while you remain To have to reinvent and reorient yourself in life Over and over again living an ageless and interminable life of love and loss What a vicious cycle indeed I shiver just thinking about it And what about death? Couldn't death be a miracle of it's own A small kind and cynical sort of miracle It's easy to think like this because at the end of the day death truly is all the option we have I wonder how fast I'll fling my songs of cursed immortality out the window if immortality ever happened to show up at my doorstep with a proposition in hand That's the difference between what is and what if I guess Me I'm organic and volatile I'm the difference and choice makes all the difference Just like Winnie's did I think of Winnie's choice how bittersweet the ending of this book was because of it And it makes me sad and happy all at once With the Tucks my feelings are in an unrivaled state of monopoly I feel incredibly sad for them The one thing they never had was the privilege of choice Or at least the illusion of it because of course death again is imminent and unavoidable I honestly wonder how I'll feel the next time I reread this FIRST READ Nov 292015 Know what that is all around us Winnie? said Tuck his voice low Life Moving growing changing never the same two minutes togetherIt's a wheel Winnie Everything's a wheel turning Yesterday morning the first snow fell I had gone through than half of this book and I was still wondering what's so bad about not dying? Seems like a pretty good thing to me I took a little break from reading got out of bed and looked out the window And there it was the very first snow I once hated snow I'm an autumn baby and I love spring I'm not a fan of summer or winter But over the years my point of view has shifted a little I think I like snow and winter a little with each passing year It just gets beautiful every time it comes aroundAnd I like that you know that some things just get beautiful every time you see them And still there are some things that remain just as beautiful as the first day you saw them never really becoming less or Unchanging Somehow you get accustomed to their charm and the effect is lost on you It's not that beauty itself is lost or diminished you just aren't startled or awed by it any I think I like the first variant I know I know But what does this have to do with the review? Well I thought about it What if there was snow all year round? What if spring didn't give life summer didn't celebrate it autumn didn't kill it and winter didn't bury it in heaps of white? A life without change Everlasting stagnancy Would that life be as precious? I don't think I'd appreciate nature and the seasons as much or think them as beautiful I don't think I'd like it at all Time and change are all part of the entirety of life Birth and death seasons changing trees lush and barren it's the circle of life and nothing is beautiful And that's what this book is trying to saying You can't have living without dying So you can't call it living what we got The Tucks are a family doomed to live an endless life they bear the curse of immortality Ten year old Winnie Foster is a sheltered and miserable girl who longs for freedom and dreams of running away The lives of the two parties become entwined and Winnie learns a little about the value of life in the first week of August in the year 1880 But dying's part of the wheel right there next to being born You can't pick out the pieces you like and leave the rest Being part of the whole thing that's the blessing This story the writing the message all of it was just simple and beautiful A lesson and toast Here's to dying but first living 455 stars