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characters The Architect of Flowers ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ù ❮Download❯ ➾ The Architect of Flowers ➼ Author William Lychack – Acclaimed for The Wasp Eater his first collection of stories Lychack focuses now on a fascinating range of human behavior With a fluencyEd dogThese poignant tales reveal the subtleties in love and indifference or the strange sad breathtaking tricks of chance that can change a life in a second As Lychack moves among these characters with all their virtues and failings he observes the inevitable disparity between their realities and their dreams even while investing their stories with wit humility and a large measure of grace That he succeeds so remarkably in transferring it all to the page is evidence of his prodigious talent. The book is called the Architect of Flowers like funeral flowers Dark stories in Families sadness and dysfunctional people I hope all our secrets aren't this tragic

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Nderness in failed connections or missed moments his characters stand vivid in their human frailty and we warm to them almost despite ourselves A lonely wife determined to gather her far flung family for a reunion invents the perfect lie to persuade them an old woman recalls how she once trained a black crow the art of thieving and the off duty small town cop on his last round of the evening who does a distressed family a great service when he summons the courage to shoot their gravely injur. This is one of those collections I will probably return to later because much of it was beautiful but much of its charm was lost on me here in June 2011 If I pick it up again in a year it might be my favorite book I don't know what pronouns ever did to this guy but he really doesn't like to use them and I guess the writers who praise him as poetic and lyrical were able to appreciate the sentence fragments and odd constructions I found them distracting But there are gems in this book The Old Woman and Her Thief was my favorite by far Really moving

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The Architect of FlowersAcclaimed for The Wasp Eater his first collection of stories Lychack focuses now on a fascinating range of human behavior With a fluency of tone and a gifted eye he examines the dark and unfathomable moments in the most committed relationships the small distances that stretch into miles between generations and couples when long buried secrets tumble out into the light or the eccentricities that may label us as odd yet mark us The Architect ePUB #220 as uniue Capturing the bewilderment and te. This book was not what I was expecting and I will admit I only got through two of the short stories before I said enough was enough Both stories that I read were not only just gross and unnecessary but pointless I was under the opinion this book was suppose to be about life and seeing into different aspects and lives of other people but so far all I have gotten is a story of a miserable police officer shooting a dog wrong so the family has to deal with putting it down properly and a story about a pregnant woman buying chicks just to kill them in all sorts of ways when they grew up because she was angry at them With no reason no meaning behind it I would not recommend anyone read this unless they like to read pointless stories that involve animal abuse and people with no personality or dimension and no meaningful plot