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Illa's presence stirred up painful memories for Clay So she'd vowed to keep out of his way Yet they were drawn to each other this time not as love struck teenagers but as man and woma. At a cursory level the title is a perfect fit because black sheep is how the hero and the whole community in Wyoming regarded the heroine Background story At 17 years she was wrongly blamed for killing her best friend and the hero’s younger sis – by driving recklessly Her cousin was the real culprit but as she the heroine was badly injured in the accident and hospitalized she couldn’t deny the story When she came out of the hospital and tried to tell H the truth he was too sickened with grief to believe her Her guardians her uncle and aunt obviously took the side of her cousin She left town to start on her ownFast forward five years later Now a successful part owner of a ranch in Colorado she’s attending her uncle’s funeral but keeps away from the crowd Her aunt sees her and collapses Hero hounds her out of town; she leaves but her ailing aunt asks for her and she returns Her aunt pleads for a favor to help save their mismanaged ranch from foreclosure Against all good reasons of self preservation she gives in And the real story beginsWhich leads me to think that a subtle title for this book is The ueen's Pass The overriding motivation for the actions of the heroine was to protect the “ueen” or the aunt The heroine gave her a pass on all the hard truths to protect her from ever knowing the viciousness of the daughter h's cousin The heroine's acts of martyrdom could easily have become insufferable had it not been for her small acts of independence and defiance She didn’t back down when she was mistreated at the hospital supply store or the restaurant She wasn’t at all tongue tied around the hero; she had good stinging comebacks She made him guilty enough to offer his help and only accepted his assistance on her terms She could have bragged about her ranch but she refused to reveal any info about her current life – as if drawing an invisible defensive line around her that says I let you get to know this of me but no further So despite this blind spot for her aunt inconceivable to me this sense of uiet dignity and self sufficiency protected her like a mantle Fortunately too the hero here is not your typical Harleuin Present or Diana Palmer alpha jerk But then I like most of Susan Fox’s heros He must understandably hate the sight of her but the readers got the sense that he is basically a decent guy Despite his animosity he is beginning to see again the real girl that he was almost halfway falling in love with before the car tragedy struck The thawing of relationship between the two of them wasn't hurried and was spot on He knew that she was slipping away from him and her departure was inevitable My only discontent with such a deliciously angsty lead in the resolution could have been drawn out to pages If I were the editor I would have cut out that bit of introspection with her friend to allow for heart searching for the HhOverall an excellent tear jerker

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The Black SheepWilla Ross knew she wasn't welcome in her hometown of Cascade Wyoming Especially not by The Black PDF Clay Cantrell who still held her responsible for the accident that caused the dea. Another one where the h is awesome and the H needed to be dumped off a cliff and left to suffer The h's family is absolutely hideous and that includes the Aunt who just refused to accept reality until the very last minute The H should have been dumped at curbside like the trash he was but the h loved him so I kinda barely tolerated the HEA At least she got what she wanted tho she will totally come to regret that later I am sureAnd that whole town should have burned to the ground with all the townspeople in it by a random meteor strike

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The Black Sheep Free download Ñ 104 ↠ [Reading] ➷ The Black Sheep By Susan Fox – Willa Ross knew she wasn't welcome in her hometown of Cascade Wyoming Especially not by Clay Cantrell who still held her responsible for the accident that caused the death of his sister five years bef Willa Ross knew she wasn't welcome Th of his sister five years beforeBut when her aunt took ill and desperately needed her to look after the failing family ranch Willa couldn't say no not to the woman who'd raised herW. The Black Sheep is the story of Willa and ClayOur heroine is the black sheep of her hometown Cascade Wyoming Five years ago her manipulative cousin had caused the death of her best friend and put the blame on her This led to the hero her friend's brother brutally condemning her and her uncle kicking her outNow that the uncle has passed away she returns to pay her last respect Her aunt the only person who has loved her spots her and reuests that she helps them manage their dwindling ranch The heroine does not tell anyone that she has now made a name for herself as a successful rancher but out of gratitude decides to help themBut her life is made extremely difficult by her evil and manipulative cousin the censuring hero the shunning townfolk and the failing ranch Can the heroine survive these trials and tribulationsHonestly 810 on angst scale Loads of heartbreak and sadness in this book to keep me hooked What made me mad was1 How she refused to tell anyone about her success despite them wanting her to fail2 Her not calling out her POS cousin despite the latter doing everything in her arsenal to bring the heroine down3 Us not getting a big showdown at the end where the heroine is finally vindicatedAll that buildup so that I could see someone finally bitch slapping the cousin never happened What we got was a rushed endingBOOOOSafeSWE35