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Hot In Here AphrodisiaT the desire she feels for Mr February is impossible to control and even harder to resis. I enjoyed this book uite a lot All the references to what a tiny thing the heroine is started to throw me out of the story after awhile The sex is super hot and the hero and heroine go together well The hero is a firefighter which is just a huge plus in my book

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R a firefighter calendar competition with some of the hunkiest half naked heroes ever Bu. A delightful and fun novel which is the second in Ms Lyon's series about four friends and their love adventures Scott Jackman has won the Mr February slot in the annual Firefighters' calender in Vancouver BC and Jenny Yuen an independent journalist is covering the contest for a small news magazine Contrary to Scott's usual tastes in women he is drawn to Jenny afterward Rather than the buxom blonde babes he usually prefers he is mesmerized by the petite Chinese Canadian woman with tiny feet shiney blue black hair that falls down her back and shoulder like black silk Their attraction is immediate and throughout most of the novel that attraction continues to grow Only a couple of problems Jenny doesn't think of her time with Scott as a relationship believing that she will never be able to marry anyone but a Chinese man one who meets with her family's approval On the other hand Scott is dealing with the ethnic prejudices of a staunch German family one that makes very clear that German is best Scott is tired of the hook up and run scene and his attachment to Jenny is growing so much so that he is hurt and puzzled that she will not hold his hand in public she won't go out to the movies with him nor will she eat out with him fearful that someone who knows her family will see her with a non Chinese man This novel is very erotic but at its core it is about ethnic family pride and old world traditions as they clash with 21st century social norms in a country where many cultures exist and inter mingle Both Scott and Jenny are bright and witty but as the story progresses greater depths of character begin to make themselves known in both of them It is a fun and entertaining book but there are some important lessons here as well And of course the interaction and fun between the Awesome Foursome caps off a fine literary effort

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Read Õ Hot In Here Aphrodisia È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Hot In Here Aphrodisia By Susan Lyons ✎ – The seuel to 'Champagne Rules' Journalist Jenny Yuen lands a very steamy assignment cover a firefighter calendar competition The seuel to 'Champagne Rules' Journalist Jenny Yuen lands a very steamy assignment cove. Me ha encantado es realmente difícil encontrar historias ue combinen el factor sex con una buena o al menos interesante trama Esta lo ha logrado bastante bien Me gusta la historia de Jenny esa lucha por la independencia en una familia conservadora y tradicionalista Su grupo de amigas me pareció por un momento bastante superficial y frívolo pero luego pensé Realmente las amigas son así y es una suerte ue Jenny tenga cuatro con las ue compartir tonterías y cosas serias por igual y poder contar con ellas en todo momento Todo el rollo intercultural por el ue de alguna forma las cuatro formaban parte es interesante Realmente nunca lo vi así y verlo desde adentro le da una perspectiva a las cosas como dice Jenny las cosas no siempre pueden verse blanco y negro cuando estás acostumbrada a vivir con la jodida escala de grises para ue las cosas tengan un poco de sentidoDebo agregar ue Scott es jodidamente perfecto en el sentido de ue es increíble literalmente es increíblemente atento considerado afectuoso comprensivo imaginativo colaborador Es increíble la suerte ue tuvo Jenny al descubrir ue Mr Febrero no era tan superficial como creyó al principio incluso me molestó ue a veces lo infravalorara sin darle una sola oportunidad de demostrar lo contrario Pero me ha gustado mucho el desarrollo de su relación la forma en ue ambos empiezan a interesarse preocuparse encariñarse con el otro hace las cosas más reales Lo ue no me gustó fue el final fue como NOOOO uedaron demasiadas cosas por descubrir para esta pareja So many uuPero en fin la recomiendo se lee de forma muy rápida y si te animas a comenzarla te agradará continuarla al menos eso creo 3