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READ ´ The Naked Detective Karmic Consultants #4 ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Naked Detective Karmic Consultants #4 Author Vivi Andrews – What happens in Atlantic Citychanges everythingThe gift that makes Ciara Liung the FBI's prized secret weapon makes her existence like a curse Unable to bear humaWhat happens in Atlantic Citychanges Detective Karmic eBook #10003 everythingThe gift that makes Ciara Liung the FBI's prized secret weapon makes her existence like a curse Unable to bear human contact she lives as a hermit immersing herself in the water that gives her peace and amplifies her powerHer new FBI handler though only believes what he can see The problem Her gift the ability to psychically locate st. By far my least favorite of this series Nate starts off as an arrogant jerk using the power behind his FBI badge to bully Ciara As soon as he starts to demonstrate likable characteristics at least to the heroine much of that part of the story is left off screen Ciara starts acting like a mindless twit Then the endAlso the repeated descriptions of Ciara as looking like Lucy Liu made me cringe It's possible that the character does look like Lucy Liu in the author's mind but the description for the reader is left at up tilted eyes The reason for my cringing reaction I have about a half dozen friends and acuaintances of East Asian origin who've been told that they look like Lucy Liu The number of them that actually do have even a passing resemblance to Lucy Liu 0 So ever time I read this it was like being slapped in the face by a stinky stereotype At best this was a case of sloppy writing I know that the author is capable of much better


Ruby necklace for Monaco's royal Naked Detective Karmic Kindle #212 family both finder and Fed are pushed outside their comfort zones and discover than they ever believed possible And when a trap is sprung they realize they stand to lose much than a sparkly stoneWarning This book contains gambling go go dancers public indecency and every brand of trouble a troubled psychic can get into in America's Playground. Loved this little book Great premise Psychic who has to work naked meets an FBI agent who doesn't believe in her ability On a jewelry finding mission Ciara spends the weekend trying to get naked to figure out where the priceless jewelry is hiding All the while her studly hunky injured agent is keeping her under close wraps and forcing her to keep her inhibiting clothing on her body Well until he gives her the big O in public no less snortThis was a uick read Fast paced Lots of action lots of sexual tension and some great one liners to keep you smiling through it all I can't wait for the next one

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The Naked Detective Karmic Consultants #4Olen jewels only works in the The Naked Epubnude Special Agent Nathan Smith can't believe he's expected to babysit some psychic finder Psychicright An undercover op gone wrong may have left him a desk jockey and Ciara's charms are distracting than he cares to admit but he's a field agent at heart She's working some kind of angle It's just a matter of time before he unravels itSent to Atlantic City to recover a. 35 Stars I Wanted More From This NovellaCiara Liung is a Finder for Karmic Consultants and her services are contracted out to the FBI to find stolen jewels She's got an 85% jewel recovery percentage rate but a 0% bad guy capture rate and that's a bit of a problem for her new handler FBI guy Nate Smith who thinks Ciara is crooked as hell No one's that good on recovery and that bad on helping secure arrests and the bogus psychic crap is a joke Gorgeous shut in who's only psychic when she's naked and floating in water Not in Smith's worldBut Ciara's on the up and up she really is psychic and she really does need the water and the absence of clothes when she's Finding to focus her gift and prevent psychic dissonance She's spent the last ten years stuck in her home unable to touch people and unwilling to risk psychic feedback if she goes out in public Nate's belief or disbelief matters little to her until he starts rattling her cage about her being a criminalThe theft of Monaco's royal jewels threatens to blow up into an international incident and Nate's planning on using the theft to prove Ciara's guilt He drags her along with him when her gift points them to Atlantic City but things don't uite go as planned Instead of uncovering a mess of dirty little secrets and proving her guilty Nate starts to believe And believing is infinitely dangerous for them bothI'm a huge fan of this Karmic Consultants series and I get and impressed with Vivi Andrews as I go along This is a uick funny read with two characters who strike a lot of wickedly fun sparks off each other The narrative is smooth there's lots of witty repartee between the characters and the characters were pretty well developed for the short length of the novellaI'm disappointed this wasn't a full length novel though I loved The Ghost Exterminator and The Sexorcist Both of those were novel length and provided all the sexy fun romance and plot a fan could hope for The Naked Detective suffered from the limitations of its lengthThe biggest problems I had were with the too uick change of heart Nate goes through and the sudden about face of Ciara's gift while they're together in Jersey Neither were well supported in the plot or satisfactorily explained and both could have been handled much better with room to develop than they were given Of lesser concern but a concern just the same was the perfunctory and abrupt development and climax of the plot thread with the jewel thieves I was very disappointed in thatThe Naked Detective isn't a bad novella Vivi Andrews writes characters with shining personality and puts them in situations or has them thinking or saying things that make me chuckle Overall I liked what was there in this novella; my issues were with what wasn't The main characters are likable well they are once Nate yanks that cane out of hisumyeah and the set up for the story was sound with lots of juicy character and plot development potential I would have really enjoyed seeing that potential fully realized in a novelOriginally reviewed 112110 on One Good Book Deserves Another