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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Hexed Iron Druid Chronicles #2 ☆ [KINDLE] ✾ Hexed Iron Druid Chronicles #2 Author Kevin Hearne – Atticus O’Sullivan last of the Druids doesn’t care much for witches Still he’s about to make nice with the local coven by signing a mutually beneficial nonaggression treaty—when sudG for his attention Atticus is having trouble scheduling the witch hunt But aided by his magical sword his neighbor’s rocket propelled grenade launcher and his vampire attorney Atticus is ready to sweep the town and Iron Druid Chronicles ePUB #185 show the witchy women they picked the wrong Druid to h. Another well written excellent narration of the Iron Druid Chronicles Great story 10 of 10 stars

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Atticus O’Sullivan Druid Chronicles PDF #186 last of the Druids doesn’t care much for witches Still he’s about to make nice with the local coven by signing a mutually beneficial nonaggression treaty when suddenly the witch population in modern day Tempe Arizona uadruples overnight And the new girl. I was hesitant to bring this up in my last review because I thought it was just me I thought I was reading too much into these novels But I don't think so any and the issue is ruining my enjoyment of an otherwise good seriesYou see this series is terribly sexist yet it's all so subversive that it was hard to pin at firstThere are many many female characters Normally I'd consider this a good thing However we can effectively separate them into categoriesHarmless likable and a sex objectHarmless laughably evil and a sex objectDangerous unstable and a sex objectFor example Atticus' initiate is harmless and likable She is probably the only woman who fits into this category She's also probably the closest thing Hearne has written to a positive female characterThe many many evil witches in this novel fit into the second category Atticus is sure to take special note of their appearance I say laughably evil because whilst they have power it's nothing compared to Atticus' and Hearne goes to great lengths to make them objects of derision in our eyes They will always try petty pathetic things that make you happy that Atticus lays the smack down on them They are arrogant and tragically doomed to fail like Team Rocket from Pokemon For every evil male character there are at least eight bad female characters There is only one Harmless and laughably evil male character There are many many of these female characters and they all play second fiddle to the main bad character a man They are Hearne's version of the nameless goons in Bond movies They are the faceless Red shirts from Star TrekThen there's the Dangerous unstable and a sex object category and possibly the most offensive These are women that Atticus is supposed to take seriously because they are all powerful in their own right many are supposed to be powerfulYet even goddesses are throwing themselves at Atticus to be in his bed All of them are seriously unstable highly emotive and completely subject to their own pettiness Atticus spends most of this novel indulging them like you would play to a crazy person to keep them happy I guess it's hard to blame Hearne too much Men and the medical profession have been painting women as hysterical unreasonable creatures for most of history It's nothing new but it's terribly disappointing The ruler of the Tuatha De shows up and plays the damsel in distress to Atticus She does the whole Help me Obi Wan Kenobi You're my only hope Routine in the first book Seriously SERIOUSLY She is the fucking RULER of an ancient people SHE IS A GODDESS It's just all so unempoweringStill I thought I was being sensitive after reading the first novel In the second Atticus strips Brighid down humiliates her and lectures her in very reasonable tones while she froths at the mouth and acts the part of two bit villain Now I'm just insulted An immortal goddess so proficient at politics bargaining and magic is so pathetic that she would act as she did and be caught as she was Oh of course She's a woman and this all makes sense if your unconscious bias is to believe that women even immortal ones and creatures completely enslaved to whatever petty emotion is running through their fragile bodiesAtticus' sexual assault the use of sex as a weapon and many many other small instances in this book only cemented my opinion that Hearne does not have a high respect for women or he simply knows so little of them There are much fewer male characters in this book yet every single one with the exception of Percy is a powerful reasonable intelligent logical character When comparing their uses and functions in these books it becomes clear that men as characters as significantly likable powerful and reasonable than womenIt's a really sad thing to behold for a series that is otherwise fun and interesting


Hexed Iron Druid Chronicles #2S are not just bad they’re badasses with a dark history on the German side of World War IIWith a fallen angel Hexed Iron Epubfeasting on local high school students a horde of Bacchants blowing in from Vegas with their special brand of deadly decadence and a dangerously sexy Celtic goddess of fire vyin. In most any American town one can find a popular all night eatery where a plate of hash browns can be prepared scattered smothered covered chunked etc Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid chronicles serves up a steaming hot and delicious plate of fun and prepared Hounded Hexed Hammered Tricked etc Hearne’s 2011 addition to the Chronicles check off list Hexed is good as the rest of the series Iron Druid checklist2100 year old last of the druids – CHECKBlood sucking vampire lawyer – CHECKPack of affluent and urbane professional werewolves – CHECKCoven of stylish Polish witches – CHECKAncient body snatching Indian witch – CHECKDemons – CHECKNative American trickster god CHECKTuatha Dé Danann CHECKGratuitous and athletic sex magic CHECKReferences to Asgard CHECKWise cracking Scooby snack dealing telepathic Irish wolfhound – CHECKJust as in the earlier Hounded and various shorter works Hearne’s imaginative and talented writing crafts an urban fantasy adventure for protagonist Atticus O’Sullivan last of the great Irish druids and now residing in Arizona This episode finds our hero making friends with some witches and battling othersLots of Celtic and mythological good times