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BOOK Ó Darfur Diaries Stories of Survival Æ Jen Marlowe In February 2003 the Sudanese Liberation Army in Darfur the western region of Sudan after years of oppression took up arms against the Sudanese government The government and allied militias answered the rebellion with mass murder rape and the wholesale destruction of villages and livelihood resulting in one of the world's largest humanitarian and political crises Up to 2 million people were displaced; 400000 people killed In Do you know what’s happening in Darfur right now? Because I definitely don’t—Darfur Diaries is about events from 2004 and in the 15 years that have elapsed the situation has continued to change So why read a book that is so out of date? Firstly I bought this book somewhat less than recently—not in 2006 of course but maybe 5 years ago Secondly the subject is still interesting and important enough to merit reading this book Darfur and so many other regions in African countries is experiencing humanitarian crises that are the result of colonialism It’s important we learn about and understand these situations so we can work towards decolonizationThis book is a behind the scenes account of a team of three Americans who visit Darfur to film a documentary about the situation All three have experience related to international human rights issues whether it’s filming policy etc As they learn about the developing situation in Sudan and speak to Sudanese refugees and immigrants they resolve to do something to make the American public conscious of what’s happening there The spectre of what happened in Rwanda hangs over them The team travels into Darfur via Chad entering the part of the region controlled by the Sudanese Liberation Army They interview displaced people whose villages have been bombed and destroyed by the government andor the Janjaweed militia backed by the governmentWhat Marlowe Bain and Shapiro try to convey is the deeply personal cost that these types of situations carry They don’t interview officials They interview people on the ground ordinary people like you or me who were just trying to live their lives People who have already put up with decades of civil war and instability People who just want to get on with itAs a teacher I read about how in the refugee camps people with any teaching experience volunteer their days to try to teach children with inadeuate resources Here I am in Canada and complaining when my SMART board won’t work properly—I don’t just have it easy; I have it incredibly easy compared to these people Yet they are so dedicated time and again from the youngest to the oldest we hear them explain how keeping up with their children’s education is paramountThis is emphasized when the team finally sits down with their guide Dero He’s a young man who walked to a nearby village as a child and stayed there for six months at a time returning home only when he ran out of food to sleep at a school and learn as best he could For a time he organized and ran school in part of his village until they were displaced again He shares his aspirations to become a teacher and then hopefully study further to become a doctor or some other occupation desperately needed by his peopleAnd he echoes what so many of the other interviewees say That they bear no ill will to the soldiers who are committing these crimes They don’t necessarily seek vengeance or retaliation though a few do—they want harmony not strife The filmmaking team always asks if their subjects have any message for American children back home It’s usually the same hello; we are the same as you; we hope you are well; we hope this does not happen to you“Heartbreaking” isn’t uite the right word here It’s eye opening in a tender compelling way Too often we see refugees depicted as these massive groups Even in sympathetic portrayals even when a few are interviewed we reduce them to huddle

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PDF Ý BOOK Darfur Diaries Stories of Survival FREE ´ JEN MARLOWE ↠ ❰Read❯ ➭ Darfur Diaries Stories of Survival Author Jen Marlowe – Dcmdirect.co.uk In February 2003 the Sudanese Liberation Army in Darfur the western region of Sudan after years of oppression took up arms against October and November 2004 after watching woefully inadeuate media coverage on the crisis in Darfur a team of three independent filmmakers trekked to Darfurian refugee camps in eastern Chad and crept across the border into Darfur They met dozens of Darfurians and spoke with them about their history hopes and fears and the tragedy they are living Refugees and displaced peoples civilians and fighters resisting the Sudanese gover Reviewed for wwwthcreviewscomAt it's heart Darfur Diaries is about the journey of three young filmmakers who went on a uest in 2004 to foster widespread awareness of the events that were unfolding in Darfur but not receiving a great deal of media attention at the time I was impressed with the courage that these three humanitarians exhibited in traveling to and spending weeks in a dangerous war torn region but what impressed me even were the people that they met along the way These Darfurians showed a spirit of generosity in sharing not only their food and transportation but most importantly their personal stories While a few of the interviewees expressed a desire for revenge usually for the deaths of family members I was surprised that several did not seem to harbor ill feelings toward their oppressors instead simply wanting to live in peace again Another thing that really stood out to me was how much the Darfurians value education Living in a country where we seem to take this privilege for granted it was very enlightening and affecting to see such a passion for learning being expressed I was also amazed by the resilience of the human spirit how these people somehow still manage to continue living even in circumstances that most Americans or Westerners in general could hardly fathom The authors attended a wedding that took place in the midst of all the destruction and in spite of the potential dangers I found that story to be a stirring and poignant reminder of life still abiding in the midst of deathThe only real complaint I have it that when I saw the title of this book I thought that it would chronicle in depth stories of survivors of the conflict in Darfur It did cover the personal narratives of many Darfurians and while some were long enough for me to get a pretty good feel for the person being interviewed and what they had been through others were just too brief to satisfy me Perhaps this is a good thing though as the details of the atrocities these people had suffered would certainly not be for the faint of heart As it is written though I think that almost anyone could read it without feeling too depressed or overburdened which may give it appeal to a wider audience Darfur Diaries was certainly not a deep political treatise on the area but I did learn some things about the history of Sudan and the political climate that led to this conflict I think that not bogging the book down with too many details on history or politics made it an easy read that would be accessible to anyone who would like to know about Darfur and it's people and I would readily recommend it in this capacity The companion film which the authors finished and released in 2006 is titled Darfur Diaries Message From Home After reading Darfur Diaries Stories of Survival I am now very interested in checking it out so that I can see and hear the people to whom I was introduced in the book

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Darfur Diaries Stories of SurvivalNment teachers students parents children and community leaders provide the heart of Darfur Diaries Their stories and testimonies woven together through the personal experience of the filmmakers and conveyed with political and historical context provide a much needed account to help understand Darfur These are people whose lives homes safety and rights deserve to be protected as vigilantly as those of peoples all over the worl i met jen the primary author of this book at a book signing just over a year ago she's uirky and funny and it translates relatively well to this book she navigates you through refugee camps and an illegal crossing of the chadsudan border in a pick up truck full of rebel soldiers without taking herself very seriously and while still making time for jokes her ability to remain unbiased and honest is outstanding her real respect for the people she encounters is evident in every detail she describes she doesn't pity these people she doesn't think she is there to fix them she recognizes them as peers in a way that i've never seen in a book like this beforei don't recommend this for anyone that hasn't already done some preliminary research on sudan and darfur nor do i recommend it for anyone expecting a detailed political analysis of the conflict this book is the intimate next step you know the background you think you understand some of the primary causes you know the numbers this book is about the people that were there and living it in 2003 and it will completely change how you feel about what you already know