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Following the New York Times bestselling Brimstone Preston's and Child's DANCE OF DEATH pits Agent Pendergast–praised by Publisher's. Another Pendergast book which means you all know what it’s time for a food metaphorNote to those just joining our program for reasons even I’m hard pressed to explain I compared the experience of reading Relic the first Pendergast book to eating a hot dog I’ve since felt compelled to use food metaphors for each subseuent book because food metaphors seem like a natural and rational choice when talking about stories that feature sadistic serial killers doing really gruesome things to the meat sacks we call “people”In this instance though rather than comparing Dance of Death to a single item or dish I’m going to compare it to that bastion of food innovation Taco BellNow before everyone starts throwing Doritos Locos tacos at me I should note that even though I pretty much gave up eating at Taco Bell for the sake of wanting to reach my 40th birthday which is terrifyingly only 7 months away a long time ago I actually really like or rather liked Taco Bell It’s delicious So this is not a bad thingBut Taco Bell is also the king of excess and ridiculousness “You think Doritos Locos tacos were absurd You ain’t seen nothing yet bitches Just wait until we make a taco shell out of a fried egg—that’s right a FRIED EGG—and then we’re going to make a French fry burrito that’s exactly what it sounds like a big overstuffed burrito only we’re going to put fries in it for reasons no rational human being can fathom THE ONLY LIMIT TO THIS INSANITY IS OUR IMAGINATION AND OUR IMAGINATION IS FKING BOUNDLESS EARTH CREATURES Not unlike how this book at least relative to its five predecessors is the king of excess and ridiculousnessAt the beginning of the series Pendergast was a highly eccentric Holmesian archetype who in subseuent books has broken out of that mold a little bit though he still hews pretty closely to that script though his is a well rounded intellect vis à vis the arts In the past couple of books however and particularly in this book he has transformed fully into a full fledged action hero making him a weird amalgamation of Holmes Jean Claude Van Damme Harold Bloom the Rock and Jeff Bezos both because Bezos is weirdly jacked and has gobs of F you money which Pendergast seems to have in spades as well There is literally nothing he can’t do intellectually physically stealthily or monetarily well except maybe avoid jail time for a long list of felonies but that’s neither here nor therePendergast’s infallibility and increasingly insane antics are entertaining but also reuire considerable willing suspension of disbelief—kind of like eating a taco with a shell made from a fried egg In other words you need to be in the mood you need to know what you’re in for and you probably need to pop a couple of prophylactic antacids I’m unuestionably on board for pursuing further adventures with Pendergast though I’m steeling myself for increasingly ludicrous set pieces in future installments I’d prefer of a focus on the mystery solving and deeper historical and cultural aspects the prior books have dived into but hey—every once in a while I want a French toast chalupa as much as the next guy Now where did I put that bottle of Pepto

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Dance of DeathWeekly as a ruthless descendant of Holmes–against his most personal and dangerous foe yet his brother Diogenes When people close to. What can I say Another super offering from the dynamic duo

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REVIEW í Dance of Death ✓ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Dance of Death Author Douglas Preston – Following the New York Times bestselling Brimstone Preston's and Child's DANCE OF DEATH pits Agent Pendergast–praised by Publisher's Weekly as a ruthless descendant of Holmes–against his most pers Following the New York Times bestselHim are viciously murdered and he is framed Pendergast becomes a fugitive trusting only his old friend NYPD Lieutenant Vincent D'Agos. I didn't find this as good as the others in the series The evil brother story line seemed a bit TOO far fetched to me Having said that it was still a good and action packed read I see the next one continues the story line so I hope it wraps up satisfactorily