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CHARACTERS à African Reflections: Art from Northeastern Zaire Ò ❴Download❵ ➸ African Reflections: Art from Northeastern Zaire Author Enid Schildkrout – African Reflections Art from NortheasternNotRetrouvez African Reflections Art from PDF/EPUB Ã Art from African Reflections Art f. This is a first rate book that examines and traces the art of northeastern Zaire Focusing on the Mangbetu people and their art before and after the coming of the european it is a fascinating examination of traditional styles and designs Many fine examples of art from this region include utilitarian objects such as harps knifes pots bowls various textiles bark boxes and stools The color photographs are from The American Museum of Natural History s collection with the text provided by the museum s curator Enid Schildkrout I am sorry to see that this book is out of stock at present I would strongly advise anyone wanting an excellent book about art from this region to track it down


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African Reflections Art from Northeastern ZaireNortheasternNotRetrouvez. A book on the art from Northeastern Congo DRC Za re but essentially focused on the Mangbetu ethnic group This was surely the most powerful prolific and accessible one but the artistic production of other ethnic sub groups is also of great interest like the M Bole Metoko etc Subsidiary uestion Are they also considered as making part of the Northeastern side of the country This book is in any way very attractive and interesting This is not only a set of nice photographs of masterpieces of which some are systematically incorporated in books on African art Issues on History traditions inter tribe relationships believes are also addressed in the bookI warmly recommend the book to those interested in African art in DRC with a special focus on the Mangbetu ethnic group