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Known as the greatest traveler of premodern times Abu Abdallah ibn Battuta was born in Morocco in 1304 and educated in Islamic law At the age of twenty one he left home to make the holy pilgrimage to Mecca This was only the first of a series of extraordinary journeys that spanned nearly three It is incredible to think that back in the 1300's one person could have traveled from Morocco through North and East Africa Syria Ira Iran Turkey the Crimea India Ceylon Indonesia and China I get tired just writing about it But this is what Ibn Battuta did When you think of how difficult and dangerous it was to travel back in those days it is just amazing What makes this book especially fascinating is the look it provides into Muslim society Here was a man who journeyed thousands of miles over many many years but who only very rarely felt himself to be a stranger in a strange land In some places Islam was in the majority and in some places it was the minority but Ibn Battuta was always able to find educated Moslems similar to himself who could provide a place to live food to eat clothes to wear and money to spend Very importantly also they could provide spiritual support to a person very far from home This book is best when it settles down in one place for an extended period such as when Ibn Battuta journeyed to Medina and Mecca This is the most important trip a Moslem takes during an entire lifetime and it is expected health and finances permitting that a believer will make the trip at least once in a lifetime Medina is where the tomb of The Prophet is and Mecca was His birthplace Mr Dunn provides a physical description of the landscape of both places so that you can almost feel you are there and he also gives a fascinating description of the logistics of the journey as this is a trip that thousands of people would take each year and a solid support system was needed to provide transportation and food and water etc The religious ceremonies that a person was reuired to go through once in the Holy Cities is also given in great detail The book is also very good when Ibn Battuta settles down in India for awhile and gets a nice cushy government job working for a despot who sounds as though he was probably psychotic You could be in his favor one minute but apparently if you looked at him the wrong way he might decide on the spur of the moment to have you executed He would also come up with grandiose ideas to rearrange the entire society which would usually wind up making everyone miserable if not dead Kind of sounds pretty familiar doesn't it? I guess some things don't change over the centuries Anyway the only drawback to this book is that Mr Dunn is trying to cram a lot of travel into a 300 page book so that some of the time you feel as though you are being given the bum's rush on one of those modern package trips where they shuttle you through 14 cities in 14 days After awhile some of the itinerary starts to become one big blur It makes you wish that Mr Dunn would have decided to write a longer book where things could have proceeded at a leisurely pace But this book is a good starting point and it gave me a glimpse into a world I knew very little about but would like to learn of

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The Adventures of Ibn Battuta A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth CenturyDecades and took him not only eastward to India and China but also north to the Volga River valley and south to Tanzania The narrative of these travels has been known to specialists in Islamic and medieval history for years Ross E Dunn's 1986 retelling of these tales however was the first wo I suspect that the highly negative reviews of this book were written by readers who read the first 100 pages found them tedious and stopped They should have stayed the course for the narrative improves as Ibn Battuta makes his way eastward to India and the Far EastThe reason it gets better is that Professor Dunn knows a great deal about that part of the world and presents a fascinating discussion of its history and economics While Europe was suffering through the Middle Ages the Middle and Far East were the centers of civilizationThe interesting uestion is What went wrong? Why did these same countries freeze while Europe entered the Renaissance? But that's the topic of other books

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eBook ↠ The Adventures of Ibn Battuta á A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century Read ↠ Ross E. Dunn å [KINDLE] ❆ The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century By Ross E. Dunn – Dcmdirect.co.uk Known as theRk of scholarship to make the legendary traveler's story accessible to a general audience Now updated with revisions a new preface and an updated bibliography Dunn's classic interprets Ibn Battuta's adventures and places them within the rich trans hemispheric cultural setting of medieval Isla Seems to me that this scholar is using Ibn Battuta’s name to sell books Most of the book is about the history and culture of the 14th century Muslim world Which would be fine—if the title indicated just that But when you read this book it’s as if the author is saying “let me overwhelm you with all of the detailed information I know about this world and oh by the way every now and then I’ll throw you a bone about Ibn Battuta’s travels” I bet Ibn Battuta himself would be unaware of and uite disinterested in most of what this author is relating here