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Africa's Top Wildlife Countries Botswana Kenya Namibia Rwanda South Africa Tanzania Uganda Zambia and Zimbabwe Also includinNow in it's 8th edition Africa's Top Wildlife Countries is still the best guidbook for anyone planning a photographic safari or vacation to sub sahara Africa Charts such as When's the Best Time to Go and What Wildlife Is Best Found Where help make planning a journey of a lifetime The 8th edition bought used does not include Madagascar which is disappointing from a company that does run a safari there Best to purchase the latest edition if you plan to combine a visit to Madagascar with other countriesOtherwise this book has a lot of good information for people planning to see wildlife in Africa

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Tly as to the types and uality of safari experiences they offer This is the only guidebook that effectively assists travelers in choosing the best destinations for the kind of wildlife experience they would most enjoy by comparing travel options among all the top wildlife countri The book does an excellent job of describing the places and countries to go for wildlife viewing in Africa It also provides categories of available lodging with basic descriptions of activities available ie night safaris safari walks etc Maps show where the lodges and camps are located in and near the various national parks and many of the lodges have photos of the facility in the book A safari company organized our trip but the book enabled us to ask about other locations things to do and places to go The book was invaluable for for our planning and will be taken on the trip

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Africa's Top Wildlife Countries Epub ê Þ Mark w. nolting Þ [Reading] ➸ Africa's Top Wildlife Countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also includin By Mark W. Nolting – Now in it's 8th edition Africa's Top Wildlife Countries is EasyAfrica's Top Wildlife Countries highlights and compares wildlife reserves and other major attractions in the continent's best countries for game viewing – making the planning of the journey of a lifetime easy African countries and the wildlife reserves within them vary grea Con este libro puedes sacar ideas para organizar tu safari para pedirle a tu agencia ue añada cosas ue normalmente no ofrecen