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The Voyage of Storm Petrel kindle ✓ Britain to Senegal alone in a boat read ò clarissa vincent Û ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Voyage of Storm Petrel: Book 1: Britain to Senegal alone in a boat By Clarissa Vincent ✪ – Lone voyagers are brY find Clarissa For making music is as essential a part of her everyday life as breathing Hand her an instrument and the melodies will flow as they often did during undemanding spells at sea while the nautical miles slid relentlessly under Storm Petrel’s keel Clarissa’s voyaging may be over at least for the present but her musical journey knows no bounds and thanks to the internet reaches out to audiences worldwide Meanwhile I hope you enjoy reading the Voyage of Storm Petrel as much as I have Andrew Blackfo I enjoyed this book and will surely read its seuel It had a nice mixture between the wholly practical side of voyaging and the philosophical side I would however have liked to know much about the sailorauthor but rather expect that she had no intention of telling meA pity as it would have enhanced her story

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Lone voyagers are brimming with contradictions They can afford few self doubts if they are to survive the trials of solitude the relentless demands of single handed sailing and the potentially overwhelming power of wind and sea Yet what is such an adventure if not a journey of self discovery which will test one’s confidence and self awareness to the limit? It is likely to be a life changing experience And so it was for Clarissa Vincent As the familiar English coastline disappeared over the horizon and Storm Pe I bought this book having been subscribed to the author on YouTube girl in a gale for uite some time What strikes me the most about The Voyage of Storm Petrol is Clarissa's notable writing style; her words flow with ease and depth to the point where it feels like you're riding along up the river Gambia with her For someone like myself with a general dislike of boats due to sea sickness she has managed to re spark the interest in sailing and the adventures that come with it Looking forward to book 2 highly recommend and a great in depth read

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The Voyage of Storm Petrel Book 1 Britain to Senegal alone in a boatTrel settled into the steady rhythm of the sea canvas taut heeling jauntily to the breeze Clarissa too was beginning to spread her own wings free at last to embrace a new identity and live on her own terms A passage that was originally intended to stop at Spain slipped almost seamlessly into a voyage to West Africa And with her went music Friends will tell you that if you follow the sinuous sounds of a saxophone on a sunny afternoon or subtle guitar chords uietly floating on a warm evening’s air you will likel The author is no doubt a very competent sailor with excellent practical skills and ability to improvise and invent Unfortunately she is a poor narrator and her book is full of philosophy and her views on life and the people around her I expected a book about a sailing trip and was disappointed until the last 50 pages