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A highly Kirkenes 1944 ePUB #180 illustrated study of the Petsamo Kirkenes campaign which saw Soviet naval infantry deployed in abundance against the elite German Gebirgsjäger in the harsh conditions of the far north of the Eastern FrontThis title examines the bitter conflict between two highly tactical armies as they battled across challenging terrain to gain control of strategically Petsamo and Epubsignificant Northern Finland On the one side were the invading Soviet troops hoping to liberate an area full of rich resources and littered with bases th. Having been to this desolate arctic area twice recently and having had an uncle who was a colonel serving in Nato in 6061 in Norway who had told a fascinated 11 year old me about the discarded euipment littering the area at that time I was interested to hear what happened The answer seems to be less than I had thought in short a sort of planned withdrawal from an untenable position that the Germans ought to have pulled back from earlier when it was realised that stopping the Murmansk convoys was not going to happen N mention of the terrible loss of life amongst the slave labourers who built the arctic supply road either

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Petsamo and Kirkenes 1944 The Soviet offensive in the Northern Arctic CampaignWere uniue the extremely rough terrain laced with bogs streams boulder fields and and Kirkenes 1944 The Soviet MOBI #181 large rivers presented a significant challenge in its own right even without the added threat of attacks by highly trained soldiersThis illustrated title tells the story of this uniue and bitter struggle in the far North an epic battle between two elite forces fighting in a demanding environment With bird's eye views and maps of key battlefields this is a comprehensive guide to one of the most challenging campaigns of the Eastern Fro. Got the feeling this book was only put out there to make money Don't think this campaign would interest anyone

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summary Petsamo and Kirkenes 1944: The Soviet offensive in the Northern Arctic (Campaign) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ß ✼ [EPUB] ✴ Petsamo and Kirkenes 1944: The Soviet offensive in the Northern Arctic (Campaign) By David Greentree ❆ – At that would enable the arrival of Arctic convoys from Britain They and Kirkenes 1944 The Soviet MOBI #181 employed naval infantry in abundance not only to make amphibious landings to capture strategically significant port facilities but also and Kirkenes 1944 PDF #202 on deep outflanking maneuvers inland Their opponents were the elite Gebirgsjäger from XIX Gebirgskorps trained to be self sufficient and resourceful and euipped with a range of bespoke weaponry this mountain division was ideally suited to operate in the harsh climate Combat conditions. This book attracted me because I know well the Norwegian side of the area of conflict and I was always intrigued by the ground disturbance I could see on the Russian side and have wondered what had caused it The book answered my ueries and provides the background to the retaking of the country previously occupied by the Germans