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The Ponds of Kalambayi Mobi ¹ Download ✓ [Ebook] ➧ The Ponds of Kalambayi Author Mike Tidwell – A hilarious and wrenching memoir from a peace Corps volunteer in Zaire A hilarious and wrenching memoir from a peace Corps volunteer in Zaire.Ng memoir from a peace Mike Tidwell's memoir of his two years of Peace Corp work teaching villagers to build fish ponds is about so much than that He writes so honestly about what he learned from working closely with his African neighbors and how he came to understand their generosity from an African perspective as opposed to his American perspective He has so many adventures with the men the Kalambayi region that each chapter taught me something new Mike shares his doubts about himself and those he works with He confesses his errors and shares his times of despondency But all in all I think he feels the way that I doliving in Africa as an American is the best education because you are forever changedyour world of thought is so much larger I wanted the story to go on and on because every evening I looked forward to being with Mike's world in Zaire

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A hilarious and wrenchi Having lived and worked in Africa one of the hardest things to convey to people who have not been there is how despite poverty and other hardships Africa is not a sad place This book does a great job of explaining the beauty and strength of Africa and its people It also shows that people have good sound reasons for doing what to us initially may seem crazy and irrational Tidwell's book also does a great job of showing the impact that Africa has on the people who go there His honesty and examination of both himself and the people he lives with make this book a winner

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The Ponds of KalambayiCorps volunteer in Zair Good read made me laugh out loud at times I am missionary serving in CAMEROON he paints a good picture of his experiences