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EPUB ó MOBI Don't Look Behind You ò A Safari Guide's Encounters With Ravenous Lions Ñ ➽ Don't Look Behind You!: A Safari Guide's Encounters With Ravenous Lions, Stampeding Elephants, And Lovesick Rhinos Free ➳ Author Peter Allison – Dcmdirect.co.uk Incredible true tEs he loves despite how much it feels like they might just be trying to kill him In Don’t Look Behind You Allison recounts adventures few would live to tell Like the time he and a group of bored guides launched a makeshift raft into a foaming flooded river teeming with hippos and crocodiles Or the afternoon he heard monkeys telling him that a leopard was walking around the camp and then realized the leopard was in his tent with him in it In addition to relating his encounters with animals Allison shares the stor Peter Allison's book on his experiences as a guide in Botswana is both hilarious AND informative Highly recommend it for travellers or armchair travellers alike

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Incredible true tales from a world renowned safari guide and celebrated author Romantic notions aside being a safari guide isn’t always particularly enjoyable or glamorous uite often it is beset with challenges like having to spend a night in a thorn tree with marauding hyenas below But safari guide Peter Allison lives for such moments Here the author of the widely praised Whatever You Do Don’t Run details his time spent in safari camps not only in Botswana but also in South Africa Mozambiue and Namibia―plac Love it I have all of his books and I have read them all multiple times They are engaging and funny I hope to visit many of the places he talks about in all the books

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Don't Look Behind You A Safari Guide's Encounters With Ravenous Lions Stampeding Elephants And Lovesick RhinosIes of those tourists who have long been pushing him toward early retirement Normally respectful of all his fellow creatures no matter how many feet they have Allison fantasizes about leaving one in particular behind on the Skeleton Coast a place that receives less than half an inch of rain a year and is patrolled by lions and hyenas Join Peter Allison for another riveting rollicking behind the scenes dose of everyone’s dream experience―going on safari―and come through amazed but thankfully without a scratch I enjoyed Peter Allison's first book Whatever you do Don't Run and since we were embarking on a trip to southern Africa it made sense to read his second Although there were some funny and entertaining episodes in Don't Look Behind there was a repetition when compared to the first book not the same stories but similar enough to make the book not as interesting as the first Both books are uick reads and although I'm not a fast reader I found I was reading through the paragraphs uickly to get the main points of the episode but not either challenged or excited about the actual writing If you like misadventures and look at what really happens at safari camps you'll enjoy these books but if you're looking for good writing they may not be the best way to spend your time